black and white maine coon with van pattern


van Maine Coon

Boujee’s Profile

  • Gender: Female
  • DOB: December 2, 2021
  • Color: Black and White Van [n 01]
  • Maine Coon Champions in her 4 Generation pedigree: 13
  • Genotype Pending
  • Blood Type: Aa
  • HCM: N/N by DNA
  • SMA: N/n by DNA
  • PK: N/n by DNA
  • PK Def: N/n by DNA
  • Gums: Normal/No Gingivitis
  • Entropion: No
  • Hip Dysplasia Screening: Pending

Boujee’s Story

Boujee is a very rare and hard-to-find pattern in the Maine Coon called a Van. A cat marked with a van pattern is solid white, with only colored fur on the head and tail. I’ve been a little obsessed with vans for a few years.

Since Natalie’s retirement and some other plans in the works, I had an opportunity to add Boujee to my program. She was offered to me by a breeder in Europe that I really like. So it was hard for me to pass on Boujee.

She arrived at Sassy Koonz on Sept 28, 2022 at the ripe age of 10 months old. This means that in 2023, Boujee will be bringing some very uniquely marked kittens with patterns that are out of this world amazing!

Want a Kitten From Boujee?

If you love Boujee, and this unique pattern that she rings to the Maine Coons, you can become an Approved Guardian and be prepared for a life-changing experience when you add a Sassy Koonz baby to your family.