black torbie maine coon

Heart Stealer Valkyrie Heart

Heart Stealer Valkyrie Heart is that black torbie Maine Coon Girl that is always a crowd-pleaser. The Word “torbie” is a combination of a black tortie with a tabby pattern. She is a beautiful girl with a shiny silky coat of fur. Her warm colors and striking features are sure to be handed down to her wonderful kittens. She has the mane of a lion, with glorious red highlights of fur throughout her coat.

Origin: Budapest, Hungary
Gender: Female
DOB: December 26, 2018
Color: (f 22)  Black Classic Tortie Tabby (Torbie)

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black torbie maine Coon

This Queen is a delight to be around! She is kind and gentle but very much a talker!! She likes to stay nestled right around your feet, so that she can attack your shoe laces when you’re not looking. Her temperament is adorable and sassy all at the same time. Could you expect anything less from a tortie AND from a Sassy Koonz Queen? We are SUCKERS for torties!

Planned Matings with Heart Stealer Valkyrie Heart

We plan to mate Heart Stealer Valkyrie Heart with Black Blood Bullar “Illuminati” for her first litter of Sassy Babies. Review the Maine Coon Kitten Adoption Process and Become an Approved Guardian today if you’re interested Valkyrie and her kittens in the following colors [Refer to the Maine Coon Colors and Patterns Guide]:


  • Black tabby (n 22)
  • Red tabby (d 22)
  • Black silver tabby (ns 22)
  • Red silver tabby (ds 22)


  • Black tabby (n 22)
  • Black tortie tabby (f 22)
  • Black silver tabby (ns 22)
  • Black silver tortie tabby (fs 22)

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