Expenses to Run a Cattery

Every new [or aspiring] cat breeder wonders about the expenses to run a Maine Coon cattery. Before I decided to start my own small cattery, nearly every breeder said to me "it's expensive".  I remember always just dazing off into a stare, wondering what they meant by that.  It's hard to itemize every expense that's involved with raising cats, kittens and operating a small cattery.

This is why I've decided to publish the actual expenses that I incur during my journey as a breeder. As much as I looked for details on expenses when I was researching the idea of starting a maine coon cattery, I couldn't find them anywhere.  This could be one of the factors that helps you make the decision to move forward with your passion to start a Maine Coon Cattery. You may discover that it's a better idea to just be a Maine Coon Kitten Guardian! <3

Here is my running spreadsheets of expenses that are related to the start up and maintenance of my small Maine Coon cattery. This file that you see below is simply a Google Document that I have embedded into my web page.  Along the bottom there are links, where you can click on each one and see itemized expenses for each cat, education, and the Maine Coon cattery expenses. I'm trying to keep up with food litter and toys expenses but THAT one is hard!

Expenses to Run a Maine Coon Cattery

The Sassy Koonz blog isn't just for future Guardians [pet owners] of Maine Coon Kittens.  It's also a documented journey of what it's like getting started as a new breeder. You'll experience growing into a very knowledgeable and experienced breeder.  The "Journey as a Breeder"  category has all of the articles that are related strictly to becoming and being a breeder of European Maine Coons.

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Read this article if you're wondering why I decided to become a Maine Coon Breeder in the first place.



  • MErvin on January 1, 2018 12:31 am Reply

    172,5 for a DNA test? Try catDNAtest.org in the future 😉 It will cost you 70 dollar for every DNA test, incl HCM, PKD and SMA…… and I would advise to not only test on DNA since that doesn’t say that much…. For HCM an echocardiagiam is needed for better guarantee 🙂

    • adminkoonz on January 1, 2018 1:19 am Reply

      Yes this test also checks for HCM, PKD, Dilute and several more. But that is a much better price! I will definitely use that next time. Thank you so much!,

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