Maine Coon Kittens [FOR BREEDING]

By placing a deposit for a Maine Coon Kitten with Sassy Koonz Maine Coon Cattery you agree to be bound by these terms, which you acknowledge that you have read and understood.

1.) Breeder guarantees that the cat being sold is a Pedigree Maine Coon cat. The purchaser will receive the TICA Registration papers [with Rights for Breeding and Show] for the kitten at the time of delivery of the kitten. 

2.) This cat or kitten is purchased for breeding purposes for the price of $6,500.00 which does not include the price of delivery.  The deposit is applied toward the price of the kitten.  Pick up in Jacksonville FL or Delivery to the JAX INT’L Airport is No Additional Charge.  Delivery will be arranged once the kitten has Health Certificate from Certified Veterinarian (8 Weeks Old). The kitten can go home once 2 sets of FVRCP vaccines, and the health certificate have all been done by the veterinarian. 

3.) The Deposit is non-refundable for any reason other than the Breeder not being able to deliver the kitten. The deposit will be applied toward the price of the kitten. The balance for the kitten will be due 14 days prior to delivery of the kitten unless the kitten is being picked up in person. Final payments are paid via Cash, Venmo, Cashapp or Zelle ONLY. No credit cards or debit cards are accepted for final payment. Delivery fees are NOT included in the purchase price.

Fertility/Willingness to Breed Guarantee

The breeder does not guarantee the fertility or the willingness of the cat that is being sold in this agreement. However, if the cat is unable to breed due to fertility issues or unwillingness, then the breeder will replace the kitten with another kitten of similar quality, same gender, for a fee of 30% of the purchase price paid.

Fertility issues must be diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian and a written diagnosis of this condition provided. Unwillingness to mate must be documented through video, with at least two different mates, and the cat has reached the age of at least 2 years old.

This guarantee will be null and void if at any time the kitten produces any number of kittens.

Pyometra Guarantee

Should the cat be female, and be diagnosed by a veterinarian with open or closed pyometra which results in a spay PRIOR to producing kittens, the kitten will be replaced with another kitten,same gender, of similar quality for 30% of the purchase price paid.

This guarantee will be null and void if at any time the kitten produces any number of kittens.

Breeding for Health, Specific Conditions

We share the same beliefs in producing Maine Coons to improve the quality of life and long-term health of our breed of cat. Should the cat that is being acquired for your cattery be diagnosed with any of the specific health conditions that are listed below, then Sassy Koonz will replace the kitten for 30% of the purchase price once a written diagnosis by a licensed veterinarian has been provided, and the cat in question has been spayed or neutered [and proof provided to the breeder].

Specific Included Health Conditions: Hip Dysplasia, HCM, SMA, PK Def, Polycystic Kidney Disease, Entropion

Specifically Excluded: FIP – See Paragraph 6 for FIP Guarantee

Other genetically linked conditions may be considered, but prior to altering the cat, both parties must reasonably agree that the condition has a genetic component and the cat is not suitable for a breeding program.

This health guarantee expires after the cat is 3 years of age, regardless of the production of kittens.

health Check when your kitten comes home

4.) The Breeder guarantees that the kitten/cat is healthy to the best of his/her knowledge at the time the Buyer takes ownership of the kitten. The buyer is advised to take this kitten/cat to a veterinarian for a complete health check within 48 business hours, excluding weekends and holidays. If the cat/kitten is found to be unfit for sale due to a congenital or hereditary disorder, Buyer may opt for one of the following:

  • (a) The right to return the animal and receive a refund of the purchase price within 10 business days following receipt of a signed veterinary certification, including sales tax, but excluding the veterinary costs related to the certification that the dog or cat is unfit; or
  • (b) The right to return the animal and receive an exchange dog or cat of the consumer’s choice of equivalent value, but not a refund of the veterinary costs related to the certification that the dog or cat is unfit.

The Buyer must notify the Breeder within 2 business days after the veterinarian’s determination that the animal is unfit. The written certification of unfitness must be presented to the Breeder not later than 3 business days following receipt thereof by the Buyer.

*After 48 Hours, Breeder cannot be held accountable for FeLV, FIV, or any other bacterial and viral infections, infectious diseases, and parasites or fungus due to the fact that these can be contracted anywhere in the environment after leaving the cattery and are not a result of genetics or breeding. An animal may not be determined unfit for sale on account of an injury sustained or illness contracted after the consumer takes possession of the animal. A veterinary finding of intestinal or external parasites is not grounds for declaring a cat unfit for sale.


