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Maine Coon Colors and Patterns

Maine Coon cats are available in over 84 colors and pattern variations.  Isn’t this fantastic news? As a result, most pet owners don’t realize all of the different options when it comes to the purebred Maine Coon Cat. The table below shows all of the color combinations along with the corresponding color codes that you can see from a Maine Coon Kitten.

As you’re checking out the photos of the gorgeous Maine Coon colors, there are a few things interesting to remember.  Male kittens always obtain both color genes from their mother. The male offspring in a litter will always be either the color of the mother or the dilute form of mom’s color. Furthermore, female kittens will be a combination of both parent’s colors. Knowing this information, it’s easy to predict the expected colors of kittens from the parents.

There’s plenty of information to read about feline genetics and how Maine Coons get their colors and patterns on the CFA website.

Black Maine Coon

The solid black Maine Coon has a universally black coat. Remarkably, his nose pads whiskers and paw pads may also be black. This color isn’t very common, but it is certainly a beautiful sight to behold. Owners of black Maine coons will refer to them as “black panthers”. It is undesirable to have a white locket in a solid black coat. Our black Maine Coon kittens include: Freddie, Prince Of Darkness and Hitman.

Black and White Maine Coon

The black and white Maine Coon is usually classified as a bi-color. The distribution of white can be very small, like a white locket on the chest. It can also be in abundance, creating a “van” pattern. When we speak of any cat “with white” or “bi-color”, it is indicated by the amount of white that can be seen on the cat. White is a spotting gene.

Our black and white Maine Coons include: Trumpy Bear, Dio, Sleepy Joe and Moby Dick.

Black Smoke Maine Coon

When we refer to the “smoke” color in a Maine Coon cat, we’re actually referring to the silver undercoat that is seen on a solid color cat. It’s not always easy to detect a smoke undercoat in kittens, as this can develop and become more prominent with age.  It’s usually detected by checking the roots of the hair shaft in the cat. A true smoke color will have silver roots to the hair shaft. Black smoke is the most popular color of smokes. However, there are many other beautiful smoke colored variations.

Our black smoke Maine Coons include : Zakk, Miss May, Spike, and Hazey

NOTE: The silver coat in a solid colored Maine Coon is referred to as smoke. In a tabby cat, it’s referred to as silver. It’s the same gene that produces this color. It’s called the silver inhibitor.

Black Smoke and White

Black Classic Tabby

There’s something so regal and beautiful about a Black Classic Tabby Maine Coon. This very traditional look is the most sought-after Maine Coon color. They also have the highest win rate at the TICA Cat shows. This cat presents a black cost with warm brown swirls as its pattern. Some people will refer to the pattern as a”Bullseye” pattern since you can see a perfectly round spot in the ribcage area. The black classic tabby is also known as the brown tabby, and some will call him “marble”.j

Black Tabby with White

Black Silver Tabby

The black silver tabby Maine Coon can have one of multiple patterns: Classic, mackerel, spotted, or ticked.

Black Silver Tabby with White

Black Silver Torbie

Black Torbie

Black Torbie with White

Black Tortie

The black tortie Maine Coon is a crowd pleaser. With her dark mysterious black coat, highlighted with fiery red, she is sure to have a tortietude. This coat is considered a “solid” coat, also known as non-agouti, since there are no tabby markings on a tortie.

Black Tortie with White (Calico)

A black tortie with white is the technical term for a calico Maine Coon. When one of the parents carries the white spotting gene, and would normally produce black torties, they can now add a new element in with calico.

Black Smoke Tortie

Ah yes, the black smoke tortie. Imagine a very beautiful black tortie with a white undercoat. One that makes her shine almost with a brilliant silvery glimmer. This would be the black smoke tortie.

Red Maine Coon

The red Mine Coon is another large crowd favorite. They speak more to the lovers of traditional colors, and capture the hearts of ginger lovers across the globe. Red coats can be challenging to identify if you’re not familiar with the markings of a solid red. Due to their ghost markings (they appear to be that of a tabby) you can easily mistake them for a red tabby. To clearly identify a solid red Maine Coon, look at the lining of the ears. They should be red, not white. Additionally solid red Maine Coons do not have the white muzzle. If you’re unsure about whether you have a solid red or a red tabby Maine Coon, you can check the pedigree. If both parents are non-agouti, then solid red is the only possibility.

Red with White Maine Coons

Red Tabby with White Maine Coon

Red Silver Maine Coons

Red Silver Maine Coons are simply magnificent. They reduce the richness of the red color in the coat by adding a sparkly silver undercoat. In order to produce red silvers, at least one parent must have the inhibitor gene. This is a dominant trait and will be passed down to the kittens.

