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luxury maine Coon breeder sassy koonz

We’re proud to display the Sassy Koonz reviews that we’ve received from our Kitten Guardians! Some may call it a “brag page”, and well yes, we’d have to agree. Nothing says good reputation more than the happy people that have chosen Sassy Koonz as their Maine Coon Breeder of choice. We’ll just let them tell you themselves. 🙂


I have researched Main Coon Cattery’s for about two years. It wasn’t until I came across Sassy Koonz that I knew they were the cattery I was going to buy my first Main Coon from. When reading about the care and personal admiration Tracy and Mallory have for the breed, convinced me.
Before I purchased my little kitten they were sending me e-mails pertaining to personality and temperament of by kitten. Not to mention the photos they would attached to my e-mail. I can’t say enough about their 5 star service, from the beginning of the process to the very end.
Their service to you doesn’t end when you bring your furry friend home. Tracy and Mallory said, I can call them at any time I have a question as long as I own my Maine Coon. That isn’t heard of today. What really convinced me to choose them is their passion for the breed. I have already recommended Sassy Koonz to several of my friends and family members. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase another kitten from them.
Kim Lawrence

Kim Lawrence

Ace Von Johnson (nka Rama)

Every single part of my experience with Sassy Koonz has been positively fantastic. Even from my original application, communication has been timely, clear and welcoming.
Tracy is incredibly transparent and open with her practices (or however you want to word that) and bringing Ace (now Rama) into our family has been and continues to be the very best experience.
I was able to meet his parents (Magic and Governor) and Tracy’s own family kitties (Omega, Chichi and Biggie) and not only were they all beautiful and well cared for, they were all confident and friendly.
Ace has yet to meet a person he doesn’t love, and purrs every time he is in a lap or gets pats and is completely chill and confident. He has had no problem adjusting to dogs and cats.

I cannot say enough how much I highly recommend Sassy Koonz.

You are awesome Tracy and thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to love this baby and bring him into my family!

Shannon Sargent

The environment is top notch

girl holding black tabby maine coon kitten

Tracy was wonderful from start to finish. She is very responsive and sends numerous pictures as your kitten grows. I was lucky to be able to personally visit my kitten since I live here in town. The environment that the cats and kittens are kept in is top notch. I would definitely recommend her as your breeder for a Maine Coon 😊

See Junkyard Dog’s profile

Junkyard Dog


Gail Benedicto

The Entire Experience has Been Amazing

sweet maine coon kitten in her cat tree basket

The entire experience and relationship formed with SassyKoonz has been amazing from submitting an application to getting our sweet girl.

This was our first experience ever with going through a breeder to get a kitten so we weren’t sure what to expect. We were blown away with the process and communication with how professional yet personal SassyKoonz is. The application process was a straightforward process + quick, and once approved, we signed up for text messages for when the kittens were available to be adopted. I LOVE how you can keep up with the kittens on their Facebook page and see them as they grow prior to this.

We received the text about Jacky and I have never reserved something so fast in my life! SUCH an exciting moment for us. Once we adopted Jacky, everything we needed to know and more was sent to us through email. Any questions we had we could easily reach out to SassyKoonz and get a response right away. We then had a FaceTime call with our new kitten (SO exciting!!), got all of our questions answered, and Mallory and Tracy went over everything and what the coming weeks would look like.

We choose the route of using Derek, the amazing travel nanny SassyKoonz uses, to have Jacky delivered to us. She traveled in style with food, a litter box, and toys. Derek arrived right on time and that moment of seeing Jacky for the first time is for sure a core memory for us. She even came with her own carrier and the cutest print of her paw print.

Since our drop off date a few weeks ago, SassyKoonz has kept in touch checking in with us and our Maine Coon kitten. The experience and service they provided blew us away. If you’re wondering what breeder to go with when it comes to adding a Maine Coon kitten to your home, I can’t recommend SassyKoonz enough!

Liz Rishel

This family is by far the kindest and most ethical breeder I have ever met

luxury maine coon kitten on owners lap

From the start of my relationship with SassyKoonz they have been knowledge, responsive and kind.

After my old man maine coon passing I watched Sassy Koonz page from the sidelines until I was done grieving and ready for a new MC. The applications process was straightforward and very in depth. After I was approved I decided to go the “Lap of Luxury” route, I wanted a certain kitty dad who recently retired. When I tell you the adoption process is luxurious, I’m not joking. We have been treated like royalty! All our questions were answered. We were sent lots of updates and pics. Even got a FaceTime with our kitten. LOVED the kitty nanny/courier service!

This family is by far the kindest and most ethical breeder I have ever met.

We will remain in the SassyKoonz family for life! Thank you so much for filling the Maine Coon hole in my heart!

Leslie Powell


maine coon kiten in florida nero blue smoke

Thank you Sassy Koonz, I could not have hoped for a better addition to our family! Tracy’s knowledge, attitude and organization throughout the process was amazing, she answered any questions I had promptly and with expert detail! Nero is amazing,healthy and pure perfection!! I now know I have a friend for life at Sassy Koonz and Nero will not be my only new family member from this Maine Coon Cattery🖤


Great Experience All Around

young maine coon kitten sleeping on back

Great experience all around.
I had a Maine Coon I had rescued as a baby from animal control for 18 years and he was hands down the best cat. It took me a while (5years) before I was ready for another and I started looking at catteries. Some a couple hours away, some much longer. While Sassy Koonz was the closest, it is not why I ultimately chose it. I read the bios, reviews, and many videos Tracy posted. I have always had rescue animals, but I knew I wanted another Maine Coon and I most likely would not be as lucky the 1st time so decided on a purebred.

Tracy’s views in breeding aligned with what I agreed with. Health, Temperament, Type. Reimagined came up and I was drawn to him, but waited. The more I saw, the more he hit all the boxes of the temperament I wanted. The amount of information Tracy supplies on her animals is amazing! Temperament tests give info to ensure the cat is who is correct for your house. Her cattery and policies are an open book, posted with online videos. In person, exactly the same.

She loves her kitties, loves the breed, and makes sure all go to good homes and are cared for. She doesn’t stop when you leave with the kitty, she follows up to make sure all transitions are going well and there are no additional questions. I definitely see her as a partner for life that I can reach out to if anything arises.

