cream maine coon kitten for sale tabby ace

Ace Von Johnson

  • COLOR: Cream Tabby [e 22]
  • GENDER: Male
  • BIRTHDATE: Sept 21, 2023
  • GO HOME DATE: December 9, 2023
  • PARENTS: Governor and Magic
  • NAME ORIGIN: Named After Singer of Faster Pussycat

Ace’s Mom and Dad

Ace Von Johnson Photo Album

Personality Assessment

  • Date Assessment Taken: November 16, 2023
  • Cat Approaches Humans: Yes, once he’s stared at you for like 2.5 minutes. LOL
  • Eyes are Wide with Curiosity: Yes!
  • Cat Hisses or Hides When Handled by Humans: Not ever
  • Cat will Sit calmly on your lap and allow pets: He likes to roam off and discover other things besides human legs.
  • Confidence Level on a Scale of 1 to 10: 7.5
  • Eager and Enthusiastic to Play and Interact with a Toy: He likes toys, of course, and is calm and gentle.
  • Dangle Test: He’s fine with a dangle
  • Energy Level: Low – Ace is a low key kinda guy. Doesn’t seem like a naughty kitty, or a trouble maker. Is unphased by pretty much everything.
  • Baby Hold Test: Passed but prefers to be held over the shoulder.
  • Best Way To Describe her: Ace is a cool dude. He takes after his dad, Governor, with his calm and collected temperament. While he’s only 8 weeks old at the time of the assessment, I can see that he’ll be a great companion kitty and a great family cat. Small children do not phase Ace, he’s confident. I do see him lurking in boxes and behind corners, while he scopes out the energy.