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Cats are self-sufficient animals, but does your Maine Coon need a bath? You’d think they might because of their long shaggy coats and extra fur on their toes. Let’s explore some facts about the Maine Coon cat and discover the reasons he may need to get bubbly.

Maine Coons have Oily Coats

Maine Coon cats are generally known for their long, thick coats. In addition to being long and thick, their fur is also a little oily. This allows them to repel water. It’s pretty fascinating.

While the idea of having an oily coat may suggest that your Maine Coon needs a bath, that’s not the case at all. This breed keeps itself very clean, going through meticulous grooming rituals several times per day. Some breeders and enthusiasts that show their Maine Coons use unique products that ‘degrease” the cat and temporarily remove the oils from the coat.

If your Maine Coon is excessively oily, that may be indicative of a skin condition that needs veterinary attention.

Reasons to Bathe Your Maine Coon Cat

Regular tubs aren’t necessary, but there are circumstances when your Maine Coon can benefit from a bath. When bathing your cat, be sure to use cat-specific shampoos and conditioners. Products that are made for humans can irritate the skin of your cat, and even cause allergic reactions.

  1. If your Maine Coon is an excessive shedder, then a thorough shampoo followed by a blow dry and comb out is helpful to remove excess fur. This can help prevent hairballs. If your cat fits this description, then a quarterly bath might help.
  2. Did your Maine Coon get poop in his britches? (This is extra long fur found near the butt and on the back of their legs). Occasionally, you’ll find surprises hidden in the fur that requires shampoo. Diarrhea can also warrant a good bath and blow dry.
  3. If your Maine Coon gets into something he shouldn’t have (mud, dirt, etc). then bathing him will help bring his coat back to its natural beautiful condition.
bathing a maine coon
Maine Coon in a bath

Regular Brushing and Combing

Instead of regular baths, consider regular combing and brushing of your Maine Coon cat. By offering regular grooming sessions, it helps to remove excess fur as well as distributes the oil throughout the fur. Reducing the number of tangles is a great preventative measure for mats.

If your Maine Coon’s coat starts to get matted, there are tools that you can use to remove the matted fur. It’s always best to try and remove the tangled hair before the knots get tight and require clippers to remove.

Sometimes, mats in Maine Coons are hard to avoid – especially if they have thick sure to groom your Maine Coon daily to help keep the coat clean and tangle-free.

Recommended Products for a Maine Coon Bath

Bathing a Maine Coon can also be fun! These cats are known for loving the water and having a great time splashing in the water. This stereotype won’t apply to all Maine Coons, of course. There’s only one way to find out if your cat loves splashy baths.

When you decide to bathe your Maine Coon cat, be sure to use shampoo and conditioner products that are designed for cats. There’s also a specific “degreaser” that you can use to remove the oily appearance from the fur. It will return after a few days but the cat will look extra fluffy and shiny after this bath.

Some grooming products recommended for your Maine Coon come from – they have an entire one of products made for beautiful coats and luxury pets.

Top Tip When Bathing Your Maine Coon

Before giving your Maine Coon a bath, always trim the front and back nails. Just in case your cat decides its not a fan of bath time, it might try to flee. By trimming the nails, you can save yourself from unhappy murder mittens.

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