Beautiful Maine Coon Queen


Big Hannibal’s’ Delilah of Sassy Koonz

Delilah is no longer in our breeding program. She retired before every producing kittens.Read her story on this page.

Her temperament is to die for! She’s happy, energetic, and an attention hog!!!  If you like for a cat to jump on your lap and not let you leave, then she’s the one! She’ll even ride on your shoulder or back…whatever it takes.  Her kittens are going to have some wonderful type of personalities. I just love this girl.

Origin: Hamburg, Germany
Breeder: Big Hannibals
Gender: Female
DOB: March 19, 2018
Color: (fs 22)  Black Silver Tortie Tabby

tica registration maine coon

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black silver torbie Maine Coon
pretty maine Coon Cat
Delilah – 9 Months old

FUN FACT: I’m a huge Queen fan, and Delilah was named after Freddie Mercury’s favorite cat “Delilah”.  He even wrote a song about Delilah! 

Delilah’s Story

As Mike Tyson says “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”. This couldn’t ever be more true. Especially in the case which I’m about to explain in this video. Before you watch the video and hear the story that Delilah and I have been through together, just know that there’s very likely alot of cats that have issues that we never hear about.  These cats may be being used for breeding.  I can’t say for sure.  It’s my goal to bring awareness to the public about these issues you should be aware of, and ASK QUESTIONS of the breeders about the health of the parents!

I have an awesome follow-up blog post to this one, where I have some excellent ideas on things you can request from any potential breeders to verify that THEY are using only the healthiest of cats in their breeding programs.  As a Future Guardian of this amazing breed of Cat, it’s your right to request a healthy cat that has been bred from healthy parents. Nothing less. The intent of the Sassy Koonz blog is to help educate the public on How to Care for your Maine Coon Cats, and how to make the best decision when choosing a Maine Coon Breeder.

Big Hannibal’s Delilah Journey to Her New Home

Cindy and I discussed whether or not Delilah should come a the same time with Gilmour. When we agreed that they will come home together, I did a slow and careful introduction process between them. Since the kittens were in the nursery and Delilah was in the cattery they had not seen each other before. I started by bringing Delilah inside and putting her in a Sturdi tent (made for cats shows). Inside the tent, they could smell and see each other but no physical contact.

Delilah didn’t like the kittens at first. But I was patient, bringing her in for 1 hour the first day, then 2 hours the next day, then 3 hours, etc.  After a few days, I opened the tent and let her meet the kittens face to face. She bopped them in the head a few times and didn’t want them too close.  After about a week, she was able to spend the night and have a slumber party with Gilmour. The Introduction process really does work well. It just takes patience and understanding that cats don’t like change and are a little nervous about new territories.  Now they are living in harmony in their new home and are stuck together like glue.

Delilah is the most affectionate girl I’ve owned to this far.  It was hard to let her go.  But I’m at the beginning of my Maine Coon Breeder journey and want to keep the number of cats in my home and cattery low.  If I were thinking of retiring myself soon, I would have kept her as a pet.  She’s just a very special girl.  She is definitely in the best hands I could ever have hoped for with Cindy and Darrell. Not to mention she’s having tons of fun with Gilmour. <3  I’ll miss the prissy little Delilah, but she doesn’t live too far from me. Cindy, Darrell, Gilmour and Delilah can clear a space on the sofa for when I visit. 🙂


As any prognosis develops with Delilah, I’ll update this post. In the meantime, let’s hope that other breeders are doing their job by using the skill, care, and diligence to preserve the Beautiful Maine Coon Cat.   While You’re here, check out the Sassy Koonz Reviews!

MARCH 2020 UPDATE: Deliah was taken to a specialist by her new owners and had a rhinoscopy procedure done.  She was diagnosed with polyps! She had one between her nose and ear and a huge one on the roof of her mouth.  These have both been removed and Delilah is symptom-free!!  

Maine coon polyp removal
Photo of the polyp that was removed from the roof of Delilah’s Mouth :O
maine coon cat