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Laguna Leo Natalie is a gorgeous red tabby white female Maine Coon. Her coat is so clean and classic. Her profile is an excellent example of what a Maine Coon head should look like. She has an exquisite exotic look that makes lovers of redheads fall to their knees!

Origin: Labinsk, Russia
Gender: Female
DOB: March 5, 2019
Color: (d 09)  Red Classic Tabby White (Bi Color)

Natalie will be mated with Illuminati in February (if all goes as planned). Review the Maine Coon Kitten Adoption Process and Become an Approved Guardian today if you’re interested Natalie and her kittens in the following colors: [Refer to the Maine Coon Colors and Patterns Guide]:

  • Red Tabby
  • Red Silver Tabby
  • Creme Tabby
  • Creme Silver Tabby
  • Black Tortie Tabby
  • Black Silver Tortie Tabby
  • Blue Tortie Tabby
  • Blue Silver Tortie Tabby
  • Black Tortie
  • Black Tortie Smoke
  • Blue Tortie
  • Blue Tortie Smoke

If you’d like to review the process of how Natalie was chosen for the Sassy Koonz breeding program, read this article.

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