Mary Cave

Couldn’t Have Asked for a Better Experience

maine coon kitten for sale in florida with feather

Could not has asked for a better experience with Sassy Koonz , I seen his little face and new I had to have him, His dad is so beautiful so I was sold with him ! Tracy everyday would keep me updated pictures etc of him. She is the nicest person around and I thank her for everything delivery to my door was perfect he is a healthy baby and very loving and I have him now and she everyday is checking on him she truly cares thank you

Barbara Browne

I Could Not Be More Pleased

gingerbread man organe maine coon kitten at home chillin

I researched Maine Coon breeders for 6 months, could not find one even close to as good as Sassy Koonz. They are accredited breeders and their cats were all correct in look and size. Honestly I could not be more pleased. The application process was easy and quick, website is easy to navigate. And Sassy Koonz made the whole experience absolutely wonderful. After we reserved our kitten we received regular pictures of our kitten. Any question we had they were happy to help. 5 stars!!!

Nicholas Caputo

Such a Wonderful Experience

maine coon siblings at home with new owner

We had such a wonderful experience from start to bringing home our beautiful boys. Tracy and Mallory had wonderful communication, provided a wealth of knowledge presented in a very professional manner, and so many beautiful photos that kept the wait feeling a little more bearable. We did a lot of research looking for a breeder that not only had the highest health standards but also in preserving the breed standards of these amazing cats. The kittens are healthy, happy, and well adjusted sweet boys. And they are STUNNING on top of it all. It was truly a pleasure. Thank you Tracy and Mallory for everything. 💓

Lyndsey Lie

You’re looking in the right place!

white maine coon cat looking at another cat in front of fireplace

I’ve always wanted a maincoon! The real kind! I mean the kind Sazzkoonz breeds, she not only has the best cats ever, she takes the time with each and every one of them insuring we have the best experience. Tracy is very caring, she listens to what we want in a kitten that we don’t even know ourselves. If you’re looking to purchase one of these amazing cats you’re looking in the right place! Much love to her! We love our two beautiful babies.

Dana Morris

Impeccable communication and transparency

maine coon cat looking out window tortoiseshell

Impeccable communication and transparency. Tracy is clearly as enthusiastic and in love with these cats as you be when you get yours. The constant updated photos of each potential kitten as they grow along with the detailed open personality info really helps you fall for and feel confident in your choices when it comes time to select. Purchase process is very clear and fair. Applications and contract to even be considered ask detailed questions that really show how much they care about the futures of their babies. Even the enthusiasm to share in my joy when I share updates about my kitten is appreciated. It’s nice to gush about your new baby with someone who loves them just as much.

Adrienne Driggs

The Epitome of what a Breeder Should Be

maine coon kittens for sale jacksonville schism at home

Incredible. Tracy is the epitome of what a breeder should be. The kitten is already the love of my life. She gives impeccable service and really cares where her cats are placed.

Kathleen O'Malley

Super Fun Experience

white maine coon cat long tail sitting on chair

We recently got an adorable little white Maine Coon kitten from Tracy. She is sweet, spunky, and very well mannered. Tracy is so easy to work with, very knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions. it’s been a super fun experience. We are honored to have a Sassy Koonz Maine Coon kitten.

Sherry Lutz

Great Experience

Maine Coon Kittens for Sale in Lady Lap Chancellor

Great experience. I’ve dealt with breeders in the past and no one compares to the customer service you get from Tracy at Sassy Koonz. She communicates extremely well. Payment process was super easy. I used white glove delivery service and the delivery guy was amazing in keeping in contact the whole trip. Chancellor is our kitten.

Cassandra Mosley

What could be a difficult and stressful process is effortless

two maine coon cats black smoke and bicolor at home

From day one, Tracy has been absolutely amazing. Prior to finding her, I had been scammed by someone pretending to be a breeder. She did everything in her power to set my mind at ease. She Answered all of my questions, and did a FaceTime call with me. She Communicated through the entire process. I feel so blessed that I was able to give Hazy, and Mambo their forever home. It was a Rocky start with them since they were older, and I was their second home, also having to introduced them to my other cats. Tracy was ready with tips, and helpful advise which worked like a charm. She knows her stuff. She touched bases with me daily to make sure the boys were adjusting. Not only did I get 2 amazing animals but I feel I gain a friend as well.

Mambo and Hazy have both adjusted well and are absolutely amazing. They are affectionate, loving, and good natured. Honestly they are perfect, high quality and true to the breed.

I would definitely recommend any one of her Maine Coons kittens, they are stunning and well socialized. Tracy takes what could be a difficulty and stressful process and makes it effortless. 5 stars. Would do it again!

Rachel Holstead

It Was Worth The Wait

new owner admiring her new maine coon kitten

I’ve always wanted a Maine Coon cat. It took a few years to find Tracy, and it was with the wait!!! From the moment we knew “Hot Sauce” was ours, she sent pictures, videos and updates. The entire process was detailed, informative and fun! We were able to watch our kitten grow until he was able to come home to us.

We chose the delivery option. The flight nanny was amazing! He sent us pictures of the entire trip! The only thing I regret, was not getting two kittens!! 😂

We highly recommend Tracy and her Sassy Koonz cattery. And, we will definitely be repeat customers. I’m already stalking the page for another kitten.

Angelina Emanueli-Fisher


Maine coon kitten cuddling on boys head

Wonderful! We Love Taco!!! Anyone who says you can’t buy love and happiness has never bought a Sassy Koon.

Kara Van de Carr

Tracy Runs a Very Professional Organzation

maine coon kittens wearing collars chasing a toy

From start to finish my experience with Sassy Koonz has been wonderful! Tracy runs a very professional operation! She communicated everything I needed to know ever step of the way. She responded to all my questions quickly. What an amazing experience it has been! I am so excited to have my new Maine Coon family! I’m so lucky my beautiful babies are Sassy Koonz babies!

Marnie Coleman

What a Wonderful Experience This has Been

lady holding cream and white maine coon kitten

I didn’t imagine I would be saying these words so soon, but what a wonderful experience this has been, welcoming our sweet boy Bowie (originally Brass Monkey) into our home.


