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Maine Coon Kitten Food and Water

All of our Maine Coon kittens and cats eat a diet consisting of Instinct Grain-Free Food. The products that we use are listed below.

Litter and Litter Trays

Sassy Koonz Maine Coon kittens are trained to use uncovered litter trays with Ever Clean Unscented litter. The litter box shown below is the box that they use. After trying numerous brands of litter, Ever Clean is our FAVORITE for excellent clumping, clean litter and awesome odor control!
The Blackhole Litter mat does an excellent job of trapping those annoying little litter pebbles with the kitty hops out of the box.

NOTE: The general rule of thumb for households with multiple cats is: One litter tray PER CAT (plus one more). At the bare minimum, you should provide each cat with their own litter tray. 🙂

Grooming Tools

Your Maine Coon kitten will need regular grooming. At Sassy Koonz we do love the slicker brush and the stainless steel comb. This little package below includes both, as well as some nail trimmers. You’ll need these to brush those amazing Maine Coon manes and coats.

The Fur Wizard is a MUST HAVE for every owner of a long-haired cat. This tool removes cat from hair from your clothes, furniture, rugs, and cat trees! I can’t live without my Fur Wizard.

Cat Trees and Loungers

I can’t speak highly enough about the trees from Cat Tree King. I have purchase several for my cats over the last few years and am 100% satisfied. It’s the only cat tree I’ve ever owned that is sturdy enough and large enough for our Maine Coon kitties. If you buy anything other than one of these 9or a custom build tree made from real wood) then you may find yourself replacing it in 1-2 years. GO WITH CAT TREE KING! You’ll be happy you did.

Fun Stuff for Kitty

More Information: How to Care For Your Maine Coon, How Much are Maine Coon Cats?

Does your Maine Coon have issues with their gums or teeth? You’re not alone! Eight out of ten cats are effected by gingivitis or some other gum disease. You can add some preventative maintenance to your routine to help care for your Maine Coon’s teeth.

A Maine Coon Kitten is ridiculously cute. The excitement of bringing home your new baby after a long wait sometimes leaves you so flabbergasted. There are so many things you need to buy and have ready for when your kitten comes home.

Some of the usual things are easy to remember.

  • Litter
  • Litter box
  • Kitten Food
  • Food bowls
  • Comfy Beds
  • Cat Tree
  • Toys
maine coon kitten
Gilmour – 8 Weeks Old

Easy Right? But what about the “other” things that might be helpful when you run into kitten incidents? These things happen with kittens and will surely spill over into teenager and adult cat incidents. Let’s look at the Top 10 items you may want to add to your checklist of things to buy when you have a new kitten on the way.

TOP 10 EXTRA Items You’ll Need With your Maine Coon Kitten

Lysol Disinfectant Wipes – I love these because they come in a handle little dispenser and some fun scents! They’re easy to just pop open the lid and grab one. You’ll need these for various things. Food dropped on the floor, butt drags {because they can’t use toilet paper] and even those weird white washed litter paw prints on the tables. Those are a sign that their paws were wet, then mixed with litter dust, and then they walked across the table.

Scrubby Bar – I love my Scrubby Bar! I use it to scrub poop stains off the comforter, area rugs, and arm chairs. You know, cats and kittens sit everywhere and their butts directly touch everything that they sit on. And Sometimes….well, you know. This is a video tutorial i did to show a new kitten owner how to remove some poop out of the carpet when her kitten learned how to drag his poopy butt across the rug.

Broom and Dustpan – I have an iRobot Roomba that runs every day to vacuum the floors. BUT cats use the litter box all throughout the day. So you will need a broom and a dustpan to sweep up the litter dust they throw around and kick off their paws when they exit the restroom.

I have the Libman Lobby Broom. This thing is great. I just walk around the house with it on my hip in a holster, constantly sweeping up weird things I find, cat fur, food kibble, and litter dust. Not really I don’t wear it in a holster but if they made one small enough, I might.

Grooming Wipes – Maine Coons are long-haired cats. Some of them have ESPECIALLY long hair. This means that sometimes when you least expect it, poop is going to get stuck on their behind and back legs. Maybe just a tidbit, maybe an entire tootsie roll. No matter how big or how small, grooming wipes are great for helping your cat “clean up”. There are grooming wipes made specifically for cats that are non-toxic. Just in case the wipes aren’t enough, Find out if Maine Coon Cats like Water in this article.

Scratching Posts – Cats instinctively scratch their nails on surfaces. Make sure that you provide MORE THAN ONE scratching post for your Maine Coon Kitten. The scratching posts need to be located in various places throughout your home. Otherwise, you may find your kitty scratching on sofas and chairs. There are several type of scratching posts including sisal rope and cardboard, as well as vertical and horizontal. If one type isn’t doing it for your kitten, then try a different type.

