reasons not to get a maine Coon Cat

There’s really no reason on this Earth I can think of to not get a Maine Coon, so this blog was written as a satire. This is also based on true events that happen in my life every day.

Furniture Upgrades Required

When I first started breeding Maine Coon cats, my husband and I had a Queen size bed. This size was a perfect size for us for 20 years. We saw Queen size mattresses through both of our children growing up and moving out.

Then we got Maine Coon cats and they grew up into extra large clingy cats. Before we knew it, there was 80 pounds of cats on the bed with us. That’s basically the size of a 4th grader.

We had to upgrade our mattress to King Size. While the upgrade was nice, they still take up a lot of space. It feels like 3 bowling balls on our bed. One on the side, one at the foot of the bed and another one walking back and forth across the pillows all night.

Could we close the door and have the bed to ourselves? Of course, but instead we’re just thinking about upgrading to a California King now.

blue maine coon kittens for sale biggie flopped over side of bed

Alarm Clocks Are a Fond Memory

I remember the good old days, when I could sleep “late”. When I say late I mean anything past 6:00 am.

I now have three real live Maine Coon alarm clocks. They’re up at the crack of dawn every day. Somewhere around 5:00 am, they’re like roosters. They feel the dawn of a new day and start hollering.

What they really want is for their servant to get out of bed and put some food on their plate. They know that they get their VivaRaw Rabbit in the morning, and are always overly enthusiastic.

Putting a pillow of my head doesn’t work. Biggie will run at full speed diagonally across the bed until he knows I’m awake and eyes are open. Mind you, Biggie is 29 pounds so this is the perfect way to peacefully wake every morning.

There is no sleeping past 5:30 am – regardless of what else is going on in life. I recorded this video from my pillow one morning. He has no idea I was recording.

Enough Cat Hair to Make a Wig

BREAKING NEWS: Maine Coon have very long hair. And Yes, THEY SHED!!

I comb, brush, and furminate my cats regularly. It’s still not enough to control the amount of cat hair that’s on everything. It’s alot of work to keep up with amount of hair that’s on everything.

Furniture, lamp shades. ceiling fan blades, curtains, and table tops. Chairs, beds, stairs, and bookshelves. Don’t forget about laundry, clothes your wearing and even in your dinner.

In addition to a daily walk through using all of my cat hair removal tools, a deep clean is also good for the soul. Roombas are life savers to do the daily vacuuming task. Even after I sweep and then sweep again, I can run the Roomba (iRobot) and still pick up a canister full of cat hair.

On the positive note, when you have several Maine Coons that all contribute to the hair collection, your family members give you books for Christmas about “Crafting with Cat Hair“.

10,000 Reasons to Get a Maine Coon Cat

I hope you guys didn’t think I was serious with the title of this blog post. I absolutely adore my Maine Coon cats and wouldn’t trade my life with them for any other breed of cat.

They give you 10,000 reasons to love them than they do trying to figure out how to control the hair. But I’ll let you be the judge of that once you have your own Maine Coon kitten. Then you’ll understand why everything mentioned above (which is all true) is worth it.

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  1. Your blogs are awesome!! We have 7 kitties. 3 Mainecoons. 1 adopted through a rescue. 3 we rescued as kittens at different times. We LOVE them all and house cleaning and hair is a real thing. Like you, would not trade our life with cats for anything. Mainecoons are THE BEST foster siblings! The 1st to welcome ( a cleared health check – quarantined cleared and vaxed ) kitten who needs to hang a bit longer before transport. They are so laid back.
    Thank you for your blogs!
    Wandi , Mermazing Crew and Awesome rescues.

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