Happy Caturday from the Coonies

I’ve been posting Happy Caturday pics on Facebook for years! It’s just what I do. If I miss a Saturday, people are sending me messages asking me where the pics are. Happy Caturday pics are always shot in real time. The Maine Coon furries get hunted down, and then bribed into allowing pics. What that really means is that I have to chase them around the house taking dozens of shots until I get one that’s cool enough.!

If you love beautiful Maine Coon Cats and want to see more photos and videos then check out our Instagram gallery. If you’d like some tips on how to photograph kittens, we can offer some advice there, too!

It’s almost Christmas here at Sassy Koonz Cattery ( I like the sounds if it). Enjoy your families this season, and your furries!

Happy Caturday Pics from Sassy Koonz

You can usually find Omega taking a nap in the middle of the day. NOT SURPRISED!  He was on my bed loving the breeze from the open window in Florida. Wook at his wittle paw.

happy caturday

Big Ben is usually every where I am so it wasn’t hard finding him. This is one highly social Maine Coon cat. He can be dead asleep in a room with me, and if I get up and love, so does he.  He’s usually the first one to find me, and the rest follow.

happy caturday

Ursula is a trip. She has a tiny bit of “tortietude” that people speak about. You can’t pick her up unless she comes to you. Don’t chase her around the house or she’ll disppear. Don’t pet her in the wrong spots.  She lets you know exactly what is acceptable to her with her awesome personality. I just love her. Wonderful black tortie female.

happy caturday

Theres an entire post dedicated to pictures of Maine Coon cats. Visit now and engulf in their great beauty!

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