5.) The seller agrees to provide a Florida Certified Veterinarian Health certificate for the kitten.

6.) The cat has a five-year warranty (from the date of birth) or until the Cattery is closed – whichever comes first, against all genetic, congenital, and idiopathic health conditions [Including FIP] that ultimately result in the demise of the kitten. The Breeder will replace the kitten within the next three litters after the Breeder receives proof of defect via necropsy report from a licensed veterinarian. There must have been a reasonable amount of effort taken by the Buyer to treat the condition and prevent the loss of life. What is “Reasonable” will be deemed by the Breeder.

In the event of a condition which is a life-altering condition that may negatively affect the kitten within the first five years of life, and euthanasia is chosen as the best option for the cat, because there is no quality of life, both the buyer AND the breeder MUST agree in writing that Euthanasia is the best option. There are absolutely no exceptions to this clause. The lack of funds to provide care for a kitten/cat is not a reason to choose euthanasia. 

Cats are not perfect animals and there is no guarantee of the future health of the kitten/cat being sold. It is highly suggested that the buyer obtain pet/animal insurance to help cover any unexpected medical expenses that may arise for the cat. In addition, until the kitten has reached its second birthday, Sassy Koonz will reimburse the buyer an amount up to $500 for any one veterinary bill [not a combination of bills] that exceeds $1,299 and is the result of any genetic, idiopathic, or congenital health condition that is not caused from neglect or carelessness by the owner needs to be treated, such as an accident caused by another animal or the cat being let outside Proof of payment to the veterinarian must be provided in order to be reimbursed. Sassy Koonz has 30 days after proof of payment to reimburse the buyer.

BUYER Responsibilities

7.) Buyer agrees to keep vaccinations and health checks up-to-date, to provide a clean environment for your kitten, to never allow this cat to roam freely outdoors, to never place this cat in a laboratory or pet shop, and to never declaw the cat.

8.) Purchaser will always provide a clean litter pan, freshwater, quality food, and suitable scratching posts. If cat/kitten is found to be kept in an unsuitable environment, and is poorly cared for the Seller will reserve the right to request that the cat/kitten be unconditionally returned at no cost to the Seller with no refund of the purchase price.

9.) Purchasing a kitten from Sassy Koonz makes you solely responsible for the health and well-being of the kitten from the day it arrives at home until the last day of its life. It is not the responsibility of the breeder to pay for any veterinarian expenses, treatments, or medicines that may be required to improve the life of your kitten or cat. While everything is done to ensure that we deliver a healthy and viable kitten/cat, there’s no way for us to predict the future health of any kitten. It is a living animal and there’s always a risk that it may develop a health condition in the future.

10.) Purchaser understands that Maine Coons are predisposed to gingivitis and other gum diseases, and will be proactive in caring for the gums of the kitten and cat into adulthood. 


11.)This contract is legally binding to all parties involved. This sales agreement is non-transferable to other parties. Any changes, additions, or omissions to this contract must be agreed upon in writing and dated and initialed by all parties.

12.) Breach of this agreement will result in cancellation of any warranties, or guarantees, of this kitten. The Breeder’s maximum liability to the Buyer for any and all losses, claims, damages, or liability of any kind shall be limited to the amount paid by the Buyer to the Breeder under this agreement. Any lawsuits pertaining to this agreement will be handled in the state of Florida. There will be no cash refunds under any circumstances, except at the Breeder’s discretion if he/she opts to refund the purchase price rather than replace the cat.  


13.) The kitten is able to leave the Sassy Koonz nursery and go to his new home at 12 weeks old. The kitten must be picked up or delivered by the kitten’s 13-week-old birthday, unless otherwise agreed by the breeder and buyer. In the event the kitten has not been picked up or delivered by the 13-week birthday, then there is a $50 per day boarding fee for Sassy Koonz to keep the kitten (paid in advance), plus any fees that may be required to keep vaccines updated, or for veterinary health care. The maximum time for boarding is 30 days.

14.) Breeder reserves the right to cancel this contract at any time prior to the kitten leaving the cattery if the Breeder feels that it is in the best interest of the kitten and/or the Breeder. In that instance, the Buyer will be refunded 100% of their deposit.

By continuing, the Purchaser agrees to the terms of the contract with the Breeder and wants to finalize the reservation of the kitten.