do maine coons make good pets

If you’re just now discovering the Maine Coon breed, you may be asking yourself, “Do Maine Coon Cats Make Good Pets“?ย  I asked myself the same question.

Can Maine Coon Cats be Left Alone?

Maine Coon cats love their humans and they’re very social cats. When you get one as a kitten and you get them used to their owners being away sometimes, then they tend to better into adult hood. Everything hinges on what you prepare them for as an adult cat.

If you hire a pet sitter and they get used to strangers (or someone familiar) coming to take care of them, then it will be easier for them to be unattended by their regular humans. On the other hand, if you are always at home – either retired, stay at home parent or a home worker and then decide to take a 7 day vacation when your Maine Coon is two years old, they may experience some stress.

Is a Maine Coon High maintenance?

This all depends on what your opinion of high maintenance is. As a Maine Coon owner myself, I think that the biggest demand for maintenance with a Maine Coon is their coats. They need to brushed and groomed 2 to 3 times per week. Without this regular attention, you’ll see mats develop, and that’s never good for your cat.

Other than regular grooming for your Maine Coon, they tend to be as much maintenance as any other cat you would own as a pet.

Can Maine Coons Live with Dogs?

The Maine Coon cat is known as the “cat-dog” since it exhibits dog like behavior. For example they like to play fetch with their toys, and even go swimming or play in the kitchen sink.

For the majority of Maine Coons, I would say they do very well with dogs as their co-habitants as long as the dog is friendly. A proper introduction is always advised to ensure a quality friendship between your Maine Coon and your other pets.

Life Before Being Owned by a Maine Coon

Before I discovered Maine Coons , which happens to be one of the most memorable days of my life, I was owned by a Flame Point Himalayan named Jack.  My husband got him for me as a Christmas present in 1998.

He kind of looked like Grumpy Cat, like he was constantly frowning.  He was a cool cat, with a laid back personality, but he wasn’t very social. He was quiet and kind, but he also liked to hide under the bed. Any time we had company, he didn’t want to have any part of socializing and would disappear. Jack passed away in 2008 from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). He was 14 years old.

After a year, I wanted to add a new breed of cat into my life. So my son and I started researching different cat breeds.  Derek searched for Top 10 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds, and found the Maine Coon.

At that time, he sent me some looks and told me how cool they were because of their size. Of course, that’s usually the first thing that intrigues people into this breed. Consequently, I’m now owned by several Maine Coon Cats and couldn’t be happier with the decision to own this breed.

Maine Coon 5 week old Kitten, Kula Upcountry Farmer's Market Sue Salisbury Maui Hawaii

Photo Credit to Sue Salisbury / Flickr

That brings us to this…

Maine Coons Love their Humans

Since my first Maine Coon, I’ve been enthralled by these cats. They’re not your ordinary cat. They are very unique and extraordinarily social. Somewhat dog-like as their reputation defines, and quite the expressionists!

There’s just something about having a Maine Coon that changes the way you look at cats. They are truly special in so many ways, and it’s no wonder that they are loved by so many.

It’s hard to explain to someone what it’s like to be owned by a Maine Coon (or two or three or four!!). Let’s discuss a few of the amazing reasons why Maine Coons are good pets.

white maine coon laying on its owner getting a kiss on the nose

16 Reasons Why Maine Coons Make Good Pets

  1. They are highly social.  Everywhere you go, there they are, just hanging out and lounging around making sure you’re not up to no good. If you decide to move from the living room to the bedroom, well then so do they. They like to be where the action is. Where the people are. Where they can see if you’re headed to the kitchen or not.
  2. They keep you warm in the winter.  They are such a big ball of fur and most males reach the 20+ pound range, it’s like having a giant furry toddler in your bed during the winter.  You can grab one, throw it under the blankets and by the time you hop into bed, they’ve got it all warmed up for you. You can give them a big old hug and warm up faster.
  3. Maine Coons make well weighted blanket supplements.  They like to sleep in the same bed as their guardians, and they’re a bit heavy, so they make perfect weights to tie the blankets down.
  4. When people come to your house, they’re intimidated by your Maine Coon. They think it’s some wild cat – like a bobcat or a lynx. It’s really funny. I just let them think it. ๐Ÿ˜›

