The Sassy Koonz Maine Coon Kitten adoption process is very different from other breeders. We have a very high demand for our kittens, so we’ve created several programs that give everyone the same opportunity to get a kitten, regardless of when you discover us.

What is the process of adopting a Maine Coon cat?

The process of adopting a Maine Coon cat from a breeder is relatively simple. It starts with an application for a kitten. Once approved, you then decide which kitten you want to add to your family. Then you pay a deposit to reserve the kitten. Finally, arrangements are made to bring your new kitten home.

maine coon kitten adoption crow black torbie white stripes
“Crow” 9 Week Old Maine Coon [RESERVED]

We Have An Innovative Adoption Process

Sassy Koonz has several programs available for getting one of our Maine Coon kittens.

Without a “waiting list”, we are able to offer pick of the litter, and first come , first serve reservation opportunities to enthusiastic owners.

Once you’ve completed a kitten application and become approved, you’ll be provided with all of the information you need to make a decision about what buying program is right for you.

Become a Pre-Approved Future Guardian

The first step in getting a Sassy Koonz kitten is to complete the Maine Coon Kitten Application. If you’re approved, you’ll receive a username and password that will allow you to login to the Sassy Koonz website.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to watch a video and find information that explains the different programs that are available for our Maine Coon kittens.

Reserve your Favorite Sassy Koonz Kitten

The reservation process is seamless and easy. Depending on which of our innovative programs you decide on will determine when and how you get to choose a kitten. We guide you through the reservation process and make it an experience that you’ll remember forever.

Arrange Delivery/Pickup of Your Kitten

Your Maine Coon Kitten can go to its new home between the age of 11-12 weeks old. We’ll arrange a delivery date a couple of weeks in advance so that you can prepare your home for your new Maine Coon kitten.

You can pick your kitten up in Jacksonville Beach, Florida at no charge. We also offer personal delivery options via vehicle as well as airplane for an additional fee.

Maine Coon Adoption Checklist

Adopting the Maine Coon cat breed and bringing it to your home is a big commitment. We want to help you be well-prepared for the responsibility of owning a Maine Coon cat. Here a few tips that will help you get ready for your new addition.

  • Learn About the Breed: Spend some time researching the Maine Coon cat, including its physical characteristics, personality, colors, grooming needs, and dietary needs. Make sure that this is the right cat for you and your family. Our blog is a great place to research facts about Maine Coons.
  • Space and Accommodations for your Cat: Maine Coons are generally very large in size, so they require “extra” space and bigger kitty furniture. The cat trees that are sold in the pet stores usually are too small for a Maine Coon. Stainless Steel water bowls are a good choice. It takes a little bit of shopping to find just the right size of everything for your kitty. It’s kind of like shopping for someone who is big and tall.
  • How Much Time Do You Have For Your Cat? Maine Coon cats are very social cats. Make sure that you have time for socialization, cuddling, affection, grooming and playtime every day for your cat. Spending adequate time with them will ensure a happy and confident cat.
  • Can You Afford a Maine Coon? Any new pet will incur new monthly expenses. Your budget should allow for high quality food, toys, supplies and pet insurance. A fund should be set aside for veterinary care and/or emergencies if needed.
  • Veterinarian: Do some research and try to find a vet that specializes in Maine Coon cats, or at least cats in general. Schedule regular check-ups with your vet to make sure your cat stays in to health throughout its life.
  • Grooming: Maine Coons have long hair that needs regular brushing and grooming. Obtain the proper tools and set aside 2 to 3 times per week to groom your cat. This will keep the coat healthy and prevent matting.
  • Litter Box: Your coonie will require an extra large litter box in spacious area. Daily scooping of the waste from the box is essential to maintain good litter box habits. If you have more than one cat, then one box per cat is recommended.
maine coon kittens
Darling Nikki: 9 Weeks Old Maine Coon [RESERVED]
adopt a maine coon kitten red i am legend
I Am Legend: 4 Weeks Old [RESERVED]

Is there a Difference Between Adopting and Buying?

We use the word “adopt” for our kittens because we treat each family like they’re adopting a new child. Our kittens and cats are never free. There will always be a fee associated with one of our cats, regardless of the age or health condition.

Are you considering other breeders to get your Maine Coon Kitten from? Here’s a helpful checklist on How to Choose the Best Maine Coon Breeder.

NOTICE: If you’re interested in a Sassy Koonz Maine Coon Kitten, the best way to get notified about available kittens is to get on our Approved Guardians list. Our kittens are never made available to the public in a random fashion.

Maine Coon Cats for Adoption

We’ve taken extra steps to ensure that our breeding parents are 100% healthy before pairing them. This means each parent owned by Sassy Koonz, male and female, have had full genetic DNA profiles performed on them, checking for Blood Type and 33 Genetic Risks in this breed. We strive to use only the highest quality cats in our Maine Coon Breeding program.

Tests and results for each parent of the kittens can be found on their individual web pages. All Sires and Dams in our breeding program are free from HCM, SMA, PK, FIV, and FELV.

If you’re interested in adopting a retiree, complete the application first and indicate your desire for an adult/retiree.