Tracy was meticulous in every aspect of our future kitten

We have owned (2) Maine Coons previously. One was a rescue that found us and one we bought from a breeder in Texas. Our Max we purchased died last year in front of us . He was 6 days shy of being 9 years old from Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. That is why we chose Sassy Koonz. I looked around and found that Tracey was meticulous in every aspect of our future kitten. I had to make certain that we did not loose another so tragically. Tracey does everything right.

The genetic testing of the parents is posted for all to see. If you are a first time owner of a Maine Coon this probably is not that important to you, but trust me it is the most important part of selecting a breeder. We were going to drive to Jacksonville Beach, Florida to pick up our kitten because I was afraid of him flying. Tracey was so sympathetic and had her son , Derek personally fly with him to Houston and met us at the airport.

Tracey kept us informed always. Sending pictures and also our Cowboy’s health certificate, what food , litter, toys, water fountain, etc. he was use to so he would feel right at home when he came home to Houston. It was ironic that Tracey had name our boy “Cowboy” and he ended up in Houston, Texas. We kept the name .

Cowboy was worth the price. You might find some cheaper , but not better. I know beyond a doubt that our kitten is the best and healthiest kitten to be had because of Tracey diligence and care. We are so fortunate to have found Sassykoonz. You will not be disappointed with her.❤️