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Let’s talk about Breeding Maine Coons now, OK? In 1998, I began my journey into the real estate business.  I was wet behind the ears and knew absolutely nothing.  All I know was that I had a burning desire to learn the business and be successful at it.  I did whatever I had to do to learn, implement, make mistakes, and move forward. There were so many people willing to help me, offer advice, and steer me in the right direction.  All without expecting anything in return.

It took me about five years to become very proficient in that business.  Fast forward my life and gratitude, I am now a personal coach and mentor to brand new, aspiring entrepreneurs that are in the same place that I was when I started in 1998.  I have created an entire membership website for my students, with training videos, tools, resources, and a community of like-minded people that all work together to give these people everything that they need to succeed.  I love what I do, and I love when someone tells me of their successes because of my training.  It’s the reason I do what I do.

About one year ago, I decided that I wanted to start breeding Maine Coons.  I already had two neutered males of my own at the time, and wanted to explore the idea of becoming a breeder.  Just like when I started my real estate journey, I was wet behind the ears with no knowledge.

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Finding a Mentor is a Little Challenging

The difference, however, is that getting started breeding Maine Coons is entirely different.  It is very difficult to find a mentor. It’s a very closed community that really is not very accepting or helpful to newcomers.  I really hate to put that out there, but I believe in being real and being transparent.  People will either accept the truth or they won’t.

When I realized that there were not a lot of resources available for new breeders to learn on their own how to be a good, reputable breeder, I decided to start documenting my journey with this blog in hopes to inspire another person in the future who is looking for help.  Everyone was new at some point and everyone has been where I am right now.  I am just getting started and I already have about 100 posts planned!  It has been one heck of a roller coaster ride so far.

I am doing everything that I can, spending hours and hours researching everything that I need to know about being the best breeder that I can be.  In fact, I am going to be one of the best breeders out there eventually.  I do not do anything half ass, so I am confident that I will produce healthy, well socialized, beautiful kittens.

The Future of Breeding Maine Coons

Will I make mistakes breeding Maine Coons?  Of course, I will!  That is how we learn as humans.  But, I can guarantee that no mistake will be made twice by me and I will keep moving forward in a positive manner, working to improve this wonderful breed of cat.

Ultimately, when I feel that I have perfected the game and I know how to help other people, I’ll welcome new enthusiastic breeders with an open door policy, just as I do for my newbie real estate investors today.

One day, I will be the person that helps someone discover and pursue something that they are passionate about.  I will be the mentor that you can come to for help when you want to get started with breeding Maine Coons.  I will help you get the foundational education that you need.

One thing that I have learned and still get confirmation of every day, especially with myself and learning about breeding Maine Coons, is that if someone is committed to doing something, there is not much that anyone can do to stop them.  It is one of the beautiful things about life.  I will be the better person and offer my help and wisdom, once I have enough to offer.

QUICK TIP: If you’re thinking about breeding Maine Coons, I’d recommend that you obtain your Maine Coon stud first. Additionally, TAKE THIS COURSE! If you want to do the right thing and learn the basics of breeding before you start working with any breed of cat, learn all that you can. This course has so much information and in-depth knowledge. Don’t skimp out on what could be the difference of success anf failure. Educating yourself about breeding cats.

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Ultimate Goals of Sassy Koonz

Ideally, I have more than one goal for Sassy Koonz.   First, to produce healthy, strong, beautiful and happy kittens that do nothing but improve the breed.  I will get educated beyond belief.  I have a bit of OCD, so believe me when I say I will know everything there is to know about this.

Second, to (one day in the future) be the mentor that newbies can turn to when they need some guidance.  One that will give you direction, not try to control you, your cattery, or your choices.  The breeders are not lying when they said this isn’t easy, and they say it A LOT.  The problem starts when the experienced breeders won’t offer any help.  I love being a mentor to my newbies in real estate and I love seeing them succeed.  I would be honored to be someone’s mentor in this space as well.

If you are a breeder reading this, just know and embrace the fact that I am here to stay.  Your attempts to scare me off did not work.  I love what I’m doing and I know that I’m doing the right things.

If you are a pet owner, know that I am focused wholeheartedly on health, temperament, and gorgeous fur babies for you to call your own and love in your home forever.

And if you are interested in becoming a breeder one day, maybe you are a brand new breeder that can TOTALLY relate to how we are treated (and I know you’re out there), maybe you are just interested in my journey, or just want to show love and support for the underdog, then let’s connect! Some positive and supportive people would be great!

Are you interested in Breeding Maine Coons? Let’s Connect!

 You can message me on Facebook anytime. Or use the Contact Me form.

I’ve been a little hesitant to post any personal type feelings on behalf of Sassy Koonz but I think someone real and transparent is what this space is missing. So Maine Coon world, get ready because here I come. Read the back story behind why I decided to become a Maine Coon breeder.

By the way, I found this awesome course that you can take from PawPeds about Cat Ownership and Breeding for Beginners.

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  1. You are refreshing! I love your attitude and I will embrace your mentor ship going forward. I am a dog breeder of 6 years and have done exactly what you have, and have struggled with breeders. But I have also met a handful of wonderful breeders who have mentored and supported me. I have learned from mistakes and survived. I wish you the utmost of luck as I too take this new journey of breeding this great breed of cats in the near future! Helen

  2. It is a wonderful feeling to have stumbled upon someone who has the same beliefs about hard work and mentoring that I have. It’s a very rare combination indeed. I have not purchased my first Maine Coon yet. Breeding is my goal and I have a lot of learning to get under my belt before making my first purchase.

    I was also excited to see you are in real estate and willing to share your knowledge in that field as well. I am currently studying for my RE license as well and I would definitely be interested in having you as a mentor. I live a couple of hours south of you in Ocala, FL.

    1. Wow! Congratulations on getting your license. Those aren’t easy to obtain. Make sure you keep it once you get it, even if you aren’t active. My primary focus as a real estate mentor is with real estate investors. 🙂 Feel free to send me a message if you’d like to know more.

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