The Entire Experience has Been Amazing

The entire experience and relationship formed with SassyKoonz has been amazing from submitting an application to getting our sweet girl.

This was our first experience ever with going through a breeder to get a kitten so we weren’t sure what to expect. We were blown away with the process and communication with how professional yet personal SassyKoonz is. The application process was a straightforward process + quick, and once approved, we signed up for text messages for when the kittens were available to be adopted. I LOVE how you can keep up with the kittens on their Facebook page and see them as they grow prior to this.

We received the text about Jacky and I have never reserved something so fast in my life! SUCH an exciting moment for us. Once we adopted Jacky, everything we needed to know and more was sent to us through email. Any questions we had we could easily reach out to SassyKoonz and get a response right away. We then had a FaceTime call with our new kitten (SO exciting!!), got all of our questions answered, and Mallory and Tracy went over everything and what the coming weeks would look like.

We choose the route of using Derek, the amazing travel nanny SassyKoonz uses, to have Jacky delivered to us. She traveled in style with food, a litter box, and toys. Derek arrived right on time and that moment of seeing Jacky for the first time is for sure a core memory for us. She even came with her own carrier and the cutest print of her paw print.

Since our drop off date a few weeks ago, SassyKoonz has kept in touch checking in with us and our Maine Coon kitten. The experience and service they provided blew us away. If you’re wondering what breeder to go with when it comes to adding a Maine Coon kitten to your home, I can’t recommend SassyKoonz enough!