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Maine Coon Colors

Maine Coon Colors and Patterns are Simply Gorgeous

Maine Coon cats are available in over 84 colors and pattern variations.  Isn’t this fantastic news? As a result, most pet owners don’t realize all of the different options when it comes to the Maine Coon Cat. The table below shows all of the color combinations along with the corresponding color codes that you can see from a Maine Coon Kitten.

As you’re checking out the photos that we’ve found of some of the different colors, there are a few things interesting to remember as far as genetics are concerned.  Male kittens always obtain both color genes from their mother. The male offspring in a litter will always be either the color of the mother or the dilute form of mom’s color. Furthermore, female kittens will be a combination of both parent’s colors. Knowing this information, it’s easy to predict the expected colors of kittens from the parents.

More Information about Feline Genetics

There’s plenty of information to read about feline genetics and how Maine Coons get their colors and patterns on the CFA website.

NOTE: If you don’t see a photo example of one of the colors listed below it’s because I’m still searching for a good photo from one of the catteries that have allowed me to use their photos.  Eventually, I will have great examples of every color option available right here on this post. Do you have a beautiful photo of your Maine Coon cat in one of the missing colors that you’ll allow me to use here? Please send me a message and let me know.

Solid/Smoke Colors

Solid colors have no pattern (obviously). Black and Blue torties are a combination of solid colors.  A solid white cat is masking another color, usually the color of the parent.

When we refer to the “smoke” color in a Maine Coon cat, we’re actually referring to the silver undercoat that is seen on a solid color cat. It’s not always easy to detect a smoke undercoat in kittens, as this can develop and become more prominent with age.  It’s usually detected by checking the roots of the hair shaft in the cat. A true smoke color will have silver roots to the hair shaft.

NOTE: The silver coat in a solid colored Maine Coon is referred to as smoke. In a tabby cat, it’s referred to as silver.

  • Black [n] – FOR FUN: Crazy article about The Black Cat Superstition
  • Blue [a]
  • Red [d]
  • Cream [e]
  • Black Tortie [f]
  • Blue Tortie [g]
  • White Blue Eyes [w 61]
  • White Orange Eyes [w 63]
  • White Odd Eyes [w 63]
  • White Green Eyes [w 64]
  • Black Smoke [ns]
  • Blue Smoke [as]
  • Black Tortie Smoke [fs]
  • Blue Tortie Smoke [gs]
  • Red Smoke [ds]
  • Cream Smoke [es]

Classic Tabby/Silver Colors

There’s something so regal and beautiful about a Classic Tabby Maine Coon. The tabbies are the most sought after Maine Coon colors.

  • Black Classic Tabby (Brown) [n 22]
  • Blue Classic Tabby [a 22]
  • Red Classic Tabby [d 22]
  • Cream Classic Tabby [e 22]
  • Tortie Classic Tabby [f 22]
  • Blue Tortie Classic Tabby [g 22]
  • Black Silver Classic Tabby [ns 22]
  • Blue Silver Classic Tabby [as 22]
  • Red Silver Classic Tabby [ds 22]
  • Cream Silver Classic Tabby [es 22]
  • Black Silver Classic Tortie Tabby [fs 22]
  • Blue Silver Classic Tortie Tabby [gs 22]


Mackerel Tabby Colors

  • Black Mac Tabby (Brown) [n 23]
  • Blue Mac Tabby [a 23]
  • Red Mac Tabby [d 23]
  • Cream Mac Tabby [e 23]
  • Tortie Mac Tabby [f 23]
  • Blue Mac Tabby [g 23]

Silver Mackerel Tabby Colors

  • Black Silver Mac Tabby [ns 23]
  • Blue Silver Mac Tabby [as 23]
  • Red Silver Mac Tabby [ds 23]
  • Cream Silver Mac Tabby [es 23]
  • Tortie Silver Mac Tabby [fs 23]
  • Blue Tortie Silver Mac Tabby [gs 23]

Silver Shaded Tabby Colors

  • Black Silver Shaded Tabby [ns 11]
  • Blue Silver Shaded Tabby [as 11]
  • Red Silver Shaded Tabby [ds 11]
  • Cream Silver Shaded Tabby [es 11]
  • Tortie Silver Shaded Tabby [fs 11]
  • Blue Tortie Silver Shaded Tabby [gs 11]

For cats with white patches on their chest, paws, and paws, the color code 09 will be added. Since this indicates “white”. Kitties with larger amounts of white (up to around 50%) the code is 03. Cats that exhibit a very large amount of white, above 50%, the code 02 is used, described as harlequin. Maine Coons that only show color around the ears and tail, the code for van should be used.

Below are some examples of Maine Coon colors with white.


All of the photos on this website are being used with permission from their owners:

Rhonda Lund at Hissy Fit Cattery
Victoria Rusina at Maine Coon Cattery Ethereal
Katrin Demitz of Big Hannibals Maine Coons

If you’re in love with any of the colors that you see on this page (there’s alot to choose from) then head over to our available kittens page and see if your favorite color is available. If you have your eye on a certain color and you’re hoping to get a kitten from one of your preferred Maine Coon Breeders, then talk them about what colors they can produce and make sure that they have what you’re looking for!

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  1. Oh, how I’ve enjoyed your blog! My darling companion of 18 wonderful years (a tuxedo cat) just passed. I happened on your post about the Cattery you and your husband made,, just lovely.
    Also , looked at these magnificent beings you have raised.
    Thank you for sharing . The loss of my darling Tate has been agonizing and it was healing to see such loved a cared for cats. I can’t complain truly Tate never was sick for 18 years and was the king of all he surveyed! I miss him terribly.
    Thanks so much,

  2. I would love to get a wall poster showing all the different colors of the Maine Coon. Do you know where I can Find one? Thank you,Alice

  3. My new kitty is listed as n 22 03. His back is truly black but front view he is such the brown tabby. I love your listing of colors it was exactly what I googled and did not expect to find. Harley has white chest, paws and paws plus a white tummy. I would love if you could a photo of him.

  4. Love your website! Such great information! I’ve been looking for a Maine Coon girl (like your Tiffany) for years! Currently have two beautiful girls, Lulu and Bagheera (not Maine Coon), they’re spoiled rotten? I’m in Tallahassee.

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