Maine Coon Breed Standard Series

Maine Coon Breed Standard

There is a well defined Maine Coon breed standard.  This outlines the physical characteristic expectations of a Maine Coon cat.  As a Breeder of Maine Coon cats and a major enthusiast for maintaining the integrity of this amazing cat, I've created a series of videos that will explore the details of the Maine Coon.

Nothing that I share with you in this Maine Coon Breed Standard series is an opinion. The standards are written in black and white by The International Cat Association.  This information is available for all breeders to study. In fact, it's EXPECTED that every breeder of a Pedigree cat will become familiar with the standard, and apply this as a practice into their programs.

Here is a direct link to the Maine Coon Breed Standard.

I feel like the Maine Coon breed standard is being lost.  Not all breeders know, or care, to learn this.  Maybe they're unaware that it even exists.  That's why, in addition to educating the very passionate pet owners about this "behind the scenes" topic, maybe this will also reach some breeders who will start to study the guidelines and take more interest in maintaining the Maine Coon breed standard.

As the Head Guardian at Sassy Koonz Maine Coon Cattery, I can assure you that I'm doing everything in my power to study, identify, and implement the Maine Coon Breed Standard into my program. The fact is, there is no perfect cat or kitten. I'll try my best to get them as very close to perfect as possible every time. Noone should ever see a Maine Coon kitten or cat and have to ask "Is that a Maine Coon"? It should be VERY obvious!

Maine Coon Breed Standard Series

With the following Series of videos, I'm not claiming to be an expert in the Maine Coon Breed Standard.  If I were an expert, I'd be a judge at the cat shows (which I may do one day!).  Instead, I'm basically reviewing the actual Maine Coon Breed Standard with you. Additionally, I'm sharing actual photos and videos of the cats that I have chosen for my breeding program to see how they stack up to breed standard. We'll look at each cat, and focus on the fine details that the average eye never sees. Maybe even the things that someone else wouldn't WANT you to see.  I'm confident in the choices that I've made, so I'm ok to share even the biggest of flaws with you, as part of educating you on what to look for.

I hope you enjoy the Maine Coon Breeder Series! Feel free to comment with your thoughts.  This will be a series of about 10 videos, and each update will be posted on this page. If you'd like to receive the notifications when I release the next video, then simply subscribe to my blog. 🙂

P.S. As a reminder, the physical characteristics of the cats and kitten isn't the only thing that's important. Read this article on How to Choose the Best Maine Coon Breeder for you.

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  • Janet Blume on January 18, 2019 12:09 pm Reply

    I’m really looking forward to this series.

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