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Lilu’s Profile

  • Gender: Female
  • DOB: January 12, 2021
  • Color: Black Silver Classic Tabby [ns 22]
  • Maine Coon Champions in her 4 Generation pedigree: 10
  • Genotype: Aa, DD
  • Blood Type: Pending DNA
  • HCM: N/N by DNA
  • SMA: N/n by DNA
  • PK: N/n by DNA
  • PK Def: N/n by DNA
  • Gums: Normal/No Gingivitis
  • Entropion: No
  • Hip Dysplasia Screening: Pending Results

Sassy Koonz is proud to have LiLu in our breeding program. She joined us from Russia as a proven adult, producing large, very exotic Maine Coon Kittens. She bring some features to our cattery that we’re excited about.

LiLu is a very large female! She’s the size of a boy. Her breeder told me she was large, but seeing her in person is a totally different story. Her tail is extra long, which is one of our favorite characteristics of the Maine Coon cat.

Her temperament is outstanding! She’s very personable, sociable, talkative, and playful. Everything that we would want in a Queen.

Silvers and smokes haven’t been a big part of Sassy Koonz in the past, but LiLu may definitely change that for us. We’re excited to be pairing her with one of our Maine Coon males in the very near future.

Lilu’s Photo Album