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We breed 100% European Maine Coon kittens, paying close attention to Pedigrees, health history, and genetics. Owning a big Maine Coon cat will change your life forever.

Maine Coon cats are wonderful cats for all households. They live in harmony with children, other cats, dogs, and adults. They’re known as being “dog-like” since they play fetch and love the water.

Sassy Koonz is a very small Maine Coon breeder in Florida (United States of America). With only a few breeding cats and a limited number of Maine Coon kittens for sale, we are able to produce healthy, well-socialized beautiful cats for you to enjoy as part of your family.

Deciding to adopt a Maine Coon Kitten is an exciting time! Not only for you but for everyone at Sassy Koonz.

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Expect nothing but pure excellence when you choose Sassy Koonz as the Maine Coon Breeder of your kitten

  • Five Year Health Guarantee
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Rich, Classic Colors

We put an emphasis on producing rich, classic colors such as red, white, and black Maine Coons. We also produce smokes and silvers. We strive and are constantly working on improving the breed and adhering to Maine Coon breed standards. The beautiful profile of the Maine Coon is one of the biggest features that is very important to us.

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Maine Coon Kittens from the Past

You can get an idea of the type of kitten you can expect when you look at kittens that have been produced in the past.

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My Passion

As a Maine Coon breeder, I feel that it’s important to know and love the breed in a very passionate way. Their amazing personalities coupled with their grace and regalness make them such wonderful cats to have as pets. My Maine Coon pets (Finlay, Biggie, and Omega) are my neutered Maine Coon males. They’ve never participated in any breeding program, but do share in the enthusiasm for success. You’ll certainly find their photos on this website, as well as on the Sassy Koonz Facebook Page and TikTok Account.

Sassy Koonz is one of the only registered Maine Coon breeders that offers a 5-year health guarantee

Reputation is Everything

We’re proud to be one of the most trustworthy and ethical Maine Coon breeders in the United States.

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The quality of Maine Coon Cats and Kittens that we produce is a reflection of the skill, care, and diligence in our Maine Coon Breeding Program.

This is Our Third Kitten from Sassy Koonz

Maine coon cats

We couldn’t be happier with all of them! The extra time, attention, and love Tracy puts into getting her kittens ready for their forever homes makes the process so easy and seamless. While all three of our kittens have varying degrees of Sassy personality, the one thing they have in common is how much they love absolutely everyone and everything! They are hands down some of the most loving cats I’ve ever experienced! From getting groomed, to nail trimming, to baths, Tracy has taken the time to desensitize each kitten so they’re already used to the process when they get home. In addition, Tracy has been amazingly quick to respond with help and information when we hit any snag along the way with them. We will never have the words to express our gratitude as we enjoy the fun these guys bring into our lives!

Dane Majoros

Maine Coon Kittens


Cases of Entropion


Cases of HCM


Cases of Hip Dysplasia


Cases of FIP


Cases of SMA


Cases of PKD

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) is one of the most common health problems in cats, with 10-15% of all cats being affected. There's a higher occurrence of HCM in Maine Coons, as high as 30 to 40% in cats that carry one or two of the MYBPC3 mutation gene. All of our breeding cats have been DNA tested and are NOT carriers of any HCM gene. This doesn't guarantee that your cat will not develop HCM, but it does decrease the risk.

Maine Coons are also more susceptible to developing hip dysplasia.The overall prevalence in males is 27.3% and females is 23.2%. Our breeding cats hips are screened via x-rays and graded by OFA (the Orthopedic Foundation of America). Only "Normal" hips are used in our breeding program. This reduced, but doesn't completely rule out the possibility of occurrences in the future.

Until I Discovered Maine Coons, A Cat Was Just a Cat
Maine Coon Kitten Breeder

How Big will a Maine Coon Get?

The Maine Coon cat one of the largest breeds of domestic cats, with males averaging 20 to 25 pounds and females averaging 10 to 15 pounds. Because the Maine Coon is such a big cat, people are fascinated by them. 

According to experts, these cats grew thick, long hair through natural adaptation. The same is true of their larger size (compared to other domestic breeds). They are quite different than other domestic breeds because they love water and have more dog-like intelligence. They don’t meow, but chirp instead.

Is a Maine Coon a good House Pet?

maine coon kittens for sale kitty kitty black white
Kitty Kitty 5 Weeks old

Maine Coon cats make wonderful house pets. With their large size and gentle characters, these cats are sure to please even the finickiest cat owner. 

They're known to get along well with children, other pets, and adapt to many diverse environments and households. 

If you're considering a Maine Coon as your new pet, you'll want to consider larger than average cat furniture, since these felines do grow to be bigger than the average cat.

Are Maine Coons Hard to Find?

Maine Coons can be hard to find, depending on where you're looking. It's very rare that you will go to a shelter or rescue and find a Purebred Maine Coon cat, even though some shelters will label them as such.  If you're looking for a reputable breeder who produces this amazing breed of cat, then it's a bit easier to find the kitten of your dreams.  You may find yourself on a waiting list, however since there is a very high demand for Maine Coon kittens.