Most Kind Hearted Breeder I’ve Ever Had the Pleasure to Meet

If you’re reading these reviews, chances are you’re considering adding a Maine Coon kitten to your family. I can honestly tell you there is no reason to look any further. Tracy, the Head Guardian (owner) of Sassy Koonz, is the most knowledgeable, professional, and kind hearted breeder I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. It’s obvious how much she loves her cats and she goes to great lengths to ensure their health and socialization. After I chose Bossa Nova as the kitten that I wanted, the fun really started. Tracy sent me pictures and videos frequently so I got to actually watch Bossa Nova grow! I loved having a FaceTime video chat with Tracy and Bossa Nova. Now my kitten is home and because of the deep love she puts into her breeding program I have my “dream come true” kitten. He’s perfect in every way and I hope you chose a Sassy Koonz kitten so you can have your dream come true, too.