I first discovered Tracy and her beautiful kitties on TikTok back in February, and knew she was the breeder for me. As we already had a cat and a dog, I decided to sign up to become a future guardian but made it clear we weren’t ready for a new fur baby anywhere in the near future. I was thinking maybe 3-5 years and hoped that Tracy was still breeding at that time. Of course I had to log on and look at all the gorgeous babies that were ready to be reserved ever time I received an alert, my finger itched at times to click that reserve button but I stayed strong and told myself not yet.

Then Natalie and Beasties last litter came along and when I saw the beautiful color of Brass Monkey, so delicate, so unusual to me, and his cute little face, I was hooked, I showed my husband his photos and he said “why are you waiting, get him” I said the times not right. Then of course came the day I got Tracy’s text saying he was available to be reserved, hubby said “get him” I told myself I was just going to look, I didn’t stand a chance, I’d seen in the past how quickly those Maine Coon babies were snatched up. I put in my CC details and waited for 3pm to roll around, then clicked that button, the screen came up asking for my payment details to put a deposit down, I still didn’t believe I was going to be able to get him, then before I knew it, I was looking at a confirmation screen.

And then the fun began, lots of correspondence with Tracy, the video chat and seeing my baby along with some of his siblings, looking even cuter in person than in his photos, which came weekly from Tracy. Each week we had updates, his vet health check, bath and nail trim ready for home, neutered etc. in between I’d check Tracy’s website, which is full of information about her babies and Maine Coons in general, everything you need to know, plus links to equipment you may want to make your new baby feel at home.

Suddenly after weeks of trying to not get too excited. It was come home day, after a slight hiccup, we went to our local airport and I was handed the most beautiful and calm kitten. As soon as I picked him up he started purring.

We named him Bowie, after my favorite singer, the late, great David Bowie and he has settled in wonderfully, he has yet to meet his canine brother and feline sister properly, they’ve seen each other through glass but once he’s had his shots, we’ll slowly get them all together. He is the most loving kitty I’ve had, and I’ve had a fair few over the last 36 years. He snuggles and gives kisses and rolls on his back so we tickle his belly, he races around the room then suddenly stops and I swear he watches the TV.
I’m so glad I didn’t wait.

Chris Matthews

We’d Never Recommend Anyone Else

Two Maine Coon Cats with heads touching

We purchased Trumpy Bear nka Branzino in January 2021 from Sassy Koonz and he has been nothing short of amazing and spectacular. We knew he needed a companion and had to get him a brother. We received Controversy nka Mango and they are a match made in heaven.

They chirp, play and love each other. They are best friends. Tracy was incredible as usual and we would never recommend anyone else if you are serious about selecting your dream Maine Coon. We have two beautiful healthy boys that bring us such joy every day.

Enrico Z

Worry Free Purchase, Extraordinary Kitten!!!

lady holding red maine coon kitten making silly face

Worry Free Purchase, Extraordinary Kitten!!!

BEFORE: Choosing a cattery was the most critical decision. Of all the catteries I researched across the entire country, I finally decided that my kitten would come from SassyKoonz in FL.

Sassy Koonz has earned quite the reputation for the high standards with which Tracy operates her cattery. And there is no question you have that will go unanswered. After learning all of the information and detail Tracy happily shared about Sassy Koonz, and knowing how hard it was to get even close to the same volume of info out of most of the dozens of others I researched, there was no doubt in my kitty-loving mind that my hard-earned money would be well spent with SK. There was no need to consider anyone else.

There is so much value, not to mention peace of mind, in the following:
1) Knowing exactly how the sires and queens live and how often they are bred. She proudly shares video of the outdoor cattery as well as the kitten nursery inside. It was important for me to know the breeding cats were just as treasured, and that my kitten wasn’t one being pumped out of a careless factory;

2) Knowing how Tracy raises the kittens. It was very important to me that my kitten would be very well socialized, used to all sorts of play, and used to baths and getting nails trimmed, being brushed and groomed, and unafraid of noise and music and laughter and visitors. Tracy is very active on social media – she posts pictures and videos all the time of all of these kinds of goings-on, so I had no doubts whatsoever that my kitten was being raised as described on the SK website. I truly wasn’t quite sure of what life was like for the kittens in the homes of other breeders even though they claimed the kittens were raised underfoot”, which made me uneasy and, quite frankly, really nervous about doing this at all. With SassyKoonz, the purchase was true – and thankfully – worry-free.

Apart from all of that important stuff, of course, I wanted a kitty that was absolutely stunning. Ummm…have you seen the pics of every SassyKoonz kitten ever?!?!! They’re all stunning! Muzzle-muzzle-I-wanted-to-schnuzzle-every-muzzle! Have you looked around? No better pussycat pusses are out there! Someone else said it best about the SassyKoonz muzzle – “There’s a difference, y’all!”

So…I chose SassyKoonz as my cattery and settled in to wait and hope for a SassyKoonz kitty.

DURING: I was lucky enough to become the guardian of Little Red Corvette, one of the four from the litter of the divinely sassy Chichi and superbly handsome Beastie, born Feb. 9, 2022. The wait for his Go Home date was both agonizing and amazing. While I busied myself getting all the things needed to make him the best home here in PA and dreaming of the life I would have with him, Tracy kept sending me little notes about something funny he did or sent over pictures that were just for me…not shared to the public. Annnnd! Yo! You want to talk about “value added?!?!?” Tracy is an AMAZINGLY TALENTED PHOTOGRAPHER!!! I double-dog dare you to compare that kind of output with any other cattery. Nobody else is producing the works of kitten art Tracy makes with her camera and a little photo box!!! This statement rings true here, as well – “There’s a difference, y’all!!” What a treasure to have such professional, stunning pics coming each week!

Tracy also utilizes the best technology for communications and payment processes. She also generated emails at certain intervals, sharing timelines, expectations and information on how to prepare for arrival – what food they’re eating, litter they’re using, toys they like, as well as vetting, vaccination, health testing and microchip info (never skip the chip!). Oh…and you even get to do a video chat with Tracy and the kitten. That was super special!
Overall, It was a very personal and wonderful time shared with Tracy while my kitty boy was growing and learning and reaching his Go Home date.