    This was Just Four Reasons – There’s 12 More. Keep Reading

    5. They make wonderful alarm clocks. They’re biologically programmed to start stirring around 4:00 am every day.  When they wake, they’re REALLY hungry. So by default, they turn into an alarm clock for their humans. They walk all over you, trill, chirp, and meow until you wake up. If you’re not on your feet soon enough, then they progress into jumping across the bed, running down the hall, and banging into the walls.  If you shut the door and try to sleep, they know how to knock.

    6. There’s never any wondering if they’re hungry. They sit by the pantry or wherever you keep their food and mean mug until you open it.  They can also open cabinet doors, front doors and car doors.

7. They show affection with head butts. Although sometimes that can cause a slight concussion because their heads are really large, it’s nice to head bump with a cat that has a head the size of a grapefruit.  It’s comforting.

8. Maine Coons are very photogenic. I’ve never seen a bad photo of a Coonie. Even if they just woke up or are full mouth yawning, the photo always turns our great. Bonus, they don’t mind if you tag them in any of their photos. Check out some pictures of Maine Coon Cats.

That Was Half, Are You  Ready for More?

9. If you love the sound of stampeding elephants in your house, then these guys are perfect! They’re not light, and they have heavy feet! They’re actually the biggest domesticated cat in existence.

10. They make awesome refrigerator ornaments. They like to be up high. Like really high. So they get on top of cabinets, refrigerators, anything they can reach that is high enough that no one can get them! When they’re up there, they look majestic.

11. Most (but not all) Maine Coons like the water.  Some like to take showers, and even swim in the tub. Some of mine are fascinated by the sound of running water, so they have a water fountain. Sometimes they all just sit around the fountain and have bonfires.  Notice I said most, not all, like the water. Ask me about the one that does not like water…..He tried to scalp me once when I tried to give him a bath.

12. Maine Coon Kittens are the cutest baby animal on planet Earth.  There’s no denying that.

13. Maine Coons give you a new appreciation for cats.  Even if you weren’t a “cat fan” before, or maybe you’re allergic to cats like I am, they’re worth taking Flonase and Aleve every day just to have a few in your life.

14. The average life expectancy of a Maine Coon is 10 to 15 Years. That’s alot of time you get to enjoy your wonderful furry friend.

Shall We Keep Going? Of course!!

14. They’re like Lay’s potato chips. You can’t have just one. They do better in pairs because of their social nature. So if you work all day, or aren’t at home a lot, then you must have two so they have someone to chat with during the day. Unlike chips, though, Maine Coons don’t make you gain weight. That’s the best part.

15. Your Maine Coon will leave enough fur around the house that you can make a cat hair hat or a fur sausage. I could certainly keep going with reasons why.

16. Maine Coons are really goofy and entertaining. Some are cool, some in a klutzy, and some are just plain hilarious.  No matter what personality type you get in your Maine Coon pet, they will keep you laughing all day and night. Think of your Maine Coon as a lifetime of live entertainment.

And For Your Entertainment, Here’s a Tutorial Video on How to Make a Cat Hair Cat Hat – [In Case you’re Wondering]

I could certainly keep going with reasons why The Maine Coons Make a Good Pet, but I think you get it. A glimpse into the life of being owned by a Maine Coon, the most majestic goofball cat that has ever lived.

Do Maine Coons make good pets
My big goofball and wonderful Maine Coon pet, Big Ben

Are maine Coons Better Than Other Cats?

Short Answer? Yes! it’s hard to describe the difference without experiencing it yourself. But a Maine Coon is just an all around better cat than any other breed in existence. They’re simply awesome.

If you’re considering Bringing a Kitten Home, consider a Maine Coon as a wonderful pet. The Characteristics of a Maine Coon outshine many other breeds in personality, beauty, social skills, and family companions!

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