If you’re on our Approved Guardians list, then you’re eligible to be in our Sassy Koonz Token Program. This allows you to pay a fee to be Guaranteed a position to reserve a kitten for 12 months. The token fee is listed for each spot and is NON REFUNDABLE.   It does, however, go 100% toward the purchase of a kitten.

Here’s How the Sassy Koon Token Program Works.

buy a Maine Coon Kitten
Reserve Your Position in Line to Reserve a Sassy Koonz Kitten!

Sassy Koonz Token Holder Facebook Group

We have a Closed Facebook Group that is only open to Current Token Holders. This is where updates of matings, pregnancies, kitten deliveries, and kitten photos are made.  You’ll know exactly what’s going on in the Sassy koonz Cattery hen you become a Token Holder. news is posted there that other people don’t see as early as you do.

When kittens are born, photos will be posted in the Token Holders Facebook Group. Everyone in the Token Program will get photos of the kittens at the same time. Token Holders will need to make their final decision by the time the kittens are 4 weeks old. The deadline date will be posted for each litter. When you decide on a kitten that kitten will be reserved in your name and no additional deposit will be due. The balance of the kitten purchase will be due 10 days prior to delivery of your kitten.

If there are people ahead of you, keep in mind that they MAY choose the kitten that you’ve had your eye on. It’s very possible. ESPECIALLY WITH MALES. So keep the possibility open of choosing 1 or 2 favorites in case your first choice has been reserved by someone ahead of you.

I will not contact people individually! It will be up to you to check emails and watch the Facebook page for updates on kittens and either COMMENT on the photo of the kitten you’re picking, or message me directly once you’ve made your decision.

There will be plenty of news and notifications to make you aware of new babies. If I don’t hear from the Guardians in the token program by the deadline, then I’ll assume that you’re not interested in any kittens from this litter. Your spot in the program will be saved and you’ll have an opportunity to pick on the next litter.

Let’s assume you’re in position 2. When a litter of kittens is born, then the person in position 1 will get the pick first. If they reserve a kitten, then it will be your turn to pick next. You can decide to pick a kitten from this litter, or wait until the next litter. If you decide to wait, then you will move to Position 1 (since the other person ahead of you reserved a kitten). Everyone else will also move up by 1 position.

Maine Coon kittens Florida

As kittens are reserved, everyone moves up in Position. This list will be updated so you will always know what position you’re in.

Based on your position in line, you may or not get a kitten from the next litter that is born, but buying a token will allow you to move up to a higher position for picks for the next litter.

Each female can have 2 litters of kittens per year. We have plans for 5 litters in 2019 and 8 litters in 2020. Buying a token allows you a position on the list for 12 Months. If you haven’t chosen a kitten by then, you’ll be removed from the list and forfeit your deposit. 

Confirmed Pregnancies

beautiful Maine Coon Cat


Black Silver Mackerel Tabby

black maine coon


Black Smoke with White
DOB: Dec 15, 2017

BOYS: Solid Black, Black Smoke, Black Tabby, Black Silver Tabby
GIRLS: Solid Black, Black Smoke, Black Tabby, Black Silver Tabby

Due Date: May 4, 2019

Planned Matings Spring 2019

BOYS: Solid Black, Black Smoke, Red Tabby, Red Silver Tabby, Black Tabby, Black Silver Tabby
GIRLS: Solid Black, Black Smoke, Black Tortie, Black Smoke Tortie, Calico, Black Tabby, Black Silver Tabby, Black Silver Tortie Tabby

black maine coon


Black Smoke with White
DOB: Dec 15, 2017

black maine coon


Solid Black
DOB: May 24, 2018

Possible Colors:

BOYS: Solid Black, Black Smoke
GIRLS: Solid Black, Black Smoke

maine coon cat breeders


Black Tortie

black maine coon


Black Smoke with White
DOB: Dec 15, 2017

DISCLOSURE: The Breeder always reserves the right to hold ANY kitten for observation before offering it to anyone. If the breeder decides to offer the kitten after the observation period (6-9 weeks, it will be offered to Guardians in the Token Program first.

Black Smoke Maine Coon Tuxedo

All Possible Colors at Sassy Koonz

Here is a list of ALL possible colors that can be produced at Sassy Koonz Maine Coon Cattery. If there’s a different color that you’re looking for, then we won’t be able to accomodate. [i.e. blue, blue smoke, cream, cream smoke, blue tortie, blue cream tortie].

For a directory of Maine Coon Colors, read this article.

  • Solid Black [Male and Female]
  • Black Smoke [Male and Female]
  • Black Tabby [Male And Female]
  • Black Silver Tabby [Male and Female]
  • Red Tabby [Males Only]
  • Red Silver Tabby [Males Only]
  • Black Tortie [Females Only]
  • Black Smoke Tortie [Females Only]
  • Black Silver Tortie Tabby [Females Only]
  • Black Tortie Tabby [Female Only]
  • Calico [Females Only]
  • All Kittens MAY or MAY NOT have white markings.

Reserve Your Spot in Line Here!

NOTE: The positions will be reserved in first come, first serve. I’ll give you your position in line in the ORDER that I Receive the deposit.

At the present time, Sassy Koonz Kittens are $2400 (pets), but prices could increase. By buying a Token, you’re securing your position in line at this price.

All Tokens Are Currently Reserved


PositionFuture Guardian’s NameAvailability
1Evelyn B.Not Available
2Dana J.Not Available
3Shea S.Not Available
4Amber V.Not Available
5Greg Z.Not Available
6JoAnn G.Not Available

The token program is NOT required to reserve a kitten from Sassy Koonz. It is, however, the best way to get the first opportunity to do so. Most kittens will be reserved by people that have a token, since they’ve expressed the most interest and are the most serious buyers for a kitten. If there are any kittens available after the token holders have chosen, they’ll be offered to the Approved Guardians list first, and then to the public.

This program was designed for Guardians who are committed to buying a Maine Coon Kitten from Sassy Koonz. If you’re shopping around and not certain where you want to buy your kitten from, then this program probably isn’t for you.

Be sure to have a look at our Sire and our Queens to see the type of Maine Coon cats that we have in our breeding program.

Phone: 904-203-8186

Jacksonville Beach, FL
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