AFTER: My stunning Little Red Corvette (nka Bear) came home to me, delivered to my hands at the Pittsburgh airport by Tracy’s wonderful and experienced pet nanny. At the handoff from Tracy to the nanny, she initiated a 3-way text conversation so the 3 of us could have contact and get updates during the travel day. That was wonderful! At the Pittsburgh airport, the nanny set the wonderful little soft-sided carrier down on the couch at my side, and I unzipped my fuzzy boy and brought him into my arms as I shed tears of joy. This gentle being was just calm and accepting of my hands. There was no concern whatsoever that he would jump from my arms in a panic. So gentle. I loved him in an instant.

And thus began this amazing (and a little bit obsessive) love affair known to my family and friends as “Michelle and the Bear.”

Bear is everything I had hoped he would be: a lil kitten crazy and super playful, and a really great schnuggle bug! He is curious and friendly to those who come and go from my house. I trim his nails easily while he is napping. He is a water boy….loves watching the droplets from my shower slide down the glass door…loves his bubbling water fountain (though I suggest not getting one that bubbles from the center…he was getting his fabulous ear tips wet and didn’t like it, so I got one that is elongated and the fountain part is more to one end). He loves watching birds (big woodpeckers, too) and squirrels and chipmunks on the patio from the sunroom windows. He has a supremely cute little vocal trill he uses all the time, and a darling meow (like his momma). He sleeps twisted upside down a lot (like his momma). He always wants to be with his people (as Maine Coons do) and he is my perfect little shadow. I love that he wants to be near…even though he has no idea what personal space is…thus, the pic I’ve shared here. Ha ha.

I am so thankful to Tracy and the wonderful cattery she has created that gave me the gift of this extraordinary kitten!

Michelle DeGrosky

American Bad Ass and We The People

man with two white maine coon kittens in his arms

Tracy was 100% the best breeder I have ever worked with. She was very informative, knowledgeable, friendly, and completely open about her kittens and cattery. She takes amazing pictures and videos throughout the kittens’ development. It was incredible how quickly the kittens adapted to our home and other pets. They are fearless! Tracey does an amazing job with their personalities and teaching them to be ready for their new home. She went above and beyond in making their transition and pick up as smooth as possible and they are such well-behaved kittens! I am absolutely in love!

Kathleen & Justin Scott

Classic Maine Coon Personality

maine coon kittens for sale texas

Tracy was very professional and responsive. The hardest part was being one of the lucky ones to get one of her kittens! Once we did, she even offered me a ride to the airport to fly our kitten back home. We love our beautiful new Sassy Koonz kitten. He is well-adjusted and appears to have a great, classic Maine Coon personality!

Liane Hulka

Slash and November Rain

two maine coon kittens in a woven basket

We discovered Sassy Koonz during our search online for a reputable, ethical Florida Maine Coon Breeder. Sassy Koonz checked all the boxes and more. TICA certified – check! Beautiful European Maine coons w/ the cutest muzzles (there’s a difference y’all!) – check!

But beyond checking boxes, we got totally hooked on the Sassy Koonz Facebook & Instagram profiles and “cast of characters” as we like to call them — the pets, queens and sires of Sassy Koonz. Biggie! Chi-chi! Beastie! Natalie! The cats are the stars.

The more we researched and read, the more fun we were having and the more we fell in love with Tracy’s cats! The Sassy Koonz website is the most comprehensive guide to Maine coons we came across. It goes way beyond a brochure for a cattery. It’s an excellent resource guide for Maine coon owners. Through reading the website, it was evident that Sassy Koonz is a passion project for Tracy, and we decided if we had the opportunity, we would prefer to adopt from Sassy Koonz even if it meant waiting a long time. Well, the day came — and believe it or not, our kittens actually ended up sharing the SAME BIRTHDAY as Christy! What a special story to get to share!

Now having adopted our two sibling kittens, we highly recommend Sassy Koonz. Tracy’s communication was outstanding throughout the entire process, from vet visits to documentation to tons of very high-quality photos. Think of it like this, your kittens are going to etiquette school for their first ~10 weeks at SK — our kittens are so well socialized and sweet. We later learned that Sassy Koonz is even sought out from those on the west coast. We feel very blessed to have adopted our Fig & Roux and to know Tracy! Thank you!

Matt & Christy Fehrmann

Sassy Koonz is the Only Way To Go

maine coon kittens texas

This process was nothing short of perfection. If you are interested in getting a main coon, sassy koonz is the only way to go. the whole process was extremely streamlined and Mr.B (Luka) is the sweetest most playful cat!!! I can’t thank Tracey enough for providing my new family member and i hope to add another one soon 🙂

Hamza Khan

Nothing but Exceptional

blue main coon kittens for sale ruka on her back

I researched several Maine Coon catteries before deciding on Sassy Koonz. And I am very pleased that I found Sassy Koonz. From the beginning, Tracy has been nothing but amazing. Her website is so informative and helpful. She does not try to hide any part of the process. She provided information before I even thought to ask for, anticipating every need or question I might have.

The video chat was fun and very helpful as well. Damiko was great, professional and friendly. From start to now, because I know our involvement is not over, Tracy and Sassy Koonz have been nothing but exceptional. I have already recommended her to several friends. I cannot wait to hopefully get another amazing kitty from Sassy Koonz.

I was fortunate enough to have adopted Sassy Koonz Izzy. She is of course absolutely gorgeous but she is also very socialized, friendly, precious, healthy and a great fit to our family. She has an amazing personality and is not afraid of anything! I had to take Izzy to work immediately after picking her up from the airport, she was calm the entire ride and was very comfortable in my office from the beginning. Several people stopped by and she was friendly and even sat on a few laps.

We have chosen to rename Izzy to Ruka, if of Japanese origin and means bright blue flower. I think it also holds a little mystery and sass ;).


Deirdre Parker

This is Our Third Kitten from Sassy Koonz

Maine coon cats

We couldn’t be happier with all of them! The extra time, attention, and love Tracy puts into getting her kittens ready for their forever homes makes the process so easy and seamless. While all three of our kittens have varying degrees of Sassy personality, the one thing they have in common is how much they love absolutely everyone and everything! They are hands down some of the most loving cats I’ve ever experienced! From getting groomed, to nail trimming, to baths, Tracy has taken the time to desensitize each kitten so they’re already used to the process when they get home. In addition, Tracy has been amazingly quick to respond with help and information when we hit any snag along the way with them. We will never have the words to express our gratitude as we enjoy the fun these guys bring into our lives!

