From the start of my relationship with SassyKoonz they have been knowledge, responsive and kind.

After my old man maine coon passing I watched SassyKoonz page from the sidelines until I was done grieving and ready for a new MC. The applications process was straightforward and very in depth. After I was approved I decided to go the “Lap of Luxury” route, I wanted a certain kitty dad who recently retired. When I tell you the adoption process is luxurious, I’m not joking. We have been treated like royalty! All our questions were answered. We were sent lots of updates and pics. Even got a FaceTime with our kitten. LOVED the kitty nanny/courier service!

This family is by far the kindest and most ethical breeder I have ever met.

We will remain in the SassyKoonz family for life! Thank you so much for filling the Maine Coon hole in my heart!