Innuendo nka Elvis

I spent weeks researching main coon cats and kittens before deciding on Sassy Koonz. My experience with Tracy, Sassy Koonz, and ultimately my really kool new friend Innuendo AKA Elvis was and is amazing. Elvis is extremely even tempered. When he landed here in Greensboro NC the travel nanny opened the carrier. I was freaked thinking “What cat would not jump out and run away?”
Elvis sat happily in his carrier cool as a cucumber.
I have 5 dogs ranging in size from a 11 lb Shitzu to a 125 lb Golden. Elvis is, after 3 days, in control. He simply completes my family with his charm and intelligence. Tracy is supportive, responsible, and funny. She answered every question within minutes and continues to lend her expertise and friendship to me and my family. Kudos to anyone for choosing Sassy Koonz. This experience has enriched our lives.