white maine coon

The White Maine Coon Cat : Prestigous and Majestic

white maine coon

The white Maine Coon is a beautiful and luxurious cat. The white coat color is actually not a color at all. The Maine Coon is white because it has inherited the dominant marker gene, which covers up their underlying colorings. This gene is so dominant that it always trumps any other genetic coloring present within the cat.

Underneath the white Maine Coon coat genetically lies another color. Sometimes you can see the true color when the cat is a kitten. There will be a spot of fur on its head that is revealing the true coat color. That spot usually disappears when the adult coat comes in and will fall as permanent white.

The solid white maine coon can have blue eyes, copper eyes, green eyes, or odd eyes.

Tiny White Maine Coon Kittens

These are the first White Maine Coon Kittens born at the Sassy Koonz Cattery. The were born on August 26, 2021 and the names were inspired by Billie Eilish.

Aren’t those are the most precious kittens you’ve ever seen?

Are White Maine Coons deaf?

Not all white Maine Coons are deaf. There is a risk factor, however, with any cat that has an all white coat of them being deaf. The risk is greater with a cat with blue eyes. The same gene that causes the coat to be white (the “W” gene) is the same gene that causes the deafness. If a cat has both eyes that are blue, then there is a 40% chance of him being deaf. If he has one blue eye, then the risk is 20%. The cat will usually be deaf on the side with the blue eye.

There is a test that can be performed on a white Maine Coon referred to as the BAER ( Brainstem auditory evoked response). It evaluates the components of the external ear canal, middle/inner ear cavities, cranial nerve and selected areas of the brainstem. If deafness is suspected in any cat, this test should be performed. A deaf cat should never be used in any breeding program.

Omega – 31 pounds at 4 years old [Owner Tracy Caywood / Breeder Rhonda Lund of Hissyfit Coons)

The Blue Eyed Maine Coon

The blue eyed Maine Coon cat could possibly be the most striking Maine Coon in the entire lineup. The solid white coat against those beautiful baby blues are stunning. Once we start looking at statistics, we already know that a white Maine Coon is uncommon. Let’s add int he factor of blue eyes. If you land one of these, you have yourself a true rarity!

The color of a kitten’s eyes don’t change to their permanent color until they’re about 7 to 9 weeks old. Until then they will be what we call “baby blue”. This is a deep blue color – almost navy. Once the eyes start to change colors, it starts first around the pupil and works its way out.

With a blue eyed Maine Coon, there’s a way to tell if the cat will have permanent blue eyes, as well as odd eyes.

When you take a photo of cat in low light using flash photography, the pupils don’t have time to close. The light from the flash passes into the eye through the pupil and reflects off the the back of the eyeball.

Blue eyed Maine Coons have less melanin in their eyes, thus causing the red reflection in the photos. This rule applies to people with blue eyes, as well!

maine coon blue eyes
Photo of White Maine Coon kitten with Blue Eyes at 2.5 Weeks Old (indicated by 2 red pupils under flash photography)

Are White Maine Coon cats rare?

Only 1.5% of the total Maine Coon population are solid white. That makes them a pretty rare color. Having a white Maine Coon in your home really gives you a new appreciation for this breed.

Some many worry that a cat of this snowy color may find himself being dirty or hard to groom. Quite the contrary the white Maine Coon cat learns to groom himself and keep himself snowy white, so that you can feast your eyes on his beauty.

Are Maine Coon Cats White?

Maine Coons come in multiple colors and patterns. once you really start looking at al of the various appearances, you’ll be overwhelmed with delight! One of the most beautiful, however, is the White Maine Coon cat.

Encompassing only a tiny percentage of the Maine Coon population (only about 1.5%), the white Maine Coon seems to have somewhat of a cult following. People are wither huge fans of solid white Maine Coons, or they’re on the opposite end of the stick. If you find yourself in love with a white Maine Coon, consider yourself part of the lovers!

The most common Maine Coon colors and patterns are a black classic tabby and a black silver tabby. Many people are surprised to learn that there are white Maine Coon cats.

White Maine Coon Cats at Sassy Koonz

Ever since I got my all white White Maine Coon, Omega, I’ve wanted to produce them in my cattery. The only way to produce solid white Maine Coon kittens is for one of the parents of the litter to be solid white. Since I am overly picky about the cats that I choose for breeding, it has been a long road trying to find a beautiful white Queen that is suitable for breeding.

Finally, after a long and troubling journey I finally have a Solid White Maine Coon in my program! Her name is Blanche (French for white). She is our first Queen able to produce solid white Maine Coon Kittens.

white maine coon cat
Blanche – 8 Months old

You can see Blanche’s profile and get more information about upcoming solid white Maine Coon kittens.

