Get a Maine Coon Stud First – Advice for New Breeders

Some Maine Coon breeders will say to get a Maine Coon Stud boy first, while some will say to get a girl first. I don’t know if there’s technically a right or wrong answer, but I can share my experience with you which might help you decide. Remember, I’m no expert but I can take you through a vault of emotions that drives me to write this post.

My breeding journey started around March 2017. I started talking to a well known breeder about becoming a breeder. She was willing to mentor me, as long as I only dealt with breeders that she approved of.  The more I talked to her, the more I decided against working with her.  I just didn’t like the vibe I was getting, so I cut my ties with her.  I’m glad I did! Since then I’ve discovered that her cattery has experienced some health issues.  Back then, I didn’t know much about properly vetting breeder cats or checking the health history.

Will a Maine Coon Stud Spray in the House?

In September 2017 – Omega, my white solid boy came home. I was still on the fence about breeding because I didn’t have any girls. My biggest concern was where to house a male in the event he was a sprayer. There were so many questions in my mind that it just wasn’t definitive enough for me to move forward. Not at this time. I was SO CLOSE, but just not there yet.

To make a long story short, I altered Omega . I SHOULDN’T have done that! At the time, I felt a little ragged around the edges and maybe even a little uncertain about what my next step was. He’s turning out to be such a gorgeous guy and would’ve made an awesome Maine Coon stud. But once he was neutered, I had immediate regret.  It was too late. This was most likely my first mistake I made as a Breeder.  Not one that caused any damage though. He makes a wonderful pet, however, and I wouldn’t trade him for the world!

That still left me without a Maine Coon stud.

maine coon stud
HissyFit Coons “Omega” – Our Altered Solid White Male

Which Comes First, the Boy or the Girl?

It wasn’t long after that I got everything situated in my head.  Something clicked in my head and in my heart, and I started to move forward with intent.

I started looking for a female Maine Coon with breeding rights.  If you’re a new breeder, then you already know the challenge of finding a breeder in the United States that will allow breeding rights. So I started looking is Europe.  That’s when I found Catsvill County’s Ursula Olegavna! She became my first Maine Coon Queen. She was imported at the age of 6 months and started her life here with me at Sassy Koonz Maine Coon Cattery.

In my case, the female Maine Coon came first!

female maine coon
Catsvill County’s Ursula Olegavna – Our First Maine Coon Queen

Time started speeding up and before I knew it, Ursula was in heat! Every three weeks like clockwork, she was cycling.  But I still didn’t have a boy for her.  I started to get a little nervous since I’ve heard about girl getting Pyometra if they cycle too many times without being mated. Starting to feel desperate, I started asking breeders if I could use their boys as a stud for her just one time. This isn’t an easy feat.  There’s either breeding restrictions on their cats, or there’s just too much risk for them allowing a cat into their cattery. Not to mention I’m a new breeder and I have no reputability yet.  What a challenge!

Meanwhile, I’m scouring the internet looking for a Maine Coon stud to add to my program for the future. I’m so concerned with the health and vitality of my cats, that none would suffice. Time isn’t on my side though, so I needed to stay up all night until I found a kitten that would be my Maine Coon Stud, that met the breed standard who was healthy.  Persistence paid off and I found my male Maine Coon “Illuminati”.  Just a baby, he’ll need time to grow and mature into a producing adult.   But at least I found him and he passed all of my health and breed standard vetting.

maine coon stud
Black Blood Bullar “Illuminati” – Our Maine Coon Stud


The Maine Coon Breeder That I’ll Never Forget

Everything happens for a reason.  The diligent quest to find a Maine Coon Stud for Ursula paid off. A Maine Coon breeder who is very special to me allowed me to mate Ursula with one of her gorgeous males. <3. To protect her privacy, I won’t post her name here. Once the pregnancy is confirmed, I’ll be posting a photo of him though. 🙂 And this beautiful lady will always have a place in my heart for so many reasons. I tell her I love her at least once per week, so she already knows this.

I think it’s important to develop relationships with other Maine Coon breeders.  It’s a very small and tight-knit group of people.  It’s not easy to break into, and they’re not a very welcoming society.   If you’re sincere in your efforts and promising in your desire to be a reputable breeder with good intent, then you’ll find the few wonderful people that you can look forward to having a relationship with for a very long time. 🙂

To Sum Things Up: Get Your Maine Coon Stud First!

To sum things up, the worst feeling that I’ve had about this experience so far is not being independent.Having to depend on other people isn’t the best feeling in the world.  Not having my own boy to mate Ursula with made me feel like a real shmuck. Since I made the decision to get the female Maine Coon before the male Maine Coon, it left me in a predicament.  My girl was cycling every 3 weeks, with no boys in sight!  That kinda sucks I’m not gonna lie.

Had I gotten the Maine Coon Stud first,  I would’ve had the choice as to WHEN I mated her and WHO I a mated her to. My feeling of helplessness would’ve been non-existent. It sounds so dramatic for a reason. This situation kept me awake many nights in a row.

For all of you new or aspiring Maine Coon breeders out there, get your boy first!  Learn from my experience that a girl in heat that’s ready to be mated isn’t good for the heart or soul. 😉 My male Maine Coon is now at home and settled into his Sassy Apartment fully equipped with sofas, bathrooms, kitchen, and window seats.  By the time Ursula (or any of my upcoming girls) are ready to be paired, he should be ready to go.

Are you Excited About Our Maine Coon Kittens?

We hope that you’re as excited about Sassy Koonz Maine Coon Kittens as we are!  Now that we have a boy, things should move along pretty smoothly. If it doesn’t you’ll certainlybe able to read about it right here on the Sassy Koonz blog!

If you’re interested in becoming a breeder subscribe to my blog so you can keep up with updates. I’ve just begun my journey, but I’m hoping to be able to help new breeders now and in the future make informed decisions.  I’m certain to make mistakes along the way.  You’ll be able to learn from my mistakes and do well!

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  1. it sounds like your journey into breeding has been an up and down road, with you now gettinto that smooth stretch of road. If I would have been closer to you, and of course had breeding rights myself, I would have offered use of one of my two boys, as Freedom and Warlock are both still intact males ? I wish you the best, and look forward to your future Coonie babies ?

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