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Who is Sassy Koonz California Dreaming?

California Dreaming, also known as Cali, is an adorable black mackerel tabby Maine Coon kitten that was born into the cattery on April 4, 2021. She is one of two girls in the litter and is as gentle as the day is long.

Her adorable little pouty mouth is what makes this baby squeezable and kissable. Her mother has passed down a beautiful mackerel tabby pattern, which resembles a fishbone pattern on the sides and underneath her body. You can also find stripes on her arms.

Cali already has a warm bed waiting for her in her new home. She’ll have a big brother, another Sassy Koonz kitten that is all grown up now. She’ll stay in Jacksonville, Florida.

How To Adopt a Maine Coon Kitten of your Own

If you’re interested in adopting a Maine Coon kitten that will live as your gentle giant companion, we’re honored that you’ve chosen Sassy Koonz as your luxury cattery of choice. It’s not easy to reserve one of our kittens, but it’s always worth it.