What a Wonderful Experience This has Been

I didn’t imagine I would be saying these words so soon, but what a wonderful experience this has been, welcoming our sweet boy Bowie (originally Brass Monkey) into our home.


I first discovered Tracy and her beautiful kitties on TikTok back in February, and knew she was the breeder for me. As we already had a cat and a dog, I decided to sign up to become a future guardian but made it clear we weren’t ready for a new fur baby anywhere in the near future. I was thinking maybe 3-5 years and hoped that Tracy was still breeding at that time. Of course I had to log on and look at all the gorgeous babies that were ready to be reserved ever time I received an alert, my finger itched at times to click that reserve button but I stayed strong and told myself not yet.

Then Natalie and Beasties last litter came along and when I saw the beautiful color of Brass Monkey, so delicate, so unusual to me, and his cute little face, I was hooked, I showed my husband his photos and he said “why are you waiting, get him” I said the times not right. Then of course came the day I got Tracy’s text saying he was available to be reserved, hubby said “get him” I told myself I was just going to look, I didn’t stand a chance, I’d seen in the past how quickly those Maine Coon babies were snatched up. I put in my CC details and waited for 3pm to roll around, then clicked that button, the screen came up asking for my payment details to put a deposit down, I still didn’t believe I was going to be able to get him, then before I knew it, I was looking at a confirmation screen.

And then the fun began, lots of correspondence with Tracy, the video chat and seeing my baby along with some of his siblings, looking even cuter in person than in his photos, which came weekly from Tracy. Each week we had updates, his vet health check, bath and nail trim ready for home, neutered etc. in between I’d check Tracy’s website, which is full of information about her babies and Maine Coons in general, everything you need to know, plus links to equipment you may want to make your new baby feel at home.

Suddenly after weeks of trying to not get too excited. It was come home day, after a slight hiccup, we went to our local airport and I was handed the most beautiful and calm kitten. As soon as I picked him up he started purring.

We named him Bowie, after my favorite singer, the late, great David Bowie and he has settled in wonderfully, he has yet to meet his canine brother and feline sister properly, they’ve seen each other through glass but once he’s had his shots, we’ll slowly get them all together. He is the most loving kitty I’ve had, and I’ve had a fair few over the last 36 years. He snuggles and gives kisses and rolls on his back so we tickle his belly, he races around the room then suddenly stops and I swear he watches the TV.
I’m so glad I didn’t wait.