Dane Majoros

Billie -White Maine Coon

Maine coon cat

My dream of having a beautiful maincoon came true thanks to SassyKoonz, Tracy’s knowledge and love for these beautiful gentle giants shows in every way. We love our Teeter, she’s a sassy lil girl for sure! She’s already running the house! Thanks again I love her so much! 😻

Dana Morris

I recommend Sassy Koonz to everyone

From the beginning to the end ,I could not have been more pleased. Once I had purchased the Maine Coon kitten everything went as though they had transported cats forever. I met the pet nanny at the airport and was very happy with the kitten that I had purchased. She was just as described and looked just as beautiful as her photos. I would recommend Sassy Koonz Maine Coon Cattery to everyone. More than likely I will be purchasing another kitten. Thank you again Tracy and crew.😊💕💜

Sherri L Lundbom

Most Kind Hearted Breeder I’ve Ever Had the Pleasure to Meet

white maine coon cat

If you’re reading these reviews, chances are you’re considering adding a Maine Coon kitten to your family. I can honestly tell you there is no reason to look any further. Tracy, the Head Guardian (owner) of Sassy Koonz, is the most knowledgeable, professional, and kind hearted breeder I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. It’s obvious how much she loves her cats and she goes to great lengths to ensure their health and socialization. After I chose Bossa Nova as the kitten that I wanted, the fun really started. Tracy sent me pictures and videos frequently so I got to actually watch Bossa Nova grow! I loved having a FaceTime video chat with Tracy and Bossa Nova. Now my kitten is home and because of the deep love she puts into her breeding program I have my “dream come true” kitten. He’s perfect in every way and I hope you chose a Sassy Koonz kitten so you can have your dream come true, too.

Susan Bowler

We Are Over the Moon Pleased

maine coon kittens for sale

Tracy (Sassy Koonz) has provided us with the two most amazing Maine Coon kittens I could ever have dreamed of. After 16 years of searching for my perfect little red Maine Coon boy from a good breeder, I was blessed to have found Tracy. Everything about her and her business is top-notch. She’s the best combination of professional and personable.

I learned so much from her very well-done extensive website, blogs and social media. Her transparency in sharing photos and videos of her beautiful cattery was so appreciated since we’re too far away to actually go and inspect everything ourselves. Tracy not only shared all of her knowledge and expertise answering my endless questions, but she also was so empathetic with my level of feelings involved in finding my perfect cat of my dreams (I Am Legend, now Roary), along with a bonus cat who I didn’t even know how badly I needed (Zombie, now Remy). The entire process from initial application to our seamless delivery via her amazing cat nanny was just perfect, keeping us continually updated with new photos and information.

We have had our kittens in our home for less than a week, and from the first 5 minutes, they have shown us just how confident, healthy, happy and well-adjusted they are. That is 100% due to the care and love and extensive work socializing these kittens that Tracy has put into each and every kitten. We are over-the-moon pleased with these two precious new additons to our family, and can never thank Tracy enough.

Jennifer Cartledge

My Heart is Overflowing

orange and white maine coon kitten

I would recommend Sassy Koonz to anyone looking for a Maine Coon kitten. Voodoo has been with me almost two weeks now and I couldn’t be happier!
Tracy raises well socialized, healthy, and most importantly loving Maine Coon kittens that are perfectly beautiful representations of the Maine Coon breed.
All the information I needed was readily available on the Sassy Koonz website.

I took my time and researched other breeders before I chose Tracy. I put much thought into my decision because I’m in this for the long haul. I expect to have sweet Voodoo in my life for many many great years to come!

She is definitely the most beautiful, intelligent, and perfectly socialized kitten I have ever seen!

All my fears were laid to rest the moment she stepped from her carrier. She didn’t run and hide, she wasn’t afraid in the least. Just curious and “sassy”! She loves to play, but when bedtime comes she is right by my side. Ready for loving cuddles and lots of purring! She is sleeping in my lap as I write this review!

All in all I was kept well informed from day one. Lots of pictures and video! She was delivered to my door by Tracy’s handsome polite son. I have all her records and pedigree. Above all, Voodoo is a precious, loving, stunning, awesome girl and I couldn’t have asked for more!! My heart is overflowing with love for her and gratitude to Tracy for raising her so awesomely to this point!

Patricia Pender

An Amazing Experience

maine coon kittens for sale florida

From start to finish an amazing experience! Sassy Koonz communication, preparedness, and the amount of love they put into their animals is evident and put me at ease throughout the adoption process. So many personal touches keeping our family updated on our kittens process gave us a chance to be excited and watch them grow as they prepared to come home!!

Dane Majoros

Tom Sawyer Loves to Play and Snuggle

I’m thrilled with my choice to become a part of the Sassy Koonz family. Tracy’s cattery checks all the boxes – an ethical breeder who produces the most beautiful, healthy, well-behaved and socialized babies. It made me feel very good choosing a kitten from a breeder that screens its applicants. While there is no waiting list, you absolutely have a chance at getting a kitten when it’s available once you become an approved guardian. It worked for me!

I’m completely in love with my Maine Coon kitty bean! Every step of the way Tracy kept me informed on Tom Sawyer’s development, health and answered any questions I had. The logistics of delivery were incredibly smooth and easy. He was delivered to my front door for a very reasonable fee! Truly first class service. Have I mentioned just how pretty he is? I can’t stop staring at him. His personality is amazing…part angel/rascal. Loves to play AND snuggle. 100% recommend Sassy Koonz – you will have zero regrets. The only negative is that you have to deal with the jealousy of others who will now want a kitty bean just like yours! I’ll be back when it’s time for a little sibling. Thank you Tracy!

Kelly Williams

Orange Man Brings Joy to My Life

maine coon cat for sale florida

My adventure into Maine Cat ownership was a long one. I was looking for very specific features (Orange and White) and was almost conned by the usual fake suspects looking for the “cheaper” solution. Realizing all the potential pit-falls of trying to save a buck on something I was so specifically looking for, I went to the TICA website and just started at the top of the Registry, going state by state, looking for my ideal kitten.

