Ace Von Johnson (nka Rama)

Every single part of my experience with Sassy Koonz has been positively fantastic. Even from my original application, communication has been timely, clear and welcoming.
Tracy is incredibly transparent and open with her practices (or however you want to word that) and bringing Ace (now Rama) into our family has been and continues to be the very best experience.
I was able to meet his parents (Magic and Governor) and Tracy’s own family kitties (Omega, Chichi and Biggie) and not only were they all beautiful and well cared for, they were all confident and friendly.
Ace has yet to meet a person he doesn’t love, and purrs every time he is in a lap or gets pats and is completely chill and confident. He has had no problem adjusting to dogs and cats.

I cannot say enough how much I highly recommend Sassy Koonz.

You are awesome Tracy and thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to love this baby and bring him into my family!