Caring for Your Maine Coon

adopt a retired maine coon

Adopt a Retired Maine Coon

Have you thought about adopting a retired Maine Coon? This article will explain why breeders retire their cats and adoption benefits.

How to Photograph Kittens and Cats

Capturing the essence of a beautiful kitten in a photograph is something to behold! They’re so full of life, love, and personality. To be able to bottle,all of that up into one camera frame can be, well…quite challenging. When I first started looking at Maine Coon kittens online, I noticed two types of photographs being …

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Raising A Healthy Cat

Raising a Healthy Cat We all want to know what it means to be raising a healthy cat. Cats are stoic by nature, and even in their worst of times, we can’t always tell if something is wrong with them. While this strong personality is something we admire about our feline friends, it’s also something …

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Ten Additional Items You Need To Go with Your Maine Coon Kitten

A Maine Coon Kitten is ridiculously cute. The excitement of bringing home your new baby after the long wait sometimes leaves you so flabbergasted. There are so many things you need to buy and have ready for when your kitten comes home. Some of the usual things are easy to remember. Litter Litter box [I …

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