Our Gorgeous Male Maine Coon Stud

Nothing says majestic like a male Maine Coon. They personify what this breed is all about. The male main Coon grows considerably larger than the female Maine Coon, reaching weight between 18 and 25 pounds when fully mature.

we looked long and hard at many different male Maine Coons looking for the perfect guy to be the resident stud here at the Sassy Koonz  cattery. Since we’re planning to stay small, we will only house one male Maine a Coon at a time.  He will be the sure for each one of our female Maine Coons in our breeding program.

Sassy Koonz is committed to producing big strong healthy European Maine Coon kittens for our future Guardians. We are confident that Our Sire(s) has everything that we need to be able to accomplish very good results.

Introducing “Illuminati”, the Sire of Sassy Koonz

Maine coon male

The Beast

Black Classic Tabby Male

Click here to see Illuminati’s Profile 

As a kitten, we’ll update the photos about every 60 days. As a kitten, they change so much and so rapidly. Updated photos are always fascinating when you see a kitten develop into a wonderful male Maine Coon cat.

Before we know it, Illuminati will be all grown up and helping us produce the beautiful healthy kittens that we’ve been waiting on for a long time




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