I found him at Sassy Koonz and instantly fell in love with “Orange Man“. Without getting into politics at all – I will say that it was instant Karma! I followed the application process and crossed my fingers. When I was approved, I was beyond excited. Tracy fed my impatience with regular updates and photos. Sent me all his vet records and proof of registry. When my husband and I flew from Texas to Florida to pick up Orange Man, it was on my birthday.

It was great to sit down with Tracy in her wonderful home and see their cattery. I really felt like I was given a gift rather than engaging in a transaction. After 2020 crazy, getting Orange Man was just a wonderful blessing to our family. I had read that Maine Coons are different, but I don’t really think I appreciated just how much. He is such a chill little wack job of a kitty. To say he is a clown in an understatement.

My sister decided that a kitten needs a friend and gave me another little regular kitty at Christmas. I have to say, I don’t think the experience of ownership would be the same without having the pair. They have bonded completely and offer us endless hours of amusement as they wrestle, chase balls of paper, climb every surface they can find and scoff at our two Corgi dogs. Orange Man Bad and Melania will continue to bring joy everyday to my life and I have Sassy Koonz and her utter empathy to my emotional need for this cat. Thank you!


Sleepy Joe nka Kifaru (Rhinoceros)

maine coon kittens florida

We absolutely love our beautiful boy! Tracy was great! She kept us updated and sent photos throughout the process. She even arranged a flight nanny to accompany him to the airport, where we met our Kifaru for the first time! He’s sweet and playful, and just a bundle of fluff and joy! He has also transitioned very well, bonding with our other kitten Nara. They’re inseparable now!

Thank you, Tracy!

Kendra & Shane

Melania -Pretty Calico Girl

calico Maine Coon

Tracy Is absolutely wonderful to work with. Her cats are extremely good-natured and absolutely beautiful. I would definitely purchase another kitten or cat from her again. Thank you Tracy for all the work that you do and keeping this wonderful breed of Maine Coons going!

Eva Marie

Trumpy Bear [aka Branzino]

black and white maine coon

I cannot express how elated I am for becoming a guardian of a Sassy Koonz kitten. I am so thankful for Tracy and how she was able to guide me throughout this entire process. I was informed and educated every step of the way. I was provided with updates and pictures. I was always able to contact her and ask any question.

As I write this review, I have the most handsome, wonderful, funny, socialized and intelligent little kitten sleeping on my side. I have never been more in love and happy with such an important decision. I would highly recommend Tracy and Sassy Koonz. I truly believe for the quality of what you are receiving, it is worth every penny! Thank you Tracy and I am sure I’ll be getting my kitten Trumpy Bear aka Branzino a brother or sister in the future from you!

Enrico Z

Bijou – Pretty Girl

Maine coon kittens for sale Texas

We are new to obtaining a kitten through a Maine Coon breeder cattery so some of the process was a bit overwhelming, but we could not be happier with our decision to become a guardian. Our new kitten is so beautiful and well socialized. Tracy has been very helpful and communicates so well. We are very satisfied!

Henrie and Debbie Descheemaeker

Ga Ga nka Remy

sassy koonz reviews
Excellent! We are in love with our beautiful Maine Coon kitten Remy, and very pleased with our experience with Tracy/Sassy Koonz. I feel the best compliment is to be a well-founded reference, and I would without hesitation, recommend Tracy/Sassy Koonz.
Tracy is very communicative about all that is involved in their care in the weeks leading to your kitten’s arrival, from feeding, litter choice, creature comforts and most importantly their initial vaccination health examination and certification. She also messages INCREDIBLE photos of your kitten to keep you up to date on their progress and their CUTENESS.
Her website also provided a lot of helpful information as we prepared for our furry new family member. It is obvious that Tracy loves all her cats and kitties and she is both professional and caring in ensuring success in their “forever home” placement. To pickup Remy, we drove 5 hours from our home to finally meet Tracy, see her home and how the cats and our Remy was raised, it was well worth the trip and important to me.
I am confident that Tracy will continue to be an excellent resource to us as our kitten grows. Be patient, her kitties are in high demand, but I don’t believe you will find another breeder of Tracy’s caliber, do your research, I did, and you will choose Sassy Koonz😻 too!
Pat Baransky, Florida

Innuendo nka Elvis

Maine coon kittens for sale Texas

I spent weeks researching main coon cats and kittens before deciding on Sassy Koonz. My experience with Tracy, Sassy Koonz, and ultimately my really kool new friend Innuendo AKA Elvis was and is amazing. Elvis is extremely even tempered. When he landed here in Greensboro NC the travel nanny opened the carrier. I was freaked thinking “What cat would not jump out and run away?”
Elvis sat happily in his carrier cool as a cucumber.
I have 5 dogs ranging in size from a 11 lb Shitzu to a 125 lb Golden. Elvis is, after 3 days, in control. He simply completes my family with his charm and intelligence. Tracy is supportive, responsible, and funny. She answered every question within minutes and continues to lend her expertise and friendship to me and my family. Kudos to anyone for choosing Sassy Koonz. This experience has enriched our lives.

Winifred Morley

Kiss Me Once nka Earl

Maine coon kittens for sale Texas

From the initial contact until delivery the entire adoption experience was perfect. Our new baby is more than we could have hoped for – healthy, extremely social and playful. We highly recommend Sassy Koonz if you’re searching for your new family member!

Kelly Oppenheim

Shot of Poison aka Kalamity

maine coon kittens for sale

We are SO happy with our girl. She is everything you would want from a kitten. She is our first Maine Coon but fits exactly to the standard of what I expected as far as temperament and looks. She is confident, stable and STUNNING! She has fit right in with our other pets. We love her and the experience with Sassy Koonz was PURRFECT. We got plenty of pics and communication. The transport was smooth and she arrived healthy and happy. Thank you so much for our new baby and making it such a great experience.

Susan Lynn

Manson (aka Maniac) borne May 8; 2020

Maine coon cat

I am a first time Maine Coon owner. Working wth Tracy was easy. She is so knowledgeable about Maine Coons. She answered all of my questions in a timely manner. She pointed me to websites that would give me more information. I recommend Tracy 100%. I intend to adopt another in a year or so for a pet only and I will be adopting it from Tracy.

