Maine Coon Size Chart

Are you looking for a Maine Coon size chart to compare the size of your kitten to others? Many people are mesmerized by the size of mature Maine Coon cats. They are the largest domestic house cats.

Many new Maine Coon owners wonder how their new kitten compares in size to others. It’s hard to guess how much one weighs from looking at a photograph. There are many tricks used to make their Maine Coons look larger than life. Really, the only way to know for sure is to adopt a Maine Coon kitten and watch him grow into a big beautiful adult.

The data shown in this article has been compiled from actual Maine Coon Kittens and cats, some being tracked from kitten ages to adults. This will help determine the “average” weights that you can expect based on the gender and age of your cat.

The following Maine Coon Size Chart is separated into several sections:

Male Maine Coon Weight Chart

Name4 Mos6 Mos1 Year2 Years3 Years4 Years5 Years
Finlay4.8 8.814.815.816.517.819
The weights on this Maine Coon size chart are taken from males, ages 4 months to 5 years old.
Any missing data would indicate that the cat participating in this Maine Coon size chart is not old enough to collect the data for the table yet.

Female Maine Coon Weight Chart

Name4 mos6 Mos1 Year2 Years3 years4 Years
Lilly Anne6.68.311.512.8RetiredRetired
Zsa Zsa5.98.111.71216Retired
The weights on this Maine Coon size chart are taken from females, ages 4 months to 5 years old.
Any missing data would indicate that the cat participating in this Maine Coon size chart is not old enough to collect the date for the table yet.

Are Male Maine Coons Bigger than Females?

While it may be true that a male Maine Coon will be considerably larger tha a female, it is possible that a female will grow to be as big. This will depend on the genetics and the lines being used for breeding. It’s hard to predict how big your Maine Coon kitten will be upon maturity.

There’s a significant between the size of male and female Maine Coons. In the photo below you’ll see a female Maine Coon at 12 pounds, and a Male Maine Coon at 19 pounds. You’ll see her size compared to him. This is what you can expect from the average-sized Maine Coon.

maine coon size chart
Female Maine Coon on left (12 Pounds) Male Maine Coon on right (19 pounds).

Maine Coon Kitten Size Charts

The charts below track the weight of kittens from birth to 8 weeks old. Enough data was collected to have a good idea of the average weights of Maine Coon kittens. Even a large size cat has sweet little baby sizes infants. Therefore, the size of a Maine Coon Kitten hasn’t a direct effect on the size when they’re fully grown.

Maine Coon Size Chart – Boy Kittens

Kitten NameBirth Weight1 Week2 Weeks4 Weeks6 Weeks8 Weeks
Gilmour4.7 oz9 oz13.3 oz1.7 lb2 lb3 lb
Freddie4.7 oz9.7 oz15.2 oz1.8 lb2.10 lb3.8 lb
Dio4.1 oz8.9 oz10.6 oz1.3 lb1.7 lb2 lb
Dimebag4.7 oz8.9 oz13.9 oz1.5 lb1.14 lb2.9 lb
Floyd4.0 oz8.8 oz10.7 oz1.7 lb2.5 lb3.4 lb
Syd4.2 oz8.7 oz10.7 oz1.12 lb2.7 lb3.6 lb
Spike4.2 oz8.5 oz11.6 oz1.3 lb2.4 lb3.8 lb
Lambert4.5 oz8.4 oz12.2 oz1.8 lb 2.3 lb3 lb
Bad Boy5.3 oz9.8 oz1 lb2 lb2.8 lb4 lb
Barchetta5.6 oz10.5 lb1.2 lb2.2 lb3 lb4.2 lb
AVERAGE4.6 oz9.12 oz13.1 oz1.7 lb2.3 lb3.4 lb

Maine Coon Size Chart – Girl Kittens

Kitten NameBirth Weight1 Week2 Weeks4 Weeks6 Weeks8 Weeks
Pink3.5 oz8 oz12 oz1.1 lb1.9 lb2.3 lb
Clare4.4 oz8.7 oz13.4 oz1.4 lb2.4 lb3 lb
Julia Dream 4.3 oz9.3 oz13.2 oz1.6 lb1.14 lb2.9 lb
Sweet Leaf4.2 oz8.9 oz11.6 oz1.3 lb1.14 lb2.5 lb
Torry3.6 oz7.3 oz10.8 oz1.2 lb1.6 lb2 lb
Clover4.0 oz8 oz12.4 oz 1.4 lb1.10 lb2.5 lb
Joan4.9 oz8.9 oz13.6 oz 1.2 lb2 lb2.8 lb
Marilyn4.3 oz8.5 oz13.2 oz1.10 lb2.8 lb3.5 lb
Zsa Zsa4.6 oz9 oz13.8 oz1.8 lb2.6 b3.7 lb
Dejavu4.3 oz8.8 oz13.6 oz1.8 lb2.5 lb3.2 lb
AVERAGE4.2 oz8.5 oz12.8 oz1.4 lb1.9 lb2.8 lb

With this in mind, you can see that Maine Coon cats come in many different sizes. Specifically, the males will weigh about 25 pounds and the females will weigh 13. This breed is slow to mature, so it will take up to 5 years to see the full-grown size.

