We Are Over the Moon Pleased

Tracy (Sassy Koonz) has provided us with the two most amazing Maine Coon kittens I could ever have dreamed of. After 16 years of searching for my perfect little red Maine Coon boy from a good breeder, I was blessed to have found Tracy. Everything about her and her business is top-notch. She’s the best combination of professional and personable.

I learned so much from her very well-done extensive website, blogs and social media. Her transparency in sharing photos and videos of her beautiful cattery was so appreciated since we’re too far away to actually go and inspect everything ourselves. Tracy not only shared all of her knowledge and expertise answering my endless questions, but she also was so empathetic with my level of feelings involved in finding my perfect cat of my dreams (I Am Legend, now Roary), along with a bonus cat who I didn’t even know how badly I needed (Zombie, now Remy). The entire process from initial application to our seamless delivery via her amazing cat nanny was just perfect, keeping us continually updated with new photos and information.

We have had our kittens in our home for less than a week, and from the first 5 minutes, they have shown us just how confident, healthy, happy and well-adjusted they are. That is 100% due to the care and love and extensive work socializing these kittens that Tracy has put into each and every kitten. We are over-the-moon pleased with these two precious new additons to our family, and can never thank Tracy enough.