Maine coon male

The Beast

  • Pedigree Name: Wollen Tails Apollon (a.k.a. “Beasite”)
  • Origin: Russia
  • Gender: Male
  • DOB: August 28, 2020
  • Color: Black Classic Tabby [n 22] – Genotype Aa, Dd

Beastie’s Personality Assessment

This assessment is provided to you to assist in the decision-making process of a kitten. So much of the parent’s temperaments are passed down to their kittens.

  1. Does the cat enjoy being held/cuddled? Yes, VERY MUCH!! He’s a total snuggle bug and would rather be in your lap, on your shoulder or riding on your back that any other place.
  2. Does the cat enjoy being brushed? Yes, he does!
  3. Is the cat social with other cats? Yes. He loves EVERYONE and doesn’t hiss or swat.
  4. Is the cat social with people? Yes, INCREDIBLY SOCIAL
  5. How confident is the cat? Overly confident, just like I like ’em.
  6. Does the cat approach me when I enter the cattery? Yes, always.
  7. Does the cat approach strangers when they enter the nursery? Yes.
  8. Does the cat climb into my lap and relax? Yes
  9. Is the cat more social or more or a loner? He is immensely social. Very friendly. Very Vocal.
  10. Is this an alpha cat? No.
  11. Energy Level: High
  12. Bad Habits: None

Beastie’s Personality Shines in This Video!

This boy has to be the most affectionate Maine Coon I’ve seen so far. He absolutely loves people to death. He just wants to be held and hugged and loved. Beasite will climb on your back, tyour shoulders, eat your hair, and give you kisses. When coupled with our sweet girls, his offspring are sure to have some of the best temperaments that Sassy Koonz has ever seen.

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3 thoughts on “The Beast”

  1. You are so fortunate. He’s awesome! Can you let me know when a male is available? I wouldn’t mind being on a waiting list. Thank you so much.

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