One of the most frequently asked questions is “what is the best Maine Coon litter box“? Considering the giant size of these cats, that’s a great question to ask. If you start to ponder on how your gentle giant will fit in a “regular” size litter box, you start to wonder!

It’s true that a normal-sized litter box will not comfortably accommodate your Maine Coon once he or she reaches full maturity. In fact, after about one year of age, you can toss those miniature-sized pans to the curb. Those fluffy butts will hang right over the edge. The rest of the story can be left to your imagination.

You’re likely going to need an extra-large litter box for your Maine Coon.

best litter box for Maine Coon

There are several options that you can explore when deciding on which Maine Coon litter box is right for you. I’ve actually tested out several, of which I’ll review in this blog post:

Maine Coon Litter Boxes that I’ve Tested

Storage Container with Makeshift Hole

This seems to be everyone’s default litter box for their Maine Coon. It’s not technically a litter box, but can certainly be used for one due to its size and height.

It’s a plastic storage container with a lid. The kind you may use for Christmas decorations or that set of China that you’ll never use. You can cut a hole [doorway] into the box with a knife or a razor blade. This is where I get lost. I’m highly visual, so just the jagged edges or the imperfect shape of the hole drives me nuts.

Some people choose to cut a hole in the top, leaving it open for the cat’s head to stick out. Others cut the hole in the side. If you cut the hole in the side, the bottom of the hole needs to be high enough for the litter to not spill out through the hole, even when the waste is being kicked and thrown everywhere.

Storage Container Litter Box Tutorial

XL Petmate Litter Box for Maine Coons

maine coon litter box

I actually own three of these boxes. They’re a perfect size for big Maine Coons. It also has the little side pockets where you conveniently store keep a scooper, bags, and disinfectant wipes.

Regardless of which type of litter you choose, the XL Petmate litter box tends to fare well. Of course, you’ll find stains and scratch marks on the bottom, so keep the litter deep enough so the kitties have plenty of digging ease.

I keep about 14 – 15 pounds of litter in this pan. That seems to be a good amount for the cats. They pee very large patties, so I do prefer adequate litter depth for them to cover their waste.

Stainless Steel Litter Pan

It wasn’t until recently I discovered stainless steel litter boxes. Now I’m replacing most all of my pans with these. The only exception is for my super big Maine Coon, Omega. He’s way too large for this pan. The Petmate XL Pan fits him the best.

litter box for maine coon cat

Stainless Steel Litter Box Features

  • Aesthetically, it’s not bad for a cat pooper
  • Stainless Steel doesn’t absorb bacteria or odors
  • Super easy to clean

This particular stainless steel litter box that is shown in the photo is the exact one that I use. The sides are 6″ high, so litter doesn’t get kicked out of the pan. It also has rubber mats on the bottom to keep it from sliding anywhere.

This is the best litter box for Maine Coon Cats. I’d say that this one supports a cat up to about 25 pounds.

Choosing a litter box for your Maine Coon Kitten

When you bring home your new Maine Coon Kitten, try to mimic the setup that was being used by the breeder. Once the kitten had settled in and adjusted to his new home, then you can test out a different litter box until you find the one that fits everyone the best!

Cats can sometimes be particular about which litter box they use. As you can see from my review, I prefer uncovered litter boxes. For the sake of scooping once or twice per day, I don’t really like to be bothered with removing a top. However, some kitties do prefer covered boxes.

How Often Should You Scoop the Litter Box?

Cats are very clean animals and prefer a clean litter box. Scoop the litter box at least once per day, unless your cat is experiencing diarrhea. Then several times per day is warranted.. Just make it part of your morning routine. it only takes 2 minutes.

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