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There’s indeed a list of Maine Coon supplies that will make your life with your cats better. Not only are they the giant breed of Pedigree cat, but they’re also very fluffy, highly social, and intelligent! This article will give you some ideas on items to have on hand. 

Maine Coon Cats Need Oversized Stuff

It’s true! Maine Coons mature into a giant kitty. Males and females alike are big kids. Sometimes, I forget how big they are and order things for a “normal” cat. Ultimately,when it arrives, I get reminded just how large they are. With a house full of Maine Coons, it’s just the norm for me now. An average cat seems tiny. 

Extra Large Cat Trees

When ordering your Maine Coon cat tree, always check the dimensions of the bed platform. Make sure that the bed is big enough for your full-grown cat.

The typical size is around 15.5″ wide. That seems moderate enough to accommodate a cat. Until you assemble it and offer it to your Maine Coon, and they look at your like you’re crazy. Of course, they’ll get in it and lay down, but they overflow over all four sides. 

Look for a platform that is at least 18″ to 22″ wide. This will be large enough for the cat to lie on its side and lounge during nap time. 

Extra Large Litter Box

With a big cat comes big poo. I’m sure this is a consideration when you’re thinking about getting a Maine Coon kitten. You’ll need a litter box that is larger than the traditional size.  

Gauging the size of a litter box is challenging if you’re ordering online. Several companies make XL boxes. Remember that the cat should be able to fit in the box, with a tail included, and be comfortable in the loo. 

Keeping Your Maine Coon Entertained

This breed of cat is brilliant. They require attention from their humans and stimulation from toys. 

The human interaction part is easy! Your Maine Coon is going to follow you around the house wherever you go (even to the bathroom or to take a shower). If you have 2 of them, they both come along. If you have 3, then three will come. It’s a beautiful trait of the Maine Coon personality that owners are very fond of.

Interactive Toys

There’s an abundance of interactive toys on the market for cats. I like the ones that have rechargeable batteries. Who wants to buy batteries anymore? Look for little mice or balls with lights that your cat can chase around the house. This will stimulate their hunting mode and satisfy those instincts, making your cat a happy camper. 

Take Care of Your Coonie with Pet Insurance

No cat on this Earth is perfect, not even our Maine Coons. From one day to the next, things can change, and you may find your cat with a health issue. This is never good news for any cat owner. It’s best to be prepared for the worst and have a pet insurance policy covering medical expenses. They can get very costly, depending on the diagnosis.

Pet Insurance Options for Your Maine Coon

For a long time, we provided 30 days of Trupanion Pet Insurance coverage to our new kitten owners. Then, it was brought to our attention that the premiums were increasing by almost 50%. We started to look at other options. 

Lemonade is a relatively new pet insurance company that has excellent coverage for your Maine Coons at a very reasonable cost. You can customize your policy in many ways, making it affordable and having some protection in an emergency. 

Long Hair Cats Need Specific Grooming Tools

Maine Coons have glorious coats. Long and bushy with an undercoat for days. They’re big shedders and also tend to get mats. Regular grooming can help prevent tangles and mats in your cat while keeping the coat silky and clean.

red maine coon with long hair
Little Red Corvette (Sassy Koonz Kitten in his new home)

Combs and Brushes

For combing your long-haired Maine Coon, we recommend stainless steel combs. After trying several tools for basic combing fur, I found that these work best at getting close to the root and through the fur. 

Hygiene Trimmers

You’ve probably noticed the big fluffy britches on the back of the legs of your beloved Maine Coon. They are glorious and majestic. They’re also wonderful to behold as they walk away from you with their tail in the air.

All the while, these fluffy pants can hang on to a falling ball of poo. They can also be the perfect spots for mats to congregate. You can help keep this area clean and mat-free by doing a hygiene trim. All it takes is some small clippers and a patient cat. (The second part is the biggest challenge, of course). 

Buzz off the fur around the butt and down the back of the legs. You can use a guide on the clippers to ensure you don’t cut the fur too short and nick your cat. You can determine the best length for you and your cat by trying different styles.

It’s best to start this routine while the cat is young so that it is used to hearing the sound of the clippers. The sound is what they dislike about the whole process.


This tool is an absolute MUST HAVE for anyone that has rugs with a cat that sheds. I call this tool a rug rake. It’s a tool that resembles a rake, but it’s designed to remove the cat hair from your rugs! You know, the pesky fur that the vacuum cleaner doesn’t pick up.

I’ve had mine for a few months and use it EVERY SINGLE DAY. It’s a lifesaver.

maine coon fur remover for rugs

Maine Coon Like To Sleep with Their Owners

Maine Coons love their humans!! They love us so much that they want to sleep with you. That’s their safe space. Sleeping with you means they trust you and feel secure when they’re at their most vulnerable.

A Spot in your Warm Bed

Tell the spouse to MOVE OVER, HONEY! Make room for your Maine Coon cat. Some like sleeping at the foot of the bed, and others like to rest right on your head.   

My husband and I had a Queen size bed before we got Maine Coons. Then they started sleeping with us. We soon had to upgrade to a king-size bed just for the cats. Call us crazy; we’ll admit it.  

Hopefully this list of non-standard Maine Coon supplies will get your creative juices flowing and you can think of some other cool hacks for Maine Coon owners. If you can think of any, LEAVE A COMMENT and tell us about them. We want to hear form you.

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