sassy koonz reviews

Sassy Koonz Reviews

Wabi Sabi

country gulliver cat

I adopted Wabi Sabi from Sassy Knoonz. Tracy has been wonderful, answered every question I have asked. Kept me updated on Wabi Sabi. Wabi Sabi was 10 months old when I got her, she is the sweetest loving kitty I have ever met. You can tell Tracy loves her kitty’s. So glad I was able to get Wabi Sabi. When I get another kitty it will definitely be from Sassy Koonz.

Jessica Thompson


maine coon jacksonville florida

Barrett is now known as “Simba”. Simba is a complete love bug…very vocal, and never quits purring! His vet appt went great…Vet was impressed with him and his size. He shares his love with me and Gary and our grandkids. He’s also a great traveler!

Jeanne Safro


Working with Tracy was great. She’s extremely knowledgeable and caring for all of her cats. The process was seamless from the time we got on the waiting list until our kitten got home. Very professional and on point for every step of the process. There are so many breeders and options out there. I would highly recommend Sassy Koonz for your next kitten!!

Evelyn Bjornson


Our experience with Sassy Koonz was more than we could imagine! Tracy choses the most beautiful cats and produces these amazing kittens. She generously shared her enthusiasm and knowledge of the breed. She answered all our questions. She cared for each kitten with love and attention. Our boy came to us clean, healthy and very well socialized. He melted into our family like he was meant to be. We can’t be more grateful to Tracy for introducing us to this fantastic kitten! Our little guy is now awaiting a little brother, only from Sassy Koonz of course. Thank you Tracy!

Shana O'Donnell


Couldn’t be happier. We went with a gut instinct to work with Tracy and Sassy Koonz despite it requiring a flight to Florida. We made the right choice though. These kittens are all so well adjusted and ready to bond immediately. No hang ups of any kind. The personality of our kitten is a joy to watch for hours (seriously) even if that sounds a little crazy mark my words you will too!

Greg zanchelli


Tracy has been fantastic to work with!! She loves her kitties and all the babies which it obvious from the start! It’s been four days since we brought Torry home and she hasn’t missed a beat!! Never shy or uneasy about anything! Busy?? YES I highly recommend Sassy Koonz to anyone looks for a new family member!! Thanks Tracy

Yvonne Arington

Walter aka Floyd 😊

Tracy was amazing to work with! We have only had one other Maine Coon and he was local. Once we knew Walter was ours she sent weekly photos, kept us up to date with his weight and we even FaceTimed a couple of times!
I would highly recommend Sassy Koonz to anyone interested in Maine Coons!

Kristi Russell


My sister Jody and I purchased “Dio” , a black and white male Maine Coon from Tracy at Sassy Koonz and our experience could not have been more pleasant. Tracy’s professionalism in every aspect of the process – administratively, communication, her warmth and humor in answering our questions promptly, and sending us weekly professional photos of Dio, just one more fabulous talent Tracy has! Dio has every trait and characteristic we expected in him and more. We adore Dio and Tracy and highly recommend her as a breeder to anyone looking to fine a high quality Maine Coon kitten. Thanks Tracy and Sassy Koonz!!
Cris and Jody

Cris Harrison and Jody Georgius


We are very happy with our decision to adopt a kitten from Tracy. She is extremely open and honest about everything. Her home was very clean and all the cats and kittens where in very good health! She’s extremely friendly and quick to answer any questions or concerns. We feel honored to be able to adopt one of her amazing kittens. Freddie is everything we wanted in our new fur baby we love him to pieces and couldn’t be happier!

Amber Vinz


My husband and I are grateful to Tracy Caywood of Sassy Koonz. We searched a long time for a caring and knowledgeable breeder, and we are so happy to now have two perfect, healthy, and happy fur balls—12 week old, sweet ‘Gilmour’ and 11 month old, elegant Delilah. Tracy’s experience and passion for Maine Coons can be seen in Gilmour and Delilah. They are a bundle of love, play and personality. They transitioned well into our home, too, because of how Tracy educated us and also socialized and prepared the kittens. I also can’t say enough about the excellent communication Tracy provides future guardians. From the beginning, Tracy informed us of an anticipated new litter of kittens and at birth, that Gilmour would be ours. She then followed the announcement with weekly ‘endearing’ photos and videos, and weight updates. It was a wonderful and exciting twelve-week journey. We feel we not only gained a kitten (plus Delilah) but a new friend in Tracy.

Cindy & Darrell Grimes

Julia Dream

I do not even know where to start here. Tracy not only has provided myself with an OUSTANDING kitty but all the support I needed as well. I cannot recommend her, and her Maine Coons, enough!

Julia is simply AMAZING! Beautiful, so gentle and so very well mannered. It is easy to see that it was well raised from day one. Words cannot express how much of an amazing kitten than she is. Tracy did an amazing job. She genuinely love her Coons and that is why you should trust her if you decide to adopt one.

Gavino Cherchi


sassy koonz reviews

I bought Mystic, a Queen they were retiring. Tracy spent a lot of time talking me through the potential pro’s and con’s of getting one of her kittens (my original plan) or an adult cat and how the adjustment might work with my existing 2 year old Coon. She was very helpful and informative with no pressure. She sent me pictures and videos of her interacting with mystic so I could see her personality. I decided to get the adult cat and she was exactly as Tracy described her. She is the sweetest cat, adjusted extremely well and quickly with my current cat and the whole family adores her. She is very comfortable around guests and is a well-adjusted cat with a cool personality. Tracy’s home was impeccably clean and it is obvious all her cats are treated as loved family members. After researching breeders for several months I am extremely happy with the decision to use sassy Koonz and would use them again.

Chelle DiAngelus


sassy Koonz reviews

absolutely love love my Clare her personality and looks are truly amazing

Cynthia Misskerg


sassy Koonz reviews

Tracy is wonderful and informative about her cats and kittens. I love her set up for this breed. I love my kitten. I would put a 10 recommendation on Sassy Koonz Maine Coon Cattery.

Tina Darnell

Sassy Koonz Reviews are Awesome!

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