black mackerel tiger pattern maine coon cat

Bang Bang

  • COLOR: Black Mackerel Tabby
  • GENDER: Male
  • BIRTHDATE: April 4, 2022
  • PARENTS: Beastie and Tiffany
  • NAME ORIGIN: Song by Hollywood Undead

Bang Bang’s Personality Assessment

This assessment is provided to you to assist in the decision-making process of Bang Bang.

Does the cat enjoy being held/cuddled? He’ll hang out for a short period in your arms or lap if you’re scratching him, but then he jumps down and wants to run around and play,

Does the cat enjoy being brushed? He doesn’t love it, but he’ll tolerate it.

Is the cat social with other cats? Yes.

Is the cat social with people? He’s curious and friendly, but he scats when you try to pick him up. He plays catch me if you can.

How confident is the cat? On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d say he’s a 7.

Does the cat approach me when I enter the cattery? Yes after a few minutes.

Does the cat approach strangers when they enter the nursery? Yes.

Does the cat climb into my lap and relax? Yes, but he has to warm up first.

Is the cat more social or more or a loner? He’s social.

Is this an alpha cat? Maybe.

Energy Level: Very High

Bad Habits: None

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