are Maine Coons clingy

Do you have a clingy Maine Coon? I certainly do! The question you’ll get answered today is are all Maine Coons clingy? Let’s find out!

Are Maine Coon Cats are Highly Social?

One of the most admirable characteristics about the Maine Coon cat is that they’re very social cats. They’re social both with humans as well as each other.

This amazing personality trait that you can expect from your Maine Coon is from years and years of breeding cats with these social personalities. It’s one of the more important factors that make the Maine Coon the amazing cat that it is.

Are all of them social butterflies? Of course not! I like to think of them like children. They each have their own unique souls. Ones that we appreciate no matter what the end result. But in general, Coonies are social.

Humans and Cats Can Be Best Friends

Humans choose pets for companionship. The bonds that develop over the years are some that are remarkable strong. Our Maine Coons know when we don’t feel good, or when we’re sad. They know when we’re happy, excited and mad. They respond to these emotions using their own language.

are maine coons clingy

My retired Queen Chichi is that friend to me. She follows me everywhere I go, pays attention to my every move, and knows my routine. She wants to be involved with whatever I’m doing.

She Loves Me like a Fat Kid Loves Cake

She’s very clingy and I’m here for it. She’s actually laying on my desk as I write this with her leg kicked up.


At the same time, I also want to know where she is all the time. When I walk in the door, her name is the first one I call for. I guess you could say I’m also clingy because I want her by my side all day, as well. She’s a great companion cat.

Will she bite me if I tickle her belly though? The answer is YES, you betchya!

When a Clingy Cat Is Too Needy

I’ve not personally experienced this, but there are times when your Maine Coon can be extra clingy. A good example of this is if you leave home for more than 24 hours and your cat experiences symptoms of anxiety. This could be vomiting, diarrhea, inappropriate elimination or destruction.

If your cat doesn’t approve of you leaving for an extended period of time, it’s a good idea to have someone that the cat is familiar with pay visits to the house. Try to keep the schedule the same as if you were at home. Have your pet sitter use the same “keywords” (i.e. “crunchies or snackies”) and keep things that he’s familiar with. Also have the friend spend time with the cat playing with toys and exerting some built up energy and anxiety.

It’s sad to me when a cat has anxiety from the owner being away. It tells me that the cat really is attached to his human and misses him.

Get Your Maine Coon a Friend!

I love to watch Maine Coons interact with each other. In most cases, they really do like the company of another cat. I always promote the idea of getting a friend (another cat) for your Maine Coon so they have a like-kind companion. It does make a difference in their lives!

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Tracy and Governor

Relationships with My Breeding Cats

I have 3 Maine Coon pets of my own. Biggie, Omega and Chichi. Chichi is a retired Queen that I kept because I couldn’t part with her. On any given day, you’ll also find 1 to 2 males and 4 to 6 females in may family of Sassy Koonz.

Of course, I get more attached to some cats than others. But I know that I can’t keep every one that crosses my path or I won’t be able to continue my breeding journey. It’s important to me to maintain a stress-free environment with a limited number of Maine Coons.

As a breeder, I’m honored to get to experience relationships with many Maine Coons. After several years when they retire, I choose the best homes for them. And I keep the relationship that I had with them close to me and never forget a single one of them.

What to Do if You Have a Clingy Maine Coon

If you have a clingy Maine Coon, soak up every minute of it. Life is short and we should value every minute that we’re given. Being a cat lover requires patience, a sense of humor and a kind heart. And for those reasons, you are a special human being.

Keep loving those Maine Coons as much as I do! <3

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