Beth Thompson

Moby Dick (nka Blue)

Maine coon kittens for sale Texas

Honestly I’ve never bought from a breeder but I reached out about a year ago and she finally helped my dream come true! She made everything so simple and so helpful! She always answered questions even when I asked the most ridiculous ones! Even after I got my little boy kitten she still checks up and ask how he’s doing! I highly recommend buying from here the best hands down! I will be back for his brother or sister hahah

Tristen Clark

Crimson (now known as Cosmo)

Maine coon kittens for sale Texas

My husband and I knew we wanted a Maine Coon, and we’re more than thrilled with the experience we had with Sassy Koonz. Tracy was very open and honest throughout the entire process. Even once Cosmo was ours, we knew we could count on her for additional support. Our new addition to the family is now 5 months old. She’s full of personality and continues to surprise us! We can’t recommend Sassy Koonz enough.

Marena Gell

Marilyn aka Harley

Maine coon cat

From birth to the time we picked Harley up was a great experience with Sassy Koonz. Tracy took pictures weekly of the kitties and sent us our own every Friday. Sassy Koonz’ website is chuck full of information regarding the Maine Coon breed and how to care for your new kitten. Tracy gives you a list of things that will make transitioning to your home simple. Our girl is a beautiful, healthy, bright-eyed intelligent kitty who fits perfectly within our family.

Eva Barton

Lucas aka Houdini

Maine coon cat

We researched potential breeders for quite some time and were immediately impressed with Sassy Koonz’s informative website. Tracy’s blog posts are excellent and provide invaluable information on all topics related to obtaining and raising a Maine Coon kitten. I seriously doubt you’ll find a more informative site, and I’m confident you won’t fine better pictures 🙂 Once we were approved and had reserved a kitten, Tracy did an outstanding job of keeping us posted on our kitten’s development and always provided us with photos/videos of our kitten during his first 10 weeks. I highly recommend her as a breeder of healthy and beautiful Maine Coons.


Clover – aka Stella

Maine coon kittens for sale Texas

My husband and I decided to expand our furry family, and were anxious to find a breeder we felt comfortable finding our next baby from. We chose Sassy Koonz because they went above and beyond for their cats and you could just tell how loved and cared for they were. We picked Clover, aka Stella, to join our home and Tracey kept us posted along the way as she grew. Even with all the chaos of COVID-19, she worked with us to ensure our kitten came home safely and had everything she needed. Stella is the sweetest kitten – she snuggles and coos as she runs around with her brother dog and cat siblings. She fits into our life perfectly – and we cannot say “thank you” enough to Tracey for helping us grow this loving family! #catsdogschaos @abbottlovesstella

Jennifer McCoy

Jett aka Bam Bam

Maine coon cat

Sassy Koonz was great to deal with and I highly recommend them. Tracy was great and the kitten fantastic. It was handled very professionally and you can buy with confidence from Sassy Koonz!

Ray Scarbrough

Tracy was meticulous in every aspect of our future kitten

Maine coon kittens Texas

We have owned (2) Maine Coons previously. One was a rescue that found us and one we bought from a breeder in Texas. Our Max we purchased died last year in front of us . He was 6 days shy of being 9 years old from Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. That is why we chose Sassy Koonz. I looked around and found that Tracey was meticulous in every aspect of our future kitten. I had to make certain that we did not loose another so tragically. Tracey does everything right.

The genetic testing of the parents is posted for all to see. If you are a first time owner of a Maine Coon this probably is not that important to you, but trust me it is the most important part of selecting a breeder. We were going to drive to Jacksonville Beach, Florida to pick up our kitten because I was afraid of him flying. Tracey was so sympathetic and had her son , Derek personally fly with him to Houston and met us at the airport.

Tracey kept us informed always. Sending pictures and also our Cowboy’s health certificate, what food , litter, toys, water fountain, etc. he was use to so he would feel right at home when he came home to Houston. It was ironic that Tracey had name our boy “Cowboy” and he ended up in Houston, Texas. We kept the name .

Cowboy was worth the price. You might find some cheaper , but not better. I know beyond a doubt that our kitten is the best and healthiest kitten to be had because of Tracey diligence and care. We are so fortunate to have found Sassykoonz. You will not be disappointed with her.❤️

Rob & Ruthanne Bell

Dimebag is the Best!

Maine coon kittens Florida

Such a pleasure working with Tracey! Sassy Koonz Cattery is a reputable operation and a pleasant environment for her maine coons and new guardians. Tracey is very knowledgeable, communicative, and concerned with genetics in advancing the breed. We couldn’t be more pleased with our new little guy. He is affectionate and well socialized thanks to Tracey’s care and efforts. We have had maine coons as pets for over 30 years and we highly recommend Tracey to provide kittens with the best health and personality we have seen. Can’t thank her enough for our new #furbaby.


Lea and Mark Blackburn

I can’t say enough good things about Sassy Koonz Maine Coons

blue smoke maine coon kitten on furry blue blanket

We had an amazing experience with Tracy. She was very clear about the process, she provided tons of information about health backgrounds of the cats, and posted plenty of photos to the group and on her blog that showed all the cats were living in a wonderful home and being treated very well. These were all extremely important things to us. Having had a very bad experience with another breeder in the past, it meant so much that she clearly knows a lot about her cats and was more than happy to answer all our questions both before and after our kitten came home. She sent us regular photo updates of our boy, and provided input on his personality as well. And our kitten is SUPER friendly and affectionate, a testament to how much work she put into socializing him. I can’t say enough good things about Sassy Koonz!

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Melinda Mock

Sweetest Kitty I’ve Ever Met

I adopted Wabi Sabi from Sassy Knoonz. Tracy has been wonderful, answered every question I have asked. Kept me updated on Wabi Sabi. Wabi Sabi was 10 months old when I got her, she is the sweetest loving kitty I have ever met. You can tell Tracy loves her kitty’s. So glad I was able to get Wabi Sabi. When I get another kitty it will definitely be from Sassy Koonz.

