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This wonderful red tabby Maine Coon Kitten has been reserved by his forever Guardian and moved home the first week of August 2019.  Barrett will go home with a State of Florida Certified Health Certificate.


Color: Red Tabby with White

Gender: Male

Birthday: May 21, 2019

Parents: Ursula and Illuminati

Digital Pedigree of Barrett

Name History: Named after Syd Barrett, the founding singer of Pink Floyd


Fun Fact: When I first started breeding Maine Coon kittens, I thought I didn’t “like” red tabby Maine Coons. That was until I had my first red baby, Gilmour.  He changed my thoughts forever on red tabby Maine Coons and I have loved them ever since. There’s something about them that’s a little different to me. They’re very sweet and personable and each one has a special characteristic that the others don’t. Sometimes they’re even quirky.  A lot of potential Guardians have said to me “I like any color but orange (which is actually red). Then they see these awesome guys and change their minds.  That makes me happy when they do!  I think everyone should own a Red Tabby Maine Coon at some time in their life. It’s such a beautiful, classic color.


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