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Most of your questions asked about Maine Coon Cats, Kittens, or Sassy Koonz Maine Coon Cattery are answered here. Thank you for being a fan of Sassy Koonz Maine Coon Kittens!

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Questions about Sassy Koonz

It’s very rare that you’ll be able to visit the website and find any available Maine Coon Kittens. You can always check the Maine Coon Kittens page and see if any kittens are under observation (maybe released), have planned release dates, or are expected in the future.

We pride ourselves on integrity and ethics. The skill, care, and diligence that is poured into every kitten that is produced in our Maine Coon cattery is obvious. We love these kittens wholeheartedly for the first several months so that you can love them for the rest of their lives!

Sassy Koonz Maine Coon Cattery is one out of only thirty-two registered catteries in the United States that has been awarded the Outstanding Cattery Award!

To earn this award, a licensed veterinarian pays an on-site visit to the cattery and does a full inspection of the premises, the condition of the cats, cleanliness, and environmental factors.

Check to see if another breeder is on the Outstanding Cattery list

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We take great pride in the selection process for our Maine Coon babies. Every applicant is pre-screened before being approved to adopt one of our kittens. Every kitten that leaves our Maine Coon cattery will go to what we feel is the very best home. There are several hundred people on our Approved Guardians list, but it’s not a “waiting list” like most breeders have. Both males and females are delightful to have as pets.

The Maine Coon cat is the largest domestic cat breed, which draws a lot of deserved attention to this breed. Everyone who has been approved has an equal chance at adopting one of our Maine Coon kittens when they become available. T

his adoption process has worked out to be the best method for us, the babies, as well as our Guardians. It also allows you to continue looking for a kitten from other breeders and doesn’t lock you into one cattery for months and months.

We have several options on getting first pick of a litter, second pick, and more creative ways that you can always have the chance of reserving a Sassy koonz baby, even if you just discovered us.

Our Maine Coon Kittens start at $5,500 [Pets] – Breeding rights are $7,900 to registered and approved catteries only.

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We’re honored that you want to add one of our kittens to your home. We have a simple process that you can review on our Maine Coon Adoption Process page.

Sassy Koonz is a small cattery and only has 30-40 kittens per year, so we understand if you’re not willing to wait or if you find another baby that you love. It’s all about everyone finding the Maine Coon of their dreams, and being happy with their decision.

Sassy Koonz Maine Coon Cattery is a dual registered cattery with TICA and CFA since 2017. All kittens are sold under the TICA registry unless requested by the new owner to be listed in CFA.

Sassy Koonz Maine Coon Cattery is located in Jacksonville, FL. If you live outside of that area, we offer white glove delivery service by car or plane. Our first-class travel nannies will accompany your kitten from when it leaves the nursery until it’s in your arms.

If you’re coming to pick up your Maine Con kitten, please read these tips about traveling with a cat.

We keep an archive of all of our Maine Coon kittens. Feel free to click through their albums to see age progressions photos. 

If you’re looking for photos of new kittens, we post their first photos when they’re around 5 weeks old. You can always visit our Maine Coon Kittens for Sale page to see which parents are expecting, and if we have kittens on the groung.

General Maine Coon Questions

Maine coon cats are the largest domesticated breed of cat. Once fully mature, males will be 20 to 25 pounds. Female Maine Coons are smaller, with an average weight of 12 to 15 pounds. Read this article for more info about Maine Coon weight:

Maine Coons are a hardy breed of cat. The average life expectancy of a Maine Coon is 12 to 15 years old. The oldest Maine Coon, named Rubble, lived to be 31 years old.

Maine Coons are also known as the dog-like cat. They play fetch, follow their owners around and are very loyal companions. In addition, they also get along very well with dogs, small children and other cats.

Maine Coons are not hypoallergenic. In fact, they have extra long fur that needs regular grooming. Check out some grooming tips for Maine Coon cats.

Maine Coons have a very social, well-mannered temperament. They blend in well with family members, and activities. They’re highly intelligent and most of the time quite the goofballs.

Maine Coons are sweet and friendly cats. They’ve earned their nickname the “gentle giant” for being very large, somewhat intimidating cat but very loving and friendly.

Maine Coons cats, just like any other cat, is an obligate carnivore. They do best with a diet that is high in protein.

How often you bathe your Maine Coon will depend on your grooming habits, as well as those of the cat. Certain coat textures can benefit from more regular baths. A regular bath, blow-dry and comb out is recommended for your Maine Coon about every 6 months. Daily grooming is essential for a healthy coat.

Maine Coon cats are very slow to mature. They’re not considered fully grown until they’re 5 years old.

Maine Coons shed their fur. This happens more in the spring and summer months, and then they regain a full dress in the fall and winter. This coat helps to keep them warm in the cold and snow. Their foot tufts are also designed for cold weather.

Generally speaking, Maine Coons have a slight infatuation with water. most of them will splash in the sink or the tub and chase the water going down the faucet.

A Maine Coon is the most popular cat breed in the world. There is a very high demand for a big, beautiful healthy Maine Coon Kitten. It’s also very expensive to raise kittens and properly manage a Maine Coon Cattery.

The Maine Coon breed is a very affectionate cat. They love to be with their humans, and in the social spotlight. Kittens have a lot of energy and would prefer to spend their time chasing balls and running through paper tunnels. Once they wear down, they’re happy to hop up on the couch with you become a wonderful lap cat. The older a Maine Coon gets, the more they enjoy sleeping and cuddling with their owners.

Maine Coons do like to sleep with their owners. Due to their large size, you may have to upgrade your mattress size to accommodate your furry loves. They like to snuggle with their owners starting from very young Maine Coon kittens until they’re full-sized kitty cats.

Some of them will sleep on your pillow and make biscuits in your hair, even if you don’t want them to!