recommended products for Maine Coon

Sassy Koonz Recommended Products for Maine Coons

Kitten Food and Water

Litter and Litter Trays

Sassy Koonz Maine Coon kittens are trained to use uncovered litter trays with Ever Clean Unscented litter. The litter box shown below is the box that they use. After trying numerous brands of litter, Ever Clean is our FAVORITE for excellent clumping, clean litter and awesome odor control!
The Blackhole Litter mat does an excellent job of trapping those annoying little litter pebbles with the kitty hops out of the box.

NOTE: The general rule of thumb for households with multiple cats is: One litter tray PER CAT (plus one more). At the bare minimum you should provide each cat with their own litter tray. 🙂

Grooming Tools

Your Maine Coon kitten will need regular grooming. At Sassy Koonz we do love the slicker brush and the stainless steel comb. This little package below includes both, as well as some nail trimmers.

The Fur Wizard is a MUST HAVE for every owner of a long haired cat. This tool removes cat from hair from your clothes, furniture, rugs, and cat trees! I can’t live without my Fur Wizard.

Cat Trees and Loungers

I can’t speak highly enough about the trees from Cat Tree King. I have purchase several for my cats over the last few years and am 100% satisfied. It’s the only cat tree I’ve ever owned that is sturdy enough and large enough for our Maine Coon kitties. If you buy anything other than one of these 9or a custom build tree made from real wood) then you may find yourself replacing it in 1-2 years. GO WITH CAT TREE KING! You’ll be happy you did.

Fun Stuff for Kitty

More Information: How to Care For Your Maine Coon, How Much are Maine Coon Cats?

Does your Maine Coon have issues with their gums or teeth? You’re not alone! Eight out of ten cats are effected by gingivitis or some other gum disease. You can add some preventative maintenance to your routine to help care for your Maine Coon’s teeth.

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