You’re Invited to Experience the Lap of Luxury

You’re Invited to Experience the Lap of Luxury

Sassy Koonz currently has a list of over 1,500 Approved Guardians and 476 People on the Text Notification list with more added every day. This makes it very difficult to get a kitten. Not Impossible, since every kitten does go to a new home. But a very high demand, so it can be challenging.

Currently, the kittens are offered to repeat buyers and people who are buying siblings first. After that, they’re offered to the Approved Guardians list on a First Come, First Serve basis.

In 2021 and 2022 Only 35% of our kittens made it to the Approved Guardians list and there is currently a 1 in 476 chance of reserving one of those kittens.

We’ve listened to your requests, and created another program where you are guaranteed to reserve the kitten of your dreams.

The Lap of Luxury Experience was created for people who really want a Sassy Koonz Kitten, but are frustrated from always losing the race when it comes to reserving using out “First come, first serve” process.

You can NOW secure your spot guarantee a Sassy Koonz baby – PLUS the “Lap of Luxury” Experience

Basic Vs. Luxury Pricing



Per Kitten

$1,000 Non-Refundable Deposit to Reserve Your Luxury Position, Balance of $5,900 due via Bank Wire within 48 hours after choosing your kitten. Kitten selections made between 9 – 10 Weeks of age. *Sassy Koonz reserves the right to first pick of any kitten.

  • Everything in Basic Pricing PLUS+
  • Priority Pick of Kitten – Get to Pick your Kitten before the Priority List!
  • Only 1 Lap of Luxury Package per Litter Allowed
  • Pick Your Kitten out via LIVE Video Call or In Person
  • Choose Color and Gender of Your Choice
  • No Racing to the Finish Line

Lap of luxury clients

NamePick Order
Your Name Will Be Here*1
OR Your Name Will Be Here*2

*You will get first pick if We decide not to keep/sell any kittens for breeding. Otherwise you’ll get second pick.

Let the addition of your new family member be stress free

Enjoy the Lap of Luxury