black smoke tortie maine coon kitten at 10 weeks old

Deja Vu

  • STATUS: RESERVED at 1:01 pm EST 6/22/2021
  • GO HOME DATE: July 16-21, 2021
  • COLOR: Black Smoke Tortie [fs]
  • GENDER: Female
  • BIRTHDATE: April 28, 2021
  • PARENTS: Tiffany and Headhunter
  • NAME ORIGIN: Song called “Deja Vu” from Glass Animals

4 thoughts on “Deja Vu”

  1. Can you tell me why she isn’t available yet? How do I go about reserving a white kitten due in the summer? And,find out about prices?

    1. She’s under observation as a breeding kitten. We’re watching her development to see if she’s breeder quality. You can review the adoption process and prices on the adoption info page 🙂

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