Red Smoke Maine Coon

red smoke maine coon kittens
Finneas – 9 Weeks Old [RESERVED]

Red Smoke and White Maine Coons

Cream Tabby Maine Coon

cream tabby maine coon
Mr. B – 5 Weeks Old [RESERVED]

Let’s have a look at some of the bicolor possibilities and white spotting grade charts when it comes to Maine Coons.

Source of Image: (Permission was granted to use this image)

White Maine Coon

Like the black maine coon, the white maine coon is a rare find. Both majestic and beautiful, the white maine coon is easy on the eyes. There’s something very angelic about a solid white coonie.

Blue Maine Coon

Blue is a diluted version of black. In order for a kitten to be a blue or a variation of blue, both parents must be of blue color, or carry the dilute gene.

Blue Smoke Maine Coon

Blue Smoke and White

Blue Silver Tabby with White Maine Coon

Examples of Maine Coon Colors

Blue Silver Tabby [as 22]
blue silver tabby Maine Coon
Blue Tortie with White [g 09]
Sassy Koonz Blue Tortie with White Kittens:
pretty maine coons
Blue Smoke Tortie [gs]blue smoke tortie
Blue Torbie[We need a blue torbie Maine Coon Image]
Blue Silver Torbie[We need a blue silver torbie Maine Coon Image]
Cream Smoke [es]
Sassy Koonz Cream Smoke Kittens:
maine coon colors cream smoke
Cream [e] with White
Sassy Koonz Cream Tabby with White Kittens:
creme tabby white maine coon
Cream Silver Tabby ]es 22][We need a cream silver tabby Maine Coon Image]

All of the photos on this website are being used with permission from their owners:

If you’re in love with any of the Maine Coon colors that you see on this page (there’s alot to choose from) then head over to our available kittens page and see if your favorite color is available. If you have your eye on a certain color and you’re hoping to get a kitten from one of your preferred Maine Coon Breeders, then talk them about what colors they can produce and make sure that they have what you’re looking for!

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  1. Oh, how I’ve enjoyed your blog! My darling companion of 18 wonderful years (a tuxedo cat) just passed. I happened on your post about the Cattery you and your husband made,, just lovely.
    Also , looked at these magnificent beings you have raised.
    Thank you for sharing . The loss of my darling Tate has been agonizing and it was healing to see such loved a cared for cats. I can’t complain truly Tate never was sick for 18 years and was the king of all he surveyed! I miss him terribly.
    Thanks so much,

  2. I would love to get a wall poster showing all the different colors of the Maine Coon. Do you know where I can Find one? Thank you,Alice

  3. My new kitty is listed as n 22 03. His back is truly black but front view he is such the brown tabby. I love your listing of colors it was exactly what I googled and did not expect to find. Harley has white chest, paws and paws plus a white tummy. I would love if you could a photo of him.

  4. Love your website! Such great information! I’ve been looking for a Maine Coon girl (like your Tiffany) for years! Currently have two beautiful girls, Lulu and Bagheera (not Maine Coon), they’re spoiled rotten? I’m in Tallahassee.

  5. I love your website! I’ve had many of my questions answered just by reading it. Tha k you!
    I have one question. …what does “Pale” mean in the maine coons coloring? My breedee has said my kitten is a Pale Silver Tortie.

    1. There are several different shades of silver. “Pale” means that they are a lighter than average shade of silver – or that more of the hair shaft is silver, giving them a “pale” appearance.

  6. Yes thatโ€™s what Iโ€™ve been told! Thank you for responding! Nice to know I have somewhere to come with my Maine Coon questions.

  7. Hi, my latest rescue, Ruffles is definitely a MC, just not sure what color….she is definitely part tabby and has huge floofy feet and orange splotches on her back mixed with light/dark gray, beige, white, black tones overall. She has the big neck shawl and chortles like they do. I’d love you to see a couple pics of her…..can I send? Would love your opinion. We love MCs and have had several others (rescues). Her colors are baffling. White chest, stomach, tip of tail, splotchy back. tabby face etc etc. Your kitties are so beautiful….

  8. Hello, we adopted a female MC that looks like 2 cats in one! Her face is classic MC tabby, black/gray//beige/etc with the classic “M” on her forehead. Her back however is very mottled with colors including copper/brown/black/beige in a very mottled pattern, not big patches. Her name is now “Ruffles” and she was in a shelter for over 2 months! She has a huge/long mostly light-gray ruffle around her neck and huge hairy paws. Her weight is pretty small, say under 9#. I’ve been trying to figure out what color she would be called; I was thinking dilute MC tortoise shell. Does that sound right?
    I love looking at your babies SO MUCH!

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