Some people choose to declaw their cats when they start to scratch on furniture. Declawing cats is a form of mutilation and it’s NOT allowed on any Sassy Koonz kitten. There are plenty of other options.

This image is a scratching couch that my daughter has for her cats. It’s freaking hilarious when they sit on it! But it’s a cool-looking scratching post you can try in your home. You can see that she enjoys lounging on it AND clawing the seats up! 😀

Fur Wizard – This is literally the best invention I’ve seen for pet owners. It removes fur! Think of it like a lint roller, without the sticky tape. I use it EVERY DAY on my furniture, clothes, area rugs, and even the cat trees. If you don’t have a Fur Wizard GET ONE! I gave them to my son and my daughter for Christmas. That’s how cool these things really are!

Litter Mat – I didn’t think I needed one until I bought one. Now I can’t live with one. The Black Hole Litter mat does trap most of the litter dust. There are several different types of litter mats. If you don’t like feeling little rocks on the bottom of your feet, then try a litter mat. The Black Hole Litter Mat is a Popular and favrotie with alot of great reviews.

Hairball Gel – Also inevitable, the surprise hairball. With our Maine Coon Kitten being a long-haired cat, they’re probably going to develop some hairballs over time with the amount of grooming that they do. This is due to the fact that they’re unable to digest hair that they consume during their self-grooming sessions. You can help with the hairball issue by giving them a little something to help the hairballs slide out like a well-lubricated…(I don’t know what to put here). I use “Laxatone” and put a little dab on their paws once a week.

Feliway Calming Spray – Feliway Spray is another great tool to have in your kitten/cat toolbox. This is scented with pheromones that mimic that of a real cat. Pheromones are what calm the kitty. A good time to use Feliway is if you’re going for a visit to the vet, or in a long car ride to help them calm down some. Think of it either as a big glass of wine after a hot bath, or a big fat joint – whichever one you use to take a chill pill after a stressful day. Yeah, that’s what Feliway does for cats.

They also have Feliway diffusers that you can plugin for multi-cat households.

Slicker Brush – I’ve tried every type of comb and brush out there. I think that the Slicker brush does the best job and making its way through the cats thick, dense fur the best. They say that your Maine Coon kitten don’t require a lot of grooming. I beg to differ. Without regular and vigorous grooming, they tend to get unwanted mats.

I use a de-shedding [grooming] glove and a stainless steel comb to make sure they stay smooth and mat-free. Even then, they still may end up with a mat here or there. I do have a couple of cats that have hair like humans. They’re very low maintenance and have never had a mat. MOST of them, though, do have the tendency to get them. Just get a slicker brush and do your cats a favor. USE IT.

Water Fountain – The Sassy Koonz Cats and kittens are raised drinking water from a water fountain. I use filtered water fountains to purify the city water and remove some of the chemicals that are found in public water systems. I’ve tried several water fountains, but this one is my favorite for several reasons. It’s cute, I love the blue light inside, I can see the water level and its stainless steel. Consider getting your baby a Water Fountain.

This cool little checklist will have you prepared for any surprises that you might encounter with your new Maine Coon Kitten. It’s also a fundamental list for any kitten or cat owner, just not something people talk about much. This lot covers more of the “messy” side of things.

Being prepared is always the best solution for handling any situation that comes your way. Life is full of surprises, and so are our furry friends. If you enjoyed this helpful checklist, you’ll probably also love our article on How to Care For Your Maine Coon Kitten. It offers more tips on how to give your kitten or cat the best life ever!

If there’s anything I’m forgetting, please comment below and let me know! I’ll add it to the blog post to help new owners of a Maine Coon Kitten be prepared for everything they may embark on.

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  1. My daughter’s Maine Coon sprays poop all over everything, walls, furniture, carpeting etc., while you are brushing her. What is that? Never heard of such a thing!

    1. I’ve actually seen this happen to a timid kitty. Its like she got nervous, farted, and pooped liquid at the same time. it really stinks, too. LOL. Worse than regular poop. It’s a defensive mechanism thats built in to the cat! Maybe she doesn’t actually like being groomed…or she likes it so much she poops her pants.

  2. Have you looked in to the Litter Robot? After owning cats for many decades and still hating the chore of cleaning the litter box, I finally got a Litter Robot after I got a Maine Coon. I have multiple cats, and my reluctance to clean the litter box was causing one of the cats to go outside the litter box. Now, with the Litter Robot, there’s no problem; it’s not such a stinky, onerous chore anymore. It’s wonderful. Yes. It was expensive but worth every penny these past six months. I have the Litter Robot 3 without the wifi app.

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