Maine Coon Characteristics

maine coon Characteristics

Maine Coon Characteristics

Maine Coon Characteristics All of the Maine Coon characteristics роіntѕ tо іtѕ аdарtаtіоn іntо a hаrѕh сlіmаtе. It іѕ glоѕѕу соаt, lаrgе аnd wаtеr-rеѕіѕtаnt, іѕ соmраrеd tо thаt оf nоt аnу оthеr brееd, аnd hаѕ tо bе fеlt tо bе аррrесіаtеd. It іѕ lоngеr аrоund thе ruff, ѕtоmасh аnd brіtсhеѕ tо dеfеnd аgаіnѕt wеt іn …

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white maine coon

The White Maine Coon Cat

The White Maine Coon Cat – Majestic and Gentle The white Maine Coon is a beautiful and luxurious cat. The white coat color is actually not a color at all. The genetics that produce the white coat is actually masking the “true” color of the cat underneath. Sometimes you can see the true color when …

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how big do maine coon cats get

How Big Do Maine Coon Cats Get

How big do Maine Coon cats get and how much does a Maine Coon cat weigh? Many popular stories have been transmitted over the years. One story includes Captain Charles Coon, an English captain who often traveled to New England with long-haired cats on his boat. Upon docking, the cats mated with the local cats …

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maine coon colors guide

Maine Coon Colors

Maine Coon Colors and Patterns are Simply Gorgeous Maine Coon cats are available in over 84 colors and pattern variations.  Isn’t this fantastic news? As a result, most pet owners don’t realize all of the different options when it comes to the purebred Maine Coon Cat. The table below shows all of the color combinations along …

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black smoke maine coon

Black Smoke Maine Coon Kitten Arrives at Sassy Koonz

My decision to have a black smoke Maine Coon kitten in my breeding program has never faltered.  There’s just something so deep and royal about black Maine Coons that have me squealing with excitement over our latest addition to the Sassy Koonz family. His official Pedigree name is Black Blood Bullar, but we call him …

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