How big do Maine Coon cats get and how much does a Maine Coon cat weigh?

Many popular stories have been transmitted over the years. One story includes Captain Charles Coon, an English captain who often traveled to New England with long-haired cats on his boat. Upon docking, the cats mated with the local cats and produced many offspring. Townspeople called the strays “Coon Cats”.

Maine Coon cats are believed to be one of the oldest breeds in North America and are believed to have originated in Maine. In fact, Maine Coons are the official cat of Maine. Although the exact origin is unknown, most breeders agree that they are a blend of North American hair and European long hair.

One of the most exciting beliefs is that they are a product of semi-wild cats and raccoons! This idea arises because of the fact that the most common coloring of a Maine coon cat is a raccoon-like brownish tabby. It’s only a brown tabby that was originally called the Maine Coon Cat. The others were called Maine Shags. Although they grow slowly and do not reach maturity until they are three or four years old, they end up being great big fellows.

how big does a maine coon cat get

How Much Does a Maine Coon Cat Weigh?

Maine Coon cats weigh between 10 to 25 pounds. Male Maine Coon cats weigh between 15 to 25 pounds (about 6.8 to 11kg), while female Coon cats average 10 to 15 pounds (about 4.5 to 6.8 kg). Hence, their large, rectangular-built body shape and long hair make them even bigger.

The average size Maine Coon adult can be between 10 and 16 inches (about 25 and 41 cm) tall and can reach a maximum length of 40 inches 100 cm, including the tail capable of reaching 14 inches (about 36 cm) in length. We’ve compiled some data and created the Maine Coon Size Chart for you to compare male vs female Maine Coon sizes.

They have a strong and muscular body and broad chest to support their own weight. Ultimately, their legs are substantial, wide set of medium length and proportional to the body, straight forelegs, and the rear legs are straight when viewed from behind. The paws are large, round, and well-tufted.

When is a Maine Coon Full Grown?

Maine Coon cats slowly mature and are not considered an adult until they’re between three to five years old. They have a life expectancy of about twelve years. These cats look a lot like the Bobcats, and like them, these cats were built for cold weather.

Maine Coon cats have a furry coat that keeps them warm and isolates them from harsh weather. Their full plumed tail and tufted ears prevent them from losing precious body heat from these parts, and the thick layer of hair around their neck and feet add extra protection from wind.

The photos shown below are of “Big Ben”, one of my biggest Maine Coons. As shown in the photo he’s just one year old and 21 pounds. Since he has a lot of growing and maturing to do still, he may just break the world record. He is a whopper of a cat, and just the sweetest hairy snuggle bug.

UPDATE: My white Maine coon has officially surpassed Big Ben [Pictured above] and is now my biggest boy! Check him out.

Biggest Maine Coon on Record

The Maine Coon cat holds the Guinness Record for being the longest domesticated cat in the world. That should tell you that Maine Coon Cats grow to be very huge. As you can see, they can easily out-weigh a small dog. Maine Coon cats are one of the biggest breeds of domestic cats. They are tall and well-built, wide-chested, with a long body, big slanted eyes, long, shiny coat,s and long-tailed cats. They are very gentle and playful pets, receptive to kids and other animals.

Check out a few video clips of some of the biggest Maine Coon cats on record! WOW.


If you’re in love with these Gentle Giants like I am, and thinking about adopting one into your family, then be sure to check Available Maine Coon Kittens. I breed European Maine Coons with a focus on health and temperament. If you already know that you can’t live another day without a coonie, then get pre-approved to adopt a Sassy Koonz kitten.

Choose a Breeder Based on the Quality of their Cats, not the Size

Many breeders will put an emphasis on how “big” their cats are. While that is a fascinating trait that the Maine Coon exhibits, it’s certainly not the most important. The health of the parents and ancestors are far more important than the size. Do your research when choosing a Maine Coon breeder to adopt your Maine Coon Kitten from.

Read more about why I decided to become a Maine Coon Breeder.

OMG That’s a Huge Maine Coon

The Maine Coon has taken the internet by storm, fascinating cat lovers all over the world with its beauty, Maine Coon size, and majestic presence. The demand for such a “big” cat has become increasingly overwhelming. The European Maine Coon has a very distinct appearance, and is sometimes thought to be quite larger than the American Maine Coon.