Meet Omega, my White Maine Coon Baby

In this article, I’ll introduce you to my solid white Maine Coon Cat. His name is Hissyfit Coons Omega and at the time of this blog post, he just turned four years old. While there are numerous other Maine Coon colors and patterns, white is one of my favorite colors.

white maine coon
Omega, also known as ” Megger” 31 pounds of pure love

The more I looked at his photos, the more I fell in love with all white! I Here is his photo at the exact moment I decided to add him to the family.  His name was “Liberty” when I discovered him, but I changed his name to “Omega” thinking that he would be my “last” cat for a while. That’s BEFORE I decided to raise Maine Coon Kittens.

white maine coon kittens
Omega as a young kitten (when his name was still Liberty)

Every week I looked forward to seeing his photos, and he just became more beautiful as time went on.

Omega Makes Himself Right At Home

Mallory, Dan (my husband) and I drove to North Carolina to meet the breeder Rhonda to pick up our new kittens.  They were in the same carrier, and they rode home together as such. We stayed in a hotel that night, and the two solid white maine coon cats pounced around like they were right at home.

white maine coon kittens
Omega age 11 Weeks

When Omega came home, after his isolation and introduction period, he made himself right at home and blended in with the other 2 guy cats, Finlay and Big Ben.  He was hanging out just like one of the guys. Just as gentle as he can be – always very cam and mellow.

white maine con cat
Omega from a baby to Young Adult

I love every one of my cats in a unique way. They all have their very own personalities, of which are just ridiculously cool. There’s something about my white Maine Coon Cat that’s different though.

Not only is he strikingly beautiful, he’s also the “coolest” cat on the block.

7 Reasons Why My White Maine Coon Cat is the Coolest

  1. He’s EXTREMELY talkative. He is always meowing, talking, chirping, trilling grunting, mumbling under his breath, etc. More than any cat I’ve ever met.  Let’s put it this way. As long as Omega is around I’ll never need an alarm clock, or forget to feed the clan. He’s there EVERY DAY at 5:45 am to let me know the sun is rising and it’s time to hit the floor.
  2. He’s majestic but goofy at the same time. He walks around like a lion, just tall and confident. Subsequently, he don’t know what’s going on half the time and he’s usually late to the show. He’s always looking around like “what did I miss”?
  3. This big kitty will literally sit at the dinner table with us, waiting on some bite size yummies, without ever getting on the table. He knows that if he stays in his seat, that he gets a treat. And he is a FOODIE!  He’ll eat anything from Macaroni and cheese, waffles, key lime pie, chicken..you name it.
  4. He’s friends with everyone! I’ve never seen him get ugly with any of the other Coonies, or our dog Branson. He’s just a big old loverboy.
  5. He’s the cat of mine that will hang out with me on the couch the longest. He’ll stick around long to enough to watch and entire half of a movie!! He also lets anyone that comes over to the house pick him up and hold him. He’s a cool dude.
  6. He likes to take a bath. I can take him in the bathtub with me and scrub a dub. He also digs the blow dryer.
  7. Omega is a gentle giant. He’s getting to the point where I have to grunt to pick him up, and he grunts too! But we can just chill out together and his loud purrs are calming and make all other noises just disappear.

It is for reasons like these that I decided to become a Maine Coon breeder.

White Maine Coon Kittens

White Maine Coon kittens are the most adorable creatures on this planet. Imagine little balls of pure gleaming white beauty bouncing around your home. They do have a different look and feel that the more classic colors, it’s hard to explain. You just need to adopt your own white Maine Coon kitten and be part of our sub-culture ;).

What Does Omega look like now?

Here’s a few pictures of Omega now.  He’s a whopping 31 pounds already and 4 years old (as of July 2021), so I think he may just be the biggest of my bunch by the time he’s done growing. He’s heavy and solid.  Maybe he’ll compete for the World Record of the World’s Biggest Cat!!

Watching Omega grow up and mature in a young adult has been very rewarding. It’s cool to watch cats because they don’t realize you’re watching them, nor do they care! So they can’t hide their true colors. They’re genuine no matter what and I love that about them.  My life and memories with Omega are sure to be exciting and filled with laughter. I’m thankful to Rhonda Lund at HissyFit Cattery for this stunning, sweet, and loveable boy.

Omega, our white Maine Coon is very easy to photograph. If you want to learn how to photograph kittens, be sure to read the article in our blog.

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  1. I live in Maine, and would love to breed some Maine Coons, simply believe they are the perfect cat! Gentle giants who love affection, great for families, and beautiful! Especially the white ones! Can you help guide me on how to get started? My GF Laurel would love to do this, and I’d be happy to support. Hit me an email, if you could be so kind: jhbumby@gmail.com

    1. Please review the adoption information on the website. That will tell you the process for adopting a Sassy Koonz baby 🙂 You can also message me directly through Facebook Messenger. Go to Sassy Koonz on Facebook and click “Message” 🙂

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