black smoke maine coon

Black Smoke Maine Coon Kitten Arrives at Sassy Koonz

My decision to have a black smoke Maine Coon kitten in my breeding program has never faltered.  There’s just something so deep and royal about black Maine Coons that have me squealing with excitement over our latest addition to the Sassy Koonz family. His official Pedigree name is Black Blood Bullar, but we call him …

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Maine Coon breeders list

Recommended Maine Coon Breeders

I’m happy to share with you my recommended Maine Coon Breeders.  As much as I’d like to always have fur bomb European Maine Coon Kittens available for you, the future Sassy Koonz Guardian, it’s just not possible. Since I’m a small Maine Coon cattery, I’ll only have a couple of litters of Maine Coon kittens for …

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First CFA Cat Show Experience

I’ve always been a spectator at the CFA cat show, just walking around the hall, admiring the best of the best pure bred felines. Especially the Maine Coons. But this time was different….. I decided that it was time to experience the other side of life. Showing a cat. So I packed up my suitcase …

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Happy Caturday from the Coonies

I’ve been posting Happy Caturday pics on Facebook for years! It’s just what I do. If I miss a Saturday, people are sending me messages asking me where the pics are. Happy Caturday pics are always shot in real time. The Maine Coon furries get hunted down, and then bribed into allowing pics. What that really …

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