Worry Free Purchase, Extraordinary Kitten!!!

Worry Free Purchase, Extraordinary Kitten!!!

BEFORE: Choosing a cattery was the most critical decision. Of all the catteries I researched across the entire country, I finally decided that my kitten would come from SassyKoonz in FL.

Sassy Koonz has earned quite the reputation for the high standards with which Tracy operates her cattery. And there is no question you have that will go unanswered. After learning all of the information and detail Tracy happily shared about Sassy Koonz, and knowing how hard it was to get even close to the same volume of info out of most of the dozens of others I researched, there was no doubt in my kitty-loving mind that my hard-earned money would be well spent with SK. There was no need to consider anyone else.

There is so much value, not to mention peace of mind, in the following:
1) Knowing exactly how the sires and queens live and how often they are bred. She proudly shares video of the outdoor cattery as well as the kitten nursery inside. It was important for me to know the breeding cats were just as treasured, and that my kitten wasn’t one being pumped out of a careless factory;

2) Knowing how Tracy raises the kittens. It was very important to me that my kitten would be very well socialized, used to all sorts of play, and used to baths and getting nails trimmed, being brushed and groomed, and unafraid of noise and music and laughter and visitors. Tracy is very active on social media – she posts pictures and videos all the time of all of these kinds of goings-on, so I had no doubts whatsoever that my kitten was being raised as described on the SK website. I truly wasn’t quite sure of what life was like for the kittens in the homes of other breeders even though they claimed the kittens were raised underfoot”, which made me uneasy and, quite frankly, really nervous about doing this at all. With SassyKoonz, the purchase was true – and thankfully – worry-free.

Apart from all of that important stuff, of course, I wanted a kitty that was absolutely stunning. Ummm…have you seen the pics of every SassyKoonz kitten ever?!?!! They’re all stunning! Muzzle-muzzle-I-wanted-to-schnuzzle-every-muzzle! Have you looked around? No better pussycat pusses are out there! Someone else said it best about the SassyKoonz muzzle – “There’s a difference, y’all!”

So…I chose SassyKoonz as my cattery and settled in to wait and hope for a SassyKoonz kitty.

DURING: I was lucky enough to become the guardian of Little Red Corvette, one of the four from the litter of the divinely sassy Chichi and superbly handsome Beastie, born Feb. 9, 2022. The wait for his Go Home date was both agonizing and amazing. While I busied myself getting all the things needed to make him the best home here in PA and dreaming of the life I would have with him, Tracy kept sending me little notes about something funny he did or sent over pictures that were just for me…not shared to the public. Annnnd! Yo! You want to talk about “value added?!?!?” Tracy is an AMAZINGLY TALENTED PHOTOGRAPHER!!! I double-dog dare you to compare that kind of output with any other cattery. Nobody else is producing the works of kitten art Tracy makes with her camera and a little photo box!!! This statement rings true here, as well – “There’s a difference, y’all!!” What a treasure to have such professional, stunning pics coming each week!

Tracy also utilizes the best technology for communications and payment processes. She also generated emails at certain intervals, sharing timelines, expectations and information on how to prepare for arrival – what food they’re eating, litter they’re using, toys they like, as well as vetting, vaccination, health testing and microchip info (never skip the chip!). Oh…and you even get to do a video chat with Tracy and the kitten. That was super special!
Overall, It was a very personal and wonderful time shared with Tracy while my kitty boy was growing and learning and reaching his Go Home date.

AFTER: My stunning Little Red Corvette (nka Bear) came home to me, delivered to my hands at the Pittsburgh airport by Tracy’s wonderful and experienced pet nanny. At the handoff from Tracy to the nanny, she initiated a 3-way text conversation so the 3 of us could have contact and get updates during the travel day. That was wonderful! At the Pittsburgh airport, the nanny set the wonderful little soft-sided carrier down on the couch at my side, and I unzipped my fuzzy boy and brought him into my arms as I shed tears of joy. This gentle being was just calm and accepting of my hands. There was no concern whatsoever that he would jump from my arms in a panic. So gentle. I loved him in an instant.

And thus began this amazing (and a little bit obsessive) love affair known to my family and friends as “Michelle and the Bear.”

Bear is everything I had hoped he would be: a lil kitten crazy and super playful, and a really great schnuggle bug! He is curious and friendly to those who come and go from my house. I trim his nails easily while he is napping. He is a water boy….loves watching the droplets from my shower slide down the glass door…loves his bubbling water fountain (though I suggest not getting one that bubbles from the center…he was getting his fabulous ear tips wet and didn’t like it, so I got one that is elongated and the fountain part is more to one end). He loves watching birds (big woodpeckers, too) and squirrels and chipmunks on the patio from the sunroom windows. He has a supremely cute little vocal trill he uses all the time, and a darling meow (like his momma). He sleeps twisted upside down a lot (like his momma). He always wants to be with his people (as Maine Coons do) and he is my perfect little shadow. I love that he wants to be near…even though he has no idea what personal space is…thus, the pic I’ve shared here. Ha ha.

I am so thankful to Tracy and the wonderful cattery she has created that gave me the gift of this extraordinary kitten!