Big Hannibal’s’ Delilah of Sassy Koonz

Delilah is no longer in our breeding program. Read her story here. 

Her temperament is to die for! She’s happy, energetic, and an attention hog!!!  If you like for a cat to jump on your lap and not let you leave, then she’s the one! She’ll even ride on your shoulder or back…whatever it takes.  Her kittens are going to have some wonderful type of personalities. I just love this girl.

Origin: Hamburg, Germany
Breeder: Big Hannibals
Gender: Female
DOB: March 19, 2018
Color: (fs 22)  Black Silver Tortie Tabby

tica registration maine coon

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black silver torbie Maine Coon

pretty maine Coon Cat
Delilah – 9 Months old

FUN FACT: I’m a huge Queen fan, and Delilah was named after Freddie Mercury’s favorite cat “Delilah”.  He even wrote a song about Delilah! 

3 thoughts on “Delilah”

  1. Could Delilah produce a calico with Illuminati? He has the high white and black she has the red in het coat.
    I love her ruff.
    How big will she get and how big is Illuminati?

    1. I can’t predict how big either one will get yet. They are both very young. The average is 10-15 pounds for females. 18-25 pounds for males.

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