The Maine Coon cat is the largest breed of a domesticated cat. When fully mature, the average size of a male is 18-22 pounds and 9-13 pounds for a female. Just like people, their shapes and sizes can fall outside of the “average”.

While most of my males fall in the average range, I do have one that is way beyond that, weighing in at 32 pounds at 3 years old. (Omega, my solid white Maine Coon). In-person, he seems like a mythical creature being the size he is.

Omega isn’t the most agile cat. He doesn’t jump much and when he does, he’s very awkward and clumsy. I’m pretty sure that it’s due to his size and weight. It’s a lot for him to carry around. I keep a close eye on his heart health and his joint health because of his size. He has sprained his elbow from simply jumping off the cat tree!

As a kitten, there was no way for the breeder, me, or anyone to be able to predict how large he would be. He was the same size as his littermates. In fact, my daughter has Omega’s brother and he’s 19 pounds.

Educating yourself about what to expect when you buy a Maine Coon kitten is the best thing that you can do. If you’re interested in this breed for its mere size, then you’re truly missing out on so many other fascinating qualities that they exhibit.

Don’t Always Believe What You See on The Internet

What you’re about to see might shock you! While it’s true that Maine Coons are large cats, the photographs of them can be manipulated in a way to make them seem enormous! For the ordinary person that isn’t familiar with this “photography” trick, you’re about to discover something new. View our custom Maine Coon size chart to see the average weights for adults and kittens.

The closer something is to the camera lens, in comparison with objects in the background, the bigger it appears in the photograph. So you’ll see people holding their Maine Coons in a photograph and the cat looks super big! In reality, the cat may be of average size and weight. The appearance is made through the camera lens.

I took some photographs of 3 of my own cats, all of the different sizes to show you just how crazy it is to see them side by side. In the first photo, I am holding the cat close to my body. In the second photo, I’m holding the cat with my arms extended outward, thus moving the cat closer to the camera lens.

It wasn’t easy to hold Omega out like that, but I managed to do it! I counted it as my workout for the day. 😉

Here are some photos of really large Maine Coon cats from another popular Maine Coon website.

How Much Should a 3-Year-old Maine Coon Weigh?

Maine Coon cats are slow to mature. Unlike other cats, they may not reach their full potential until they’re 5 to 6 years old. For the first year of your Maine Coon’s life, you can expect to see the biggest weight gain. Then for a few years after there wil be a slow but steady growth and weight gain for your cat.

By the time your Maine Coon is 3 years old, he or she should have reached about 80-90% of its full-grown weight. Each cat is unique, so there isn’t a “standard” size of any cat. We can only go by averages for male Maine Coons and female Maine Coons.

Joan – 4 Pound Maine Coon Kitten

Finlay – 19 pound Maine Coon

Omega – 29 pound Maine Coon Full Size

How Big Do Maine Coon Cats Get?

If you’re looking for the “biggest cat you can find” or a “giant Maine Coon”, then you may want to consider a retiree. This way you can already see what they will look like as an adult. Otherwise, take the time to learn more about the Maine Coon other than its size. It’s full of so many wonderful characteristics. Find out when Maine Coons get their luxurious manes!

You Know What They Say…It’s Not the Size of the Boat

As always, I like to educate the public about Maine Coons and the topics that surround them. The point of this blog post was to bring awareness to the perception of giant Maine Coons from photographs online.

Personally, we refuse to sell a kitten to anyone who makes the size of their Maine Coon cat a priority. Since there’s no way for me to predict how the kitten will turn out once it’s fully mature, I don’t want to leave anyone disappointed. You’re free to refer to our Maine Coon Size Charts to get an idea of what to expect but we can not predict the future.

I prefer to keep my focus on health, temperament, and meeting the Maine Coon breed standard. I think those three areas are the most important. You may also want to find a Maine Coon breeder that puts health and temperament first.

Sassy Koonz has Maine Coon kittens for sale and can deliver to all of the continental United States. White Glove delivery of your new Maine Coon kitten is available.

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  1. Thanks for the information I have a female she is 11 mths and she weight almost 13 lbs

  2. Thanks for the information. My male weighed 9.8 lbs at 6 months and 10.8 lbs at 7 months. So I guess I can probably expect him to get fairly large!

  3. I grew up with 2 maine coon brothers, they lived to be 21 and 22 years old, amazing cats! I just adopted a new kitten I named Fynn, just 2 months ago and realized he had alot of similar characteristics… well, he’s doubled at least in size in 2 month, comes very close to the size of my full grown male cats and I just weighed him at 7 lbs and he’s 4 months and 1 week old today! His features have quickly become undeniable, lol.

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