Orange Man Brings Joy to My Life

My adventure into Maine Cat ownership was a long one. I was looking for very specific features (Orange and White) and was almost conned by the usual fake suspects looking for the “cheaper” solution. Realizing all the potential pit-falls of trying to save a buck on something I was so specifically looking for, I went to the TICA website and just started at the top of the Registry, going state by state, looking for my ideal kitten.

I found him at Sassy Koonz and instantly fell in love with “Orange Man“. Without getting into politics at all – I will say that it was instant Karma! I followed the application process and crossed my fingers. When I was approved, I was beyond excited. Tracy fed my impatience with regular updates and photos. Sent me all his vet records and proof of registry. When my husband and I flew from Texas to Florida to pick up Orange Man, it was on my birthday.

It was great to sit down with Tracy in her wonderful home and see their cattery. I really felt like I was given a gift rather than engaging in a transaction. After 2020 crazy, getting Orange Man was just a wonderful blessing to our family. I had read that Maine Coons are different, but I don’t really think I appreciated just how much. He is such a chill little wack job of a kitty. To say he is a clown in an understatement.

My sister decided that a kitten needs a friend and gave me another little regular kitty at Christmas. I have to say, I don’t think the experience of ownership would be the same without having the pair. They have bonded completely and offer us endless hours of amusement as they wrestle, chase balls of paper, climb every surface they can find and scoff at our two Corgi dogs. Orange Man Bad and Melania will continue to bring joy everyday to my life and I have Sassy Koonz and her utter empathy to my emotional need for this cat. Thank you!