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Falling In Reverse

Falling in Reverse’s Mom and Dad

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Personality Assessment

  • Date Assessment Taken: February 2, 2023
  • Kitten Approaches Humans: No, he just watches
  • Eyes are Wide with Curiosity: Yes
  • Kitten Plays, and Bounces Alone or with Littermates: Yes
  • Kitten Hisses or Hides When Handled by Humans: No
  • Kitten will Sit calmly on your lap and allow pets: Briefly
  • Confidence Level on a Scale of 1 to 10: 6
  • Eager and Enthusiastic to Play and Interact with a Toy: Yes
  • Dangle Test: Passed
  • Energy Level: Low
  • Baby Hold Test: Passed but meowed
  • Best Way To Describe him: He’s a Quiet, Sideline Kitty. He likes to watch everything unfold without being in the middle of the madness. He’s calm and gentle.

The dangle test might seem silly, but it’s a great factor to test the temperament of a kitten, especially if there will be small children handling the cat. The longer a kitten will dangle, the more tolerant he/she is.

High-Energy kittens tend to need a lot of interaction and mental stimulation, even into adulthood. They also bond well with people. They’re likely (but not guaranteed) to break stuff and push your glasses of water off the sink.

Low-Energy kittens are calm and secure. They do play and interact, but they’re not instigators. They usually do well being left alone at home. They do well with other pets and kids especially well. This temperament is likely to be a lap cat.

Shy kittens might prefer to be the only cat. They bury their heads when you hold them and might shiver when you pick them up. Shy kittens build bonds with their humans once trust is built and become very loving adults.

Black and White Maine Coon kittens are very popular. The bi-color Maine Coons offer a contrast like no other with a dark rich black and pure snow white.

Review from FIR’s New Owner