Jessica Thompson

My Maine Coon Kitten is a complete love bug

Barrett is now known as “Simba”. Simba is a complete love bug…very vocal, and never quits purring! His vet appt went great…Vet was impressed with him and his size. He shares his love with me and Gary and our grandkids. He’s also a great traveler!

Jeanne Safro

I would highly recommend Sassy Koonz for your next kitten

Maine coon kittens

Working with Tracy was great. She’s extremely knowledgeable and caring for all of her cats. The process was seamless from the time we got on the waiting list until our kitten got home. Very professional and on point for every step of the process. There are so many breeders and options out there. I would highly recommend Sassy Koonz for your next kitten!!


Evelyn Bjornson

Our experience with Sassy Koonz was more than we could imagine

Maine coon kittens

Our experience with Sassy Koonz was more than we could imagine! Tracy choses the most beautiful cats and produces these amazing kittens. She generously shared her enthusiasm and knowledge of the breed. She answered all our questions. She cared for each kitten with love and attention. Our boy came to us clean, healthy and very well socialized. He melted into our family like he was meant to be. We can’t be more grateful to Tracy for introducing us to this fantastic kitten! Our little guy is now awaiting a little brother, only from Sassy Koonz of course. Thank you Tracy!

Shana O'Donnell

We Made the Right Choice with Sassy Koonz

Maine coon kittens

Couldn’t be happier. We went with a gut instinct to work with Tracy and Sassy Koonz despite it requiring a flight to Florida. We made the right choice though. These kittens are all so well adjusted and ready to bond immediately. No hang ups of any kind. The personality of our kitten is a joy to watch for hours (seriously) even if that sounds a little crazy mark my words you will too!

Greg zanchelli

I highly recommend Sassy Koonz to anyone looks for a new family member

Maine coon kittens for sale Texas

Tracy has been fantastic to work with!! She loves her kitties and all the babies which it obvious from the start! It’s been four days since we brought Torry home and she hasn’t missed a beat!! Never shy or uneasy about anything! Busy?? YES I highly recommend Sassy Koonz to anyone looks for a new family member!! Thanks Tracy

Yvonne Arington

I would highly recommend Sassy Koonz to anyone interested in Maine Coons

Maine coon kittens for sale

Tracy was amazing to work with! We have only had one other Maine Coon and he was local. Once we knew Walter was ours she sent weekly photos, kept us up to date with his weight and we even FaceTimed a couple of times! I would highly recommend Sassy Koonz to anyone interested in Maine Coons!

Kristi Russell

Highly recommend Tracy to anyone looking to find a high quality Maine Coon kitten

Maine coon kittens for sale Florida

My sister Jody and I purchased “Dio” , a black and white male Maine Coon from Tracy at Sassy Koonz and our experience could not have been more pleasant. Tracy’s professionalism in every aspect of the process – administratively, communication, her warmth and humor in answering our questions promptly, and sending us weekly professional photos of Dio, just one more fabulous talent Tracy has! Dio has every trait and characteristic we expected in him and more. We adore Dio and Tracy and highly recommend her as a breeder to anyone looking to fine a high quality Maine Coon kitten. Thanks Tracy and Sassy Koonz!!
Cris and Jody

Cris Harrison and Jody Georgius

We are very happy with our decision to adopt a kitten from Sassy Koonz

Black Maine coon

We are very happy with our decision to adopt a kitten from Tracy. She is extremely open and honest about everything. Her home was very clean and all the cats and kittens where in very good health! She’s extremely friendly and quick to answer any questions or concerns. We feel honored to be able to adopt one of her amazing kittens. Freddie is everything we wanted in our new fur baby we love him to pieces and couldn’t be happier!


Amber Vinz

It was a wonderful and exciting twelve-week journey getting our Maine Coon

My husband and I are grateful to Tracy Caywood of Sassy Koonz. We searched a long time for a caring and knowledgeable breeder, and we are so happy to now have two perfect, healthy, and happy fur balls—12 week old, sweet ‘Gilmour’ and 11 month old, elegant Delilah. Tracy’s experience and passion for Maine Coons can be seen in Gilmour and Delilah. They are a bundle of love, play and personality. They transitioned well into our home, too, because of how Tracy educated us and also socialized and prepared the kittens. I also can’t say enough about the excellent communication Tracy provides future guardians. From the beginning, Tracy informed us of an anticipated new litter of kittens and at birth, that Gilmour would be ours. She then followed the announcement with weekly ‘endearing’ photos and videos, and weight updates. It was a wonderful and exciting twelve-week journey. We feel we not only gained a kitten (plus Delilah) but a new friend in Tracy.

Cindy & Darrell Grimes

I cannot recommend Sassy Koonz and her Maine Coons enough

I do not even know where to start here. Tracy not only has provided myself with an OUSTANDING kitty but all the support I needed as well. I cannot recommend her, and her Maine Coons, enough!

Julia is simply AMAZING! Beautiful, so gentle and so very well mannered. It is easy to see that it was well raised from day one. Words cannot express how much of an amazing kitten than she is. Tracy did an amazing job. She genuinely love her Coons and that is why you should trust her if you decide to adopt one.

Gavino Cherchi


I bought Mystic, a Queen they were retiring. Tracy spent a lot of time talking me through the potential pro’s and con’s of getting one of her kittens (my original plan) or an adult cat and how the adjustment might work with my existing 2 year old Coon. She was very helpful and informative with no pressure. She sent me pictures and videos of her interacting with mystic so I could see her personality. I decided to get the adult cat and she was exactly as Tracy described her. She is the sweetest cat, adjusted extremely well and quickly with my current cat and the whole family adores her. She is very comfortable around guests and is a well-adjusted cat with a cool personality. Tracy’s home was impeccably clean and it is obvious all her cats are treated as loved family members. After researching breeders for several months I am extremely happy with the decision to use sassy Koonz and would use them again.

Chelle DiAngelus

My Maine Coon’s personailty is amazing

absolutely love love my Clare her personality and looks are truly amazing

Cynthia Misskerg

I would put a 10 recommendation on Sassy Koonz Maine Coon Cattery

Tracy is wonderful and informative about her cats and kittens. I love her set up for this breed. I love my kitten. I would put a 10 recommendation on Sassy Koonz Maine Coon Cattery.

Tina Darnell

Sassy Koonz Reviews are Awesome!

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