Sassy Koonz ChiChi Maine Coon T-Shirt


Custom Maine Coon T-Shirt with the outline of an actual female Black Torbie Maine Coon [Sassy Koonz Zsa Zsa a.k.a “Chichi”]

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Sometimes there’s one cat that just captivates and steals the heart of everyone. They don’t always have to be the most cuddly, have the loudest purr, or be the most docile.  They can in fact be the sassiest, bossiest little torbies you’ll ever meet.

That cat is Sassy Koonz Chichi!

Chichi has become the crowd-pleaser since she was just a tiny little kitten. With the birth name of Zsa Zsa, she started to take on the appearance of a little Monchichi around 3 weeks old.  From that day forward you were under the hypnotic spell to love her every time you saw her.

We know how many Chichi fans are out there. Some just love to watch Chichi from afar, and many are patiently awaiting a kitten from her.

In honor of the Chichi fans everywhere, this Sassy Koonz exclusive T-Shirt is for you! You can keep Chichi close to your heart when you wear this custom-designed shirt by the artist ” Meowory”.  The outline that you see on the shirt is ACTUALLY Chichi’s head!!  Watch the video below to see!

Even if you’re not a Cheech fan, the shirt is cool enough to wear just because it has a glorious Maine Coon head on it.


The shirt is black, made from high quality 60% cotton, 40% polyester. It’s Next Level Soft, just